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  1. Did see some bait balls, but they were smaller. Not the usual lager ones I see.
  2. Yeah, most were in the 18 - 20 inch range with the usual cigar. But I use lighter tackle so they all feel like monsters. Saturday wasn't bad for wind or weeds, but Sunday was a different story.
  3. Did some trolling on Keuka the last few days. Did well in the mornings, for me, they didn't start hitting until about 8:30 and lasted about 2 hours. Almost all were spitting up bait.
  4. The hotel does not allow launching anymore. It just got to hectic for him and his guests with all the traffic. There is a launch next to the hotel, but it's big bucks and I believe it's a yearly pass. You can try to look it up to find out. And it's about 20 miles from the state park to hammondsport.
  5. Well, I guess I was sleeping on this one. Drex2 new a guy...LOL, who was selling an abu garcia reel for 100 dollars and when I didn't answer quick enough, he lowered it to 70. Well, I fell for it and paid him. He then wrote back saying he needed another 30 dollars for shipping due to the pandemic. Right then I knew I was bit. Here's the list of profiles...Drex2, LOU profile says he joined in early may. His partner in crime, [email protected], and PayPal email is Wilma Mongare, [email protected] So, just beware of this guy and pay more attention than I did.
  6. Yep, figures. I spend hours using a rig with half dead sawbellies because that's what they say you need to use. Half dead because if you look at them to long, they'll die on spite. Meanwhile, I have a bag filled with white plastic sitting in the boat screaming to be used. I use some 6'6" rods with round bait casters spooled with 12 pound fluorocarbon. (I also use them for trolling in Canada for Northern pike). My depth finder in the Lowrance elite 7 chirp. Not the best, but it works. Guess I'm going to have to change things up next time up. Thanks for all your info.
  7. JK1, don't care about your fishing location, I am just looking for the method you use jigging. Such as live bait or plastic and maybe the depth and how heavy. I know that can change. I've tried with complete failure.
  8. Wow...great deal. I'm trying to find one of these for the surf. Was sleeping on this posting.
  9. Nice catch. Going up in May for a few days. I have good results with different spoons of the same color combo, mostly, anything with purple. They seem to produce there.
  10. Adesalvo, you mentioned mussels, while I was there two weeks ago trolling, I had to reel up every 20 minutes or so to remove them from my spoon. Three hours of trolling,...lakers, 0....mussels 9.
  11. Colors I have, I also use purple. I also use double glos.
  12. Not bad fish for that lake. Going up for the holiday week, always have some decent luck then. What color where the spin and glos
  13. Just so you know, they're selling this at Bass Pro...on sale....$149.99.
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