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  1. Spring striper help

    Not saying trolling won't work there just wasn't much of it going on , pretty much all drifting it would be nice if trolling worked .We used about a 6 to 8 ft fluorcarbon leader of 15 lb test to mainline with a # 5 or 7 barrel swivel , egg sinker 1 to 2oz. depending on the wind and tide you want it to hang fairly straight or it wont stay at the right depth , if memory serves me hooks were 4/0 circle. They were easy to see on the depth finder and we caught alot of the fish we marked and that also will give you the depth there at 17 ft was good for us that day . Good luck
  2. Spring striper help

    I fished out of Newburgh - Beacon last year for the first time on the Hudson we did really good , from what I saw its pretty much drift fishing with blood worms or eels and bait is expensive and there is only one place I know of selling it and you have to pre order your bait , I brought home 3 just around 28'' there is a slot limit . You do need a Marine Registry license you can it anytime and its free just do a google search on it and call them for the license , you might be able to get it online as I needed it that day so had to call them . I did see one boat trolling but not sure if they caught any fish .
  3. Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

    Sounds like there are alot of good fishing opportunities on the Cape wish I was closer to good fishing seems like I have to run three hours to get anywhere good .
  4. Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

    OK I will have to find out when they go , I thought i heard spring was there time to go up ..
  5. Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

    Thanks for the info guys , sounds like it could be tuff the first time up especially fly fishing, I do know of a group that went up last year that did real good but they know the area well and have been doing it awhile sounds like I better get a hold of them and see if I can tag along !! I was thinking of taking the wife and doing some site seeing and fishing on my own but for the first trip I would probably be better off with someone thats been there before .
  6. Didn't want to hi jack the summer thread , I was told spring time can be really good for surf fishing for stripers on the Cape is it something I could do on my own or would it be pretty tuff to find them on my first trip, also fly fishing for them was mentioned which would really be fun if my casting would be enough to reach them , has anyone been up in the spring .
  7. Compression test on inboard motor

    I agree with bob do a good compression test warm engine if possible , your not going to be able to check everything in the backyard with someone else's boat .but a basic compression test will give you a idea if you should buy it or not and like stated look to see if the numbers are close write them down as you go per cylinder if you get a crazy figure on one go back at the end and double check it .
  8. ELOSTA fleamarket

    Thanks for the reply , I'll see if I can make it up .
  9. ELOSTA fleamarket

    How big is the Brewerton flea market
  10. ELOSTA fleamarket

    How big is this show , how many tables usually, its a good run for me from Pa but interested ,can anyone chime in
  11. Quinte monster

    we use to go up every spring fishing was excellent on Hay Bay and Sherman point put in are time and figured out a good bite and drift that worked for us then it went downhill fast and from what I hear hasn't recovered much then I found the finger lakes but I miss that walleye fishery I'm hoping oneida lake can fill the gap thats one reason why I'm getting leadcore rigs ready .
  12. Quinte monster

    roughrider thats a monster !!! use to hear of alot of big fish like that through the ice years ago !! How has the regular season fishing been is it getting any better up there.
  13. Had a close call very similar on Cayuga quite a few years ago , guy was come north up the lake off Aurora he didn't have the boat planed off at all bow sticking way up in the air he couldn't see where the heck he was going we were trolling at the time with downriggers and a kicker motor but managed to veer off at the last minute and get away from him I couldn't believe he couldn't see us he just kept coming at us !!!!!
  14. Seneca dead fish

    I dont think swimming has been allowed at stewart park for quite a few years unless they opened it recently , I was told it was a bacterial pollution at the time , just what I heard I never looked into any further just really surprised the water in that area wasn't fit to swim in and that they couldn't fix the problem .
  15. Seneca dead fish

    kind of related , there was a time recently that no swimming was allowed at Stewart park on the south end of cayuga and maybe is still off limits, whats that all about there's a nice park on a beautiful finger lake and the water in this area isn't clean enough to swim !!!!