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  1. I used to have a hard time enjoying lakers but we use to freeze them for an extended time and man does that make them strong , we found if you cut most of the dark meat out and eat them fresh there as good as many other fish . If your really laker shy cut them in 2 '' squares and deep fry or pan fry with a good seasoned coating !! Now I'm wanting a laker for supper !!!
  2. Hope this doesn't get to be a problem up there , we stay at the old super 8 in Auburn and last time at a shady looking area in lansing called the trip motel , all went good but I was wondering what I would have left in the boat in the morning , so far never had a problem but its always on my mind !!!!
  3. chugbug


    Man your killing me !!! Im stuck down here in Northeast Pa its a hike to Dunkirk for me
  4. chugbug


    Man there nice looking fat eyes!!! way to go !!
  5. chugbug


    I was hoping there was some land or bays offering some protection its at least a 5 hr. trip for me one way hate to get stuck on shore all day , is there alot of good fishing close to shore for eyes
  6. chugbug


    sorry was talking about dunkirk
  7. chugbug


    is any of the water near selkirk protected or does it get just as ruff as ontario , most pictures i see seem to show the shore in the back ground pretty close so maybe your not fishing to far off land and get some protection from the wind , would love to get out there and try it sometime .
  8. yeah south of sheldrake was a mess all of my prop wash was green but then it cleared up sunday morning but the fish were kind of negative for us , we fished the Aurora area to south of sheldarke got two nice 27 to 28 inch lakers and a few smaller ones not what I would call real good fishing for us , there were fish everywhere we checked just not responding to the jig very well
  9. Hey copperliner good to hear that your getting out after the lakers !!! Thanks for the info , and take care maybe i will see you on the water
  10. Doesnt sound good !! it really shut down the fishing last year unless it was just a real slow bite that weekend and the algae didnt have anything to do with it , looks like this is going to be a every year occurrence , did anyone fishing last year notice that it hurt the fishing
  11. Possibly heading up to Cayuga but I'm hearing the algae bloom might be starting and I don't want a repeat of the last time I fished during the bloom last year , can anyone confirm a bloom or is it still good , the last post by Capt Mark looks like all is well !!! but we are getting some real hot weather right now .
  12. The algae bloom really messed things up last year when we were up to do some jigging probably one of the worst bites i have encountered on Cayuga hope that doesn't come back this year !!!
  13. the ramp in union springs was a honor system donation last time i was up and you will be fairly close to deep water and closer than the state park
  14. Dont know how your boat is set up but if you could get a hold of John Gaulke at the angling zone .com he could set you up on lakers with jigging techniques and he knows where the pike are also , I dont know who is doing charters for downrigging over there
  15. flyrod downrigging now that would be exciting !!!!!!
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