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  1. Those are some fatties! Congrats All on stickbaits or any spoons mixed in?
  2. What model/length are the blue diamond rods?
  3. Will you ship? If so I will take them Curt
  4. Sounds great, I will take the whole lot. thank you PayPal? Or how would you like payment PM the details If you prefer
  5. How much individually or for the whole lot, I would be interested in most or possibly all of them?
  6. That would be great, the older ones are the best ones anyways. thanks so much curt
  7. That one definitely has some better colors but even with combined shipping on a few spoons they would be about $18dollars each. They are great spoons but that is pretty steep for one spoon. I will probably order 2 or 3 of my go to colors from them but won’t stockpile a bunch. Thanks you for looking
  8. They are a 3 in spoon, have a fairly deep cup and bend down steep at the rear. I fish a lot of smaller ADK lakes and they have been good performers up there in a variety of colors. I just want to increase my stockpile and replace some old color schemes I have lost.
  9. They do carry the savant line still but the Jake series was discontinued by the parent company of savant(brecks) this year unfortunately. Kittery no longer has that spoon available and everywhere else seems to no longer have them, or only have a few colors at extreme prices. I would really like to find some of the pre brecks spoons. The colors and variety was way better before brecks bought out savant. thanks for the idea anyway
  10. Looking to buy or see if anyone knows where I could buy Savant Jake 45 spoons. Dicks sporting goods online still has some but has a very limited color selection. thanks, Curt
  11. What length and model rods are with the 30d reels? Would you be willing to separate the lot or only to sell all 5 together?
  12. I'll take them if MikeyP decides not to.
  13. I'll take them if beachit decides not to.
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