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  1. 2 Cannon Mag 5 HS Electric downriggers - 1 of the riggers has a burnt out control board but the spare parts rigger comes with a good control board that just needs to be switched out - comes with a spare parts rigger that has a good motor, control board, spool and motor case -also comes with a cannon extendable boom that would fit either rigger -comes with stationary bases - both have good cable and all termination hardware. Have all the wiring and plugs as well. Pickup only in Cherry Valley, NY $325.00 Message six 07 -7 six six- 5 six zero 2
  2. Nice bows! Hoping to find some of those next trip
  3. Yeah, we were kicking ourselves all day on that one breaking off and we’re thinking that was probably a big silver fish with the intensity of that hit. I will try working right on bottom next trip if the bite slows down later in the morning, thanks for the advice. Next trip is already being planned for a few weeks and I report how we do.
  4. Yeah, I was very surprised that they weren’t producing either. I did switch them to spoons later in the morning and did take 1 good hit, on for a few seconds but it didn’t stick. Based on the chinook diver chart I should have been hitting 55 -90 ft down. I will try some more variation on lead lengths/depth next time and try to get a few more color combos, but those are the only 2 I have right now. thanks
  5. After reading all the reports on here for the last year and a half I finally decided to make the 2 1/2 hour drive and give Cayuga a try. Brought a couple buddies who have only trolled a couple times in their lives. On the water by 7 and headed home around 3. Went 6 for 9 all lakers, with the majority coming between 7-10 am. Headed north from Long point and fished over 80-150 ft. Best action seemed to be over 100-120 and down 60-90. Speed anywhere from 2.2 to 2.7 gps. Was mainly a downrigger /spoon bite with 5 coming off the riggers and one on a 5 color. Lost a good one within the first ten minutes on a 3 color, hit so hard it submerged the planer board for a solid 5 -10 seconds. Line broke about 5 seconds after the board resurfaced. Really wish we could have seen that one. Could not seem to get anything going on the dispsies, which surprised me as the majority of the reports I have read on Cayuga usually have dipsies being one of the best presentations. I ran two size 5 chinook divers with 8 inch spinny and fly on both. Ran them anywhere from 130 to 210 out. 1 was green dot spinny with green hammer fly and other was wonderbread with a mirage fly. 12 foot leaders from diver to spinny, and 22 inch lead from spinny to fly. Anybody have any suggestions what might be wrong with this setup? Or is it just one of those deals where some days dipsies take the majority and some days downriggers? Overall, for our first time on the lake we were thrilled and learned a lot, we will definitely be back in a few weeks. Hopefully, we can find some silver bites next time. We ran two 3 color, two 5 color and sliders on both riggers, all with small sticks spoons hoping to find some silver fish but no luck. Next time we will try to be on the water by 6 as the bite definitely seemed best in the first few hrs. Any suggestions on something different to try for some silvers or what to do different with the dipsies would be appreciated.
  6. I have always just trusted the little barrel swivels more than a line to line connection. But I will give those knots a shot. Thanks
  7. That’s what I was afraid of, I will just stick with free sliders with a bigger swivel. Thanks
  8. Ok, I will upsize my swivels on the line connection end to make sure I don’t have a problem. Thanks Still not sure about the black and red fixed cheater clips that “troubles” sells on here. I’m still a little worried they will catch on that connection point as they are designed to grip on the line as they slide down? I will probably be sticking with free sliders this trip anyway to try to stay up in the silvers depth range.
  9. I was just rigging up my downrigger rods with some new line for a trip to Cayuga next week and had a question on my setup. I have always just run a 10 lb mono mainline directly to my lure. However, I decided to rig these up with 12 lb mono mainline with a 10 lb flouro leader. The leader is 20 ft long and connected to the mainline using a Spro micro barrel swivel. I am now a little concerned how my sliders will slide past the mainline connection without getting stuck. Depending on the day I sometimes use a standard fixed slider with ball bearing swivel on each end and sometimes use the fixed slider clips (black and red rubber ones) I am assuming the regular free sliders will slide past this connection without a problem, but not sure about the black rubber slider clip. Has anybody had any experience with this issue. Will those sliders clips slide over a micro swivel connection? Will the clip get stuck on that connection and create a stress point or cause an issue when reeling in a fish on the mainline? Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. I will check with my father tomorrow as I listed this for him, I think he probably would sell it separately, but I will check to be sure and let you know a number.
  11. Congrats, that’s a great fish for that lake! Makes all those slow days worth it
  12. Glad things are starting to turn on for you. I have never thought to give meat a try on any of the lakes up there but I will definitely have to give it a shot next year.
  13. We ran into the same problem in July when we fished Indian lake (about an hr. East of forth lake, but similar fishing). Marked a ton of bait but did not move a rod in two days. Seems like it was a great year in the adirondacks for smelt. Do you happen to have any slide divers with you? In previous years they have always produced well for me on the ADK’s. 50-70 foot leads of the diver with small spoons or smelt imitating plugs (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch spoons and sticks). Best colors for us have been chartreuse/green, blue, and copper for the Lakers, and orange for the landlocks. Best luck on landlocks has been from 35 to 55 ft down and faster speeds. Another thing that has worked well for me up there is fixed cheaters 10 ft above your mainline. For some reason the cheater seems to take the majority of the hits compared to the mainline lure.
  14. I am listing this boat for my father so please call him directly at: six zero 7-two six 4- three two 8 7 (Bruce) For sale is an older well built aluminum modified V-bottom boat. The boat is built very strong and leak free. The motor is a 6 hp Chrysler that is very well maintained with low hours. It runs great and willing to demonstrate running for any interested buyers. The trailer has good tires, and have the registration for both the boat and trailer. Asking $900 for the whole package.
  15. Those are some fatties! Congrats All on stickbaits or any spoons mixed in?
  16. What model/length are the blue diamond rods?
  17. Will you ship? If so I will take them Curt
  18. Sounds great, I will take the whole lot. thank you PayPal? Or how would you like payment PM the details If you prefer
  19. How much individually or for the whole lot, I would be interested in most or possibly all of them?
  20. That would be great, the older ones are the best ones anyways. thanks so much curt
  21. That one definitely has some better colors but even with combined shipping on a few spoons they would be about $18dollars each. They are great spoons but that is pretty steep for one spoon. I will probably order 2 or 3 of my go to colors from them but won’t stockpile a bunch. Thanks you for looking
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