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  1. I have a 2014 Crestliner Fish hawk, 16 foot side console. I'm looking for some ideas on how to support the cover on the ends and side opposite the console. At the current time, I am using the travel cover with the poles as the support for my cover. This is really killing it, they're expensive and I need to get it down. Any pics, ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Ordered some marine grade wire. That stuff is expensive. No connectors, soldering all points.
  3. Nice chart. I was going to do 10awg, but I think I am going to do 12. Only going less than 4 feet, more like maybe 3.
  4. They do make a plastic basket for these tumblers. The holes are just big enough to let the media fall through and you are left with just your spoons in the basket. Been doing this for years.
  5. Did you use an inline fuse. My shortest run is only about 4 feet.
  6. I need to revive this topic. Unreel, are you stating 10awg from the DR motor or battery to plug? The reason I'm asking is because I came across an older (but new in box) Big Jon electric I want to install and it has a lighter socket type plug on the end. I know that wire is not 10awg, maybe 14 or even 16. I am thinking of running 10awg from my starting battery (fused-20amp) to a lighter type socket but leaving my DR wiring alone. Anyone else who has thoughts on this are welcome to join in.
  7. I was given a new, but older Big Jon electric downrigger from a friend. I want to mount it on a swivel base but there is a small problem, the swivel would be a 4x4, the base on the rigger is 5x2. Like I said, older style. I'm hoping someone knows what I mean by that and might have an idea as to an adapter plate for it.
  8. If you don't sell by the lot, I may be interested in a few.
  9. If you get no takers, I'll do them for 25 shipped to PA via PayPal.
  10. Maybe the riggers would be easier, but,since I already have the rods, reels,backing,leader material for everyone and morel terminal ends I'll ever need, I think for the 30 bucks a reel for lead is worth the investment for this year coming. If I struggle,then maybe I'll consider the riggers.
  11. All great info. Thanks. I use the 320's on 9 foot medium ugly sticks and use an off shore tackle diving tadpole weight, a small dodger and a small spoon such as sutton or similar. Sounds like I'll keep them and load them up for lead. Already have the backing.
  12. I fish mostly on Keuka Lake. I do not have riggers as of yet, so I use weights to troll with. I wanted to try my hand with lead this year. As of reels, I have two Penn GTi 320's. I can also pick up two Sealine Great Lakes 47 LC's for 42.00 delivered. These are in excellent condition. The lake is deep, so most likely I'll need a bunch of lead. So any preference on those two reels.
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