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  1. Is the SLR pretty much a night fishery for walleye ?
  2. Twin oaks started a new rule quite a few years ago that we were not allowed to store are trailers anywhere on the property , wasn't right I liked to fish other lakes and if you broke down on the lake you couldn't put into the nearest ramp and pull it out with your trailer alot of guys started storing them at one of the wineries . One place I can think of is at the Myers ramp or park south end I believe you can leave your boat through out the season for a fee .You could try the twin oaks marina on the other side of the road from the campground but he wanted 75.00 just to store are trailers and he isn't always there not sure if it is gated when closed or not .
  3. Katydid , 14 pounder wow glad to know there still in there . It use to be it took a 13 to 14 pounder to win the tournaments but you don't see them on the boards anymore thought maybe they were a thing of the past !!
  4. Thanks guys , sure wish I was closer and good get up there more often it was a good weekend !! Mike glad to see your still slamming the big ones and getting the kids out on the water too thanks again for all your help .
  5. Didn't take the time to weigh him as I wanted to get him back in the water , he recovered fast and headed down .Cinnamon did you measure yours just curious what he might have weighed compared to yours .
  6. Nice Laker on Cayuga Hey guys this is what happens when you don't enter the derby !!! , had alot of fun this past Saturday and Sunday we travel up from Pa so getting to the ramp at dawn doesn't happen to often especially when your fishing buddy is your wife . We got to the ramp at 9;30 and thats when I realize that Barneys derby was going on .We ended up with quite a few lakers including this 31 incher and also a nice brown that hit very shallow in the water column with very little line out , he came flying out of the water right in front of me I kept him on for the first jump but he came up again and threw the jig it was a hoot !!!
  7. OH I see Mike thought you were throwing me a curve !! Thanks
  8. Thanks for the heads up Mike ( even though its a little late ) now if I can just remember for next year !! I like the Myers ramp its a nice facility, now if they would just add a fish cleaning station we would be all set !
  9. Would have been a fun derby but with not having the camper up there anymore and not getting up as much I didn't know about it until i pulled into the ramp at 10 o clock then figured it was to late to sign up, ended up with a nice 31'' laker that might have placed . Maybe a little more heads up on the date would be helpful , I think copperliner needs a litte more competition !!!!
  10. how much is the diawa sg27 lc
  11. Did John mention anything about the algae bloom issue wonder what he has heard about it .Anybody else hear any updates on the HAB .
  12. We hit skinny awhile back unfortunately when it was flooding this year , right out from the public ramp was a older gentleman that needed help he waved us in and had forgot to get gas he wasnt far from the ramp and when I said he could have used his trolling motor he said he never thought about that , so we got him in safe to shore , heck that might be any one of us down the road !!! Anyway the fishing was slow then the wind picked up a little to much and it was very discolored I managed a few sm bas and some panfish but was really wanting to find the bigger bass . I have only been on skinny three times so I have alot to learn but it is beautiful lake !!!
  13. Cayuga

    Has there been any actual warnings to not eat the fish in cayuga while this hab is in affect , how could it get in the meat of properly cleaned and cooked fish .
  14. Nice to see Quebec is still producing walleye you dont hear much about it like you use to it doesn't seem like as many fisherman the states are going up anymore . I have fished whiskey river a couple times not to far from Cabonga . Then we switched to Hay Bay but that fishery went down hill from what I have heard , nice pics brings back memories .
  15. Owasco

    yea seems odd they would take just one and not the pair ,, we run up now and stay at local motels right in Auburn and haven't had anything taken yet but its always on my mind so far so good its been about 20 years going up .