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  1. chugbug

    Johnson outboards

    I spent a hour or so the other day researching Johnson outboards the history of the company is very interesting and surprisingly was very difficult for them at times especially with the competition of other company's emerging along the way . Also with the company in trouble they had some engines built in hong kong probably trying to save money but I dont think they ever put the evinrude name on a china motor. Thanks for the tip on youtube I will check it out it would be good to know when the hong kong engines were built so you could stay way from them if buying a engine .
  2. chugbug

    Johnson outboards

    Does anyone know how many years johnson made outboards in hong kong and what years they were and was evinrude ever made there .Are they a inferior motor and are parts the same with a motor made in the usa
  3. chugbug

    Rigger rods

    back quite a few years everyone had the yellow eagle claw rods , when I got four of them I was afraid they wouldn't last because they were really cheap to buy now its been 20 years and im still using them and there perfect for the finger lakes
  4. thats a far cry from 25 footers , thought maybe they would have been bigger than 5 to 7
  5. Did anyone hear how big the waves actually got during the storm
  6. Hey legacy thanks for the videos !! there great !! I was wondering what it looked like out there and to think I was out around that breaker wall in a 12ft deep v fishing for browns many years ago !!!
  7. to bad we cant get a live feed live of that picture with the lighthouse in it , it looks like the ocean !!!!
  8. where can I find a live webcam of the oswego harbor , none of the cameras im finding are working
  9. chugbug

    Cayuga CAYUGA 1st OUT

    thanks for the info doc , i will remember to try the top 10 ft of water first
  10. chugbug

    Cayuga CAYUGA 1st OUT

    Am i reading that that right , salmon and browns down 2 to 10 ft thought they would be deeper but with the cold water temps they could be just about anywhere just didn't expect them to be that shallow
  11. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    Yes I am fishing the Newburgh area , how far north would I have to go to get into some good trolling areas , beautiful pics !!!
  12. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    p3434 you mentioned shallow water what about a live herring in say 17 ft drifting with the current any good
  13. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    p3434 what did that big cow weigh !!
  14. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    The shipping is a extra 30.00 so its really expensive getting them sent in but at least you have some bait
  15. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    Hey Lunderdog nice striper there , we are drifting with blood worms two people running 4 rods , hooked and played close to 40 stripers including alot of small jacks which as you know always steal your worm landed a couple in the 32" to 34 " range and got two nice slot fish in the 22' range and lost quite a few . Using circle hooks with egg sinkers , still looking for the 40 incher 'to 34'' range