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  1. In Fisherman did a musky show last year, can't remember the name of the lodge but should be easy to look up from their archives.
  2. Book with a jig and pop boat off the outer Cape. Bluefin on spin is incredible!
  3. My bow shoots slick trick viper tricks really well. Good luck, Matt
  4. Move the trailer axles back to increase the tongue weight. Had a similar problem with my new boat right from the dealer. It was scary in traffic. When I mentioned it they fixed it by moving the axle. Good luck
  5. Headed to Fairhaven for the first time this weekend. What channel do you guys monitor?
  6. People should be lined up to fish with you! Way to get it done.
  7. Hope not, I need some drag washers for my manuals.
  8. Yes, I have run two riggers off a four foot section of track. Give them a call, they were great to deal with. Good luck, Matt
  9. Nice going, coming to Fairhaven for the first time in about three weeks. Nice to hear a report from there. Good luck, Matt
  10. I believe two dogs died from a bloom on Champlain last week.
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