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  1. Those are great reels. I have one and had beat the crap out of it and it still keeps on going. Wish I had more.
  2. Brand of Braid

    Pick up two spools of 30 lb for $9.00 a piece and wrapped it on. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for all the input.
  3. Brand of Braid

    Going to try it, just need to decide on 30 or 40 pound.
  4. Trolling bag size?

    I have a newer crestliner fish hawk 1600and I use two 18" bags in the middle and get down to 1.5 mph.Sometimes lower, depends on the weather. Around 2.4 without them. Two 22" bags should do you good.
  5. Bunk versus roller guide one

    Tim, I have the carpeting bunks on the trailer and I HAD carpet guides on the side. Took off the sides because they had the lite duty U bolt system on them and kept moving until they finally broke. I installed a pair of Cabela's deluxe roller guide ons and would never install any other brand. They are tank solid!!! I haven't had any problem with rubber marks on the either. Keep them close and you are even fight up.
  6. Brand of Braid

    Well, I picked up 2 Daiwa sealine 27lc's and will use them for lake trout on Keuka Lake. Trolling with a 0 dipsy and the rest. I want to put on some braid, so I know of the top brands, but was wondering if anyone ever heard of or used Mustad Thor. I don't want to waste 300 yards on the reel and not sure if 150 would be enough. The Mustad comes in a spool of 200 yards, which would be plenty. 30 or 40 pound, not sure yet, but they are only $9.99 locally. Just wondering.
  7. Corned venison

    You can tell, just by the moisture in your cuts. I use one as well, otherwise you would have to steam it for about 3 hours.
  8. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    18704 Swoyersville, PA. (Kingston)
  9. Corned venison

    Just how I do my roast. Do you use a water bath in your smoker?
  10. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    I would make a respectable offer of $32.00 shipped, if you accept PayPal for: Four #0's - Green, pink, blue and silver with rings. Two minis - both purple.
  11. I'll take diver rods if any left.
  12. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    Are you splitting lots?
  13. Off a Dipsy

    That's some good info Laker, thanks. Pap, looking into some of those spin and glows from the Gambler site.
  14. Off a Dipsy

    Thanks for the replies. Need to decide what to do or just use braid for now and run only a spoon with my #0 or stick to my tadpole. Problem is too many fishing hobbies. Buying a new surf setup first. $$$.