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  1. Some nice fish there tman, great job.
  2. Thanks Bobby, never been there, but I will have a good time no matter what the situation. (I guess that's why they make big cigars). If all fails for the heavy ones, always try for some perch.
  3. I guess I'm in the same boat as Todd. Going to Guffin Bay this week to try something other than 18" Oneida Lake cigars. Never been there, so I'm not sure what I can run into at this time of year. I was told the fish may be a lot heavier than Oneida. My on hand rods for trolling are: 9' Ugly sticks (light to 20lb) paired with Penn 320's with 17lb mono and a 6 foot 12lb leader. 6'6" St Croix's (med/hvy to 20lb) paired with Garcia 5600's with 14lb mono and a 4 foot 10lb leader. I have two walleye boards and some off shore tadpole weights, 1 1/4oz each. Just wondering.
  4. Kempie, I have a Crestliner Fishhawk 1600sc (2014) with a Merc 50hp Bigfoot (four stroke). I can get down to trolling speeds for deep divers and spoons. If I need to go with a worm harness, I put two 18" bags out and can get down to or below 1 mph. Warranty on the motor prohibits me to drill and use a plate, but the bags work great.
  5. Hopefully this will help. Issued yesterday.
  6. Shipping??
  7. Here's the web site, they list all the places that sell them in NY, PA OH.
  8. I know, that makes it harder to filet.
  9. I searched high and low a while back and could only come up with this place. Staying there in May, but not the opener. Basically a fish camp with rooms and cabins. Also has ramp and docks and bait shop.
  10. VMAX Deep Cycle battery Looking for a new trolling battery and was wondering if anyone ever used the VMAX. I know it's about $244, but just looking to maybe upgrade a little.
  11. Second sentence ,,,,,,,,,, All are bodies only.
  12. For Sale : USA

    Is this still available? If so, I want it. Is the transd a 83/200 / 455/800?
  13. Have not heard much info on the HOOK yet. Would like a 9 but where I want to put it there is not enough room, a 7 would fit perfict. Side console in between the raised dash - to window. Only about 11 inches. Also thought about some model of Humminbird with the side image. Mostly do drift fishing for walleye or bank/dock for bass. Troll on occasion.
  14. I agree on the Elites. I have been looking for an Elite 7 Gold CHIRP, almost nonexistent anymore.