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  1. Leadcore line

    Found a combo deal if anyone is looking # CPDR 862m 30dxt for around 70.00 its a med. rod 10-25 lbs with the 30dxt reel , does anyone have this rod , is it not to light and real whippy good for walleye and bigger fish they didnt list it with the heavier rod action .
  2. Leadcore line

    great thanks for the info everyone I will get a couple combos on the way , sk8man I figured you had some of the okumas and you were speaking from experience appreciate the help
  3. Leadcore line

    tuff choice , I would rather a smaller reel like the ma30dxt if it will hold the leadcore and sk8man says it will so the big difference is the retrieve ratio and im not sure how important that is. Is it a decent reel will it hold up its mainly for walleye , have you guys used them for big lake salmon .
  4. Leadcore line

    Thanks for the offer but looking for something with a faster retrieve , I love my daiwa sg27lcw reels so i might go with the 57 version with 6 to 1 ratio just need a couple rods now
  5. Leadcore line

    ok, great information thanks , I'm also trying to match up a 8'6'' trolling rod for this reel for walleye and leadcore, I've heard stainless steel guides are best for leadcore , was going to go with cabelas depthmasters but afraid there just to cheap and fail just when I need them . what would be a good rod not to stiff but not to light weight either on the cheaper side .
  6. Leadcore line

    Can I use some mono I have laying around for backing , if I use braid for the leader should I run 6 ft of fluorocarbon so they dont see the braid
  7. Leadcore line

    How about the Daiwa SG57LC3B anybody using them , fast retrieve plenty of capacity
  8. Leadcore line

    It seems a line counter would be nice to duplicate the set up
  9. Leadcore line

    one thing with the okuma is the retrieve is slow , unfortunately Who makes a decent reel with enough capacity for 10 colores of the 18pd and reasonably priced
  10. Leadcore line

    will be using 18lb leadcore , how about the okuma convector 30D they hold 420 of 20 pd
  11. Leadcore line

    Hey guys I'm new to lead core line and thinking about setting up a couple rigs , what size reel do I need to hold 10 colors , I like smaller reels when possible but with backer leadcore and leader is a diawa 47 big enough I have quite a few 27's but i dont think they will work .
  12. Fishing boat size on Cayuga Lake

    Love my 19.5 ft Starcraft Fishmaster with a 115 hp started out with a 16 ft. sea nymph 50 hp and that was definitely not enough boat put in north of union springs one time with it and a storm came up I was south of long point luckily I was able to limp my way up to long point and wait out the storm . The fishmaster has plenty of room is made for downrigging off the back and bass fishing off the front with trolling motor is good too . I think the extra length helps to bridge the waves when there is a good chop I can't believe how nice you can run along at a good speed and not be bothered by the waves , the 17 ft will work but the 19.5 is alot more comfortable and if you want to run up to the big lake in the fall and catch some salmon its doable as long as you don't go out to far .There around used a buddy of mine just got one that was being used on Oneida lake .
  13. That bad thanks !!! Anyone own one
  14. Hook 9 coming down to 400.00 range anygood Just found out today there are some hook 9's floating around really cheap but I have seen some bad reviews of the units screen freezing and some other comments most of them not good . Is the unit worth 400.00 bucks does the new software upgrades fix the problems . Thinking about getting one while on sale but dont want to be sorry I bought it .
  15. SLR Walleye 2017

    Is the SLR pretty much a night fishery for walleye ?