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  1. Trolling Bags

    Message sent.
  2. Corned venison

    You can tell, just by the moisture in your cuts. I use one as well, otherwise you would have to steam it for about 3 hours.
  3. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    18704 Swoyersville, PA. (Kingston)
  4. Corned venison

    Just how I do my roast. Do you use a water bath in your smoker?
  5. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    I would make a respectable offer of $32.00 shipped, if you accept PayPal for: Four #0's - Green, pink, blue and silver with rings. Two minis - both purple.
  6. I'll take diver rods if any left.
  7. for sale : usa DIPSYS

    Are you splitting lots?
  8. Off a Dipsy

    That's some good info Laker, thanks. Pap, looking into some of those spin and glows from the Gambler site.
  9. Off a Dipsy

    Thanks for the replies. Need to decide what to do or just use braid for now and run only a spoon with my #0 or stick to my tadpole. Problem is too many fishing hobbies. Buying a new surf setup first. $$$.
  10. Off a Dipsy

    How much blood run are you using?
  11. Off a Dipsy

    I'm usually not in more than 80 to 100 feet of water, but not fishing that deep. (Maybe 40 to 60).
  12. Off a Dipsy

    Looking for some info on what I can run off the back of dipsy divers. I am using 9 foot ugly sticks, med/light with Penn 320gt's load with 17lb mono. I do use these trolling for Lake trout on Keuka Lake. I currently use off-shore tadpoles with either just a spoon, a spoon behind a small cowbell or a small dodger and spoon. I recently got some size 3/0 and 0 dipsy divers and would like to know if I can run the dodgers and cowbells off them. And do I require a shocker if so. Thanks.
  13. Corned venison

    It is great. A perfect way to use venison. I use the front shoulder as well. Roll it up tight and put it in netting. Stays together very well when cured.
  14. Corned venison

    Put it in the smoker and you won't be disappointed.
  15. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    I use someone else's boat, keeps mine clean.