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  1. Keuka

    Fished the south end on the weekend. Missed two trolling in the morning. Smashed a few smallmouths and largemouths in the evening. Largemouth on the East side, smallies on the West. Couple of heavyweights, nice fight. Senkos....
  2. Sent you a message.
  3. Keuka

    Do you or any one else use anything other than spoons? Have you ever tried any other lures like stick baits while trolling? Going back up in two weeks and was just wondering where to get suttons in Hammondsport.
  4. Do you have any pics you can post?
  5. Running 12v. Have two batteries because I have two boats. Each have a 12 volt motor. You mention charger, I opted for a portable instead of an onboard because of the two boats. I scoured around a bit and decided on an NOCO smart charger. (G15000). It's a 15 amp and will charge a battery 50% down in about 3 hours. They do have a 2 and 3 bank onboard with 10 amps per bank.
  6. They were my next choice in group 29. Only need to find one down here in PA.
  7. They do not have the RC rating on the battery anymore on everstarts. I had one for cranking and lasted me for seven years. My other trolling bat is a Diehard i have since 2009 and is still performing at peak power. So I went and got a new second diehard and in one year, 11 days it will only take 75% and will drain in about 3 days off charge. That's why I'm leaning to the Everstart MAXX.
  8. Keuka

    Had a good time on Keuka over the weekend. Did not do anything on Lakers, only because I don't know how.... Got some really nice smallmouth though. Went out of Hammondsport and headed North for about a mile on the west side. 17 fow and senkos.
  9. EverStart Maxx Group Size 29 Marine Battery Sorry to bring up batteries, but I'm buying a new trolling battery and was going for an EverStart Maxx Group Size 29 Marine Battery. Prblem is, the web site states it only has 85 RC. This used to be 205 with about 125 AH. Does anyone know for sure what exactly the specs are on this battery? Not older ones, but new 2017 batteries. Apparently, the store does not. Volts 12 V Cold Crank Amp 845 Reserve Capacity 85 Manufacturer Part Number MAXX-29DC Contained Battery Type Lead Acid Model MAXX-29DC Brand EverStart Maxx My other option is going to be an Interstate if this does not pan out.
  10. Keuka

    No picking on your pic. I would need larger eyes for that set up. I use these from off shore tackle. They work well. 1oz and 1.3oz. hooked up with a 9 foot ugly stick med/light.
  11. These still available?
  12. Keuka

    So, I'll be heading up from PA as well to the South side of Keuka this weekend. Never been there and not sure how it is down there. Don't have riggers, so i'll be trying to get that spoon down with some trolling weights. Maybe jig as well. All fails for that, try my luck for some bass or pike.
  13. Some nice fish there tman, great job.
  14. Thanks Bobby, never been there, but I will have a good time no matter what the situation. (I guess that's why they make big cigars). If all fails for the heavy ones, always try for some perch.
  15. I guess I'm in the same boat as Todd. Going to Guffin Bay this week to try something other than 18" Oneida Lake cigars. Never been there, so I'm not sure what I can run into at this time of year. I was told the fish may be a lot heavier than Oneida. My on hand rods for trolling are: 9' Ugly sticks (light to 20lb) paired with Penn 320's with 17lb mono and a 6 foot 12lb leader. 6'6" St Croix's (med/hvy to 20lb) paired with Garcia 5600's with 14lb mono and a 4 foot 10lb leader. I have two walleye boards and some off shore tadpole weights, 1 1/4oz each. Just wondering.