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  1. Will do, kept it a bit off full incase I got hung up.
  2. Am I to crank down on the knob, or is it internal? Am I to crank down on the knob or is it internal??
  3. That sounds logical. I will have to take notice on the choppy water next time.
  4. One of my Big Jon electrics is troubling me. Upon retrieving the ball (10lb.), the wire seems to not wrap properly on the spool. I get some good size loose wraps at random and it seems as if the DR is jumping or bouncing when this happens. It does not happen on every retrieve, but most of them, about 70%. Any thoughts??
  5. So, since I don't think I'll find a 1131 ugly stik, I do kinda like the okuma kokanee rod. But, I do think I like the lamiglas kokanee as well. I guess it's time to flip a coin.
  6. Great for browns. I'm surprised no one told me to buy a bigger boat..
  7. That's a fine rod, would like it, but I saw some reviews on a few people breaking off the tips on the dr. IM-8 graphite. The 71/2 with 6-12 would be ideal.
  8. Yeah, that ugly stik I think was the BWD 1131. (Which would be perfect.) There's also a 1101 8'3". Good luck finding either one.
  9. Looking to go shorter, fishing out of a 16 foot fish hawk, almost have to stand on the bow to net at the back end. LOL.
  10. Eagle claw is almost free, full bend would be fine. Ugly stik has the tiger and big water. Maybe try to find an older one. But looking for sooner than later.
  11. Just looking for someone's opinion on a light action downrigger rod for Keuka Lake. I troll there a few times a year for trout and currently I'm using a 9 foot, med-light (10-20 lb.) ugly stick. Mostly with just a spoon of the DR. As some know, the trout there are on average, 18-22 inch cigars, with a few larger at times. The rod I use just isn't right for those small trout. I was thinking of something in a lighter action of maybe 71/2 or 8 foot. ( I want to feel a little fight) I thought of a Kokanee rod, but I think they're to light. So, something just a tad heavier than that. Not looking for anything over $75.00. Any thoughts.
  12. Don't need them all, but I can sure use 7 of those purple ones.
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