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  1. Compression test on inboard motor

    I agree with bob do a good compression test warm engine if possible , your not going to be able to check everything in the backyard with someone else's boat .but a basic compression test will give you a idea if you should buy it or not and like stated look to see if the numbers are close write them down as you go per cylinder if you get a crazy figure on one go back at the end and double check it .
  2. ELOSTA fleamarket

    Thanks for the reply , I'll see if I can make it up .
  3. ELOSTA fleamarket

    How big is the Brewerton flea market
  4. ELOSTA fleamarket

    How big is this show , how many tables usually, its a good run for me from Pa but interested ,can anyone chime in
  5. Quinte monster

    we use to go up every spring fishing was excellent on Hay Bay and Sherman point put in are time and figured out a good bite and drift that worked for us then it went downhill fast and from what I hear hasn't recovered much then I found the finger lakes but I miss that walleye fishery I'm hoping oneida lake can fill the gap thats one reason why I'm getting leadcore rigs ready .
  6. Quinte monster

    roughrider thats a monster !!! use to hear of alot of big fish like that through the ice years ago !! How has the regular season fishing been is it getting any better up there.
  7. Had a close call very similar on Cayuga quite a few years ago , guy was come north up the lake off Aurora he didn't have the boat planed off at all bow sticking way up in the air he couldn't see where the heck he was going we were trolling at the time with downriggers and a kicker motor but managed to veer off at the last minute and get away from him I couldn't believe he couldn't see us he just kept coming at us !!!!!
  8. Seneca dead fish

    I dont think swimming has been allowed at stewart park for quite a few years unless they opened it recently , I was told it was a bacterial pollution at the time , just what I heard I never looked into any further just really surprised the water in that area wasn't fit to swim in and that they couldn't fix the problem .
  9. Seneca dead fish

    kind of related , there was a time recently that no swimming was allowed at Stewart park on the south end of cayuga and maybe is still off limits, whats that all about there's a nice park on a beautiful finger lake and the water in this area isn't clean enough to swim !!!!
  10. Leadcore line

    got my combo's for Christmas the reels are bigger than I thought they would be and should be no problem holding the leadcore the rods feel good like sk8man noted a nice soft tip bt stiff butt section should work out just fine , thanks for all the input got to get my leadcore ordered !!!!!!
  11. Seneca dead fish

    Justin I was always led to believe that the fish stockings were to some extent based on the diary program , not true ?
  12. Leadcore line

    Got two okuma combos on the way !! Thanks for all the info .its going to be a long winter waiting to get back out on the water !!!!
  13. Leadcore line

    Ok great now I feel better about the size of the reel sounds just like what I was looking for , what about the rod will the medium weight be alright with no planer boards or do I need the medium heavy action . Here is a link to the rod , its listed as a downrigger rod medium action CPDR862M 3rd one down , the next one down is listed as a copper and leadcore rod still listed as medium action but heavier line weight . Thanks for the help .
  14. Leadcore line

    wow its hard deciding on this stuff when I'm not actually holding it and seeing it , is the okuma ma30 dxt a big reel how does it compare to a daiwa 47 to me the 57 is really huge , I dont fish the big lake much at all and like my daiwa 27's but I dont think I'm going to get 10 colors on a 27 .I don't think I need more than 100 ft of backing for oneida do I , I guess it would depend alot on using braid backer compared to mono with the dia. being so different . Also the rods have me concerned without seeing how the action is , I would rather use the medium weight if it will take the weight of the leadcore instead of the medium heavy rod , that would be the okuma classic GLT rods in 8.6 ft. The 862m or the 862 MH
  15. Leadcore line

    Found a combo deal if anyone is looking # CPDR 862m 30dxt for around 70.00 its a med. rod 10-25 lbs with the 30dxt reel , does anyone have this rod ,is this the right weight for leadcore mainly for walleye on oneida lake .