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  1. Adesalvo, you mentioned mussels, while I was there two weeks ago trolling, I had to reel up every 20 minutes or so to remove them from my spoon. Three hours of trolling,...lakers, 0....mussels 9.
  2. Colors I have, I also use purple. I also use double glos.
  3. Not bad fish for that lake. Going up for the holiday week, always have some decent luck then. What color where the spin and glos
  4. Just so you know, they're selling this at Bass Pro...on sale....$149.99.
  5. So, the fishing charter was $395.00 per person. End of June until mid/end of August is peak season. This was booked with J-Dock charters. In my opinion, they are probably the best charter in Seward. The hotel was right across the street, just walk over, it was I believe around $145.00 a night. I think the license is $25.00. J-Dock will clean, fillet, cut, vacuum seal and freeze your fish for about $1.35 a pound. Plus the cost of your shipping box. (can't recall the price of these, but not a lot). Took them as checked bags at the airport (40 bucks each) Fed ex is about 300. Still frozen when I got home. Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock fish (black and yellow eye) and silvers, all in one 12 hour trip. Kings are gone from the sound at that time. It's kind of different fishing with an eight pound jig in over 300 feet of water. They'll use a whole salmon for bait. LOL. There are cheaper charters, they will get you two halibut that are just about legal size and your done. Maybe some salmon also. J-Dock goes out about 3 hrs. to where the larger fish are. They will let you keep one, and it is usually well over 40 pounds. They keep nothing under that. The 3 largest were 100, 74, 65 pounds.
  6. This was our July 4th trip to Seward, AK in 2019. That halibut in the middle was 100lbs. Highly recommended if you can get there. Brought back two 50lb boxes of fish. Used them as checked bags on the airplane, cost 80 bucks.
  7. sstout, Here is some other info somewhat related. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/86858-light-action-downrigger-rod/
  8. Will do, kept it a bit off full incase I got hung up.
  9. Am I to crank down on the knob, or is it internal? Am I to crank down on the knob or is it internal??
  10. That sounds logical. I will have to take notice on the choppy water next time.
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