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  1. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    Yes I am fishing the Newburgh area , how far north would I have to go to get into some good trolling areas , beautiful pics !!!
  2. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    p3434 you mentioned shallow water what about a live herring in say 17 ft drifting with the current any good
  3. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    p3434 what did that big cow weigh !!
  4. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    The shipping is a extra 30.00 so its really expensive getting them sent in but at least you have some bait
  5. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    Hey Lunderdog nice striper there , we are drifting with blood worms two people running 4 rods , hooked and played close to 40 stripers including alot of small jacks which as you know always steal your worm landed a couple in the 32" to 34 " range and got two nice slot fish in the 22' range and lost quite a few . Using circle hooks with egg sinkers , still looking for the 40 incher 'to 34'' range
  6. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    ok guys I will give it a try , can,t wait to get fishing again !!!!
  7. chugbug

    Spring striper fishing

    I've thought about taking the down-riggers down and trying them but you see very few guys trolling if any and the bloodworms definitely work the best . Hudson river bait shop is way north of the area we fish , there is only one bait shop where we fish and they can't keep up with the demand and won't put any aside for you to pick up when you get there , its first come first serve , I'm going to try regular nitecrawlers with fishbites and see how it works was hoping someone had tried it already or found something similar that might work
  8. We fish the Hudson river every spring for stripers and every year we have a hard time finding bloodworms and they are very expensive to boot 1.00 ea , buy a flat 144 worms enough for a day when there biting good and your dropping 144.00 dollars just for bait !!! was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the fishery down there and if regular nitecrawlers would work or something from power bait Co .or maybe a fishbite along with a nitecrawler .
  9. I have a copy of Earl Holdrens handbook - New York State Lakes for Fabulous Trout Rainbows and Salmon , its a signed second edition copyright 1975 very good condition, make a offer !!
  10. chugbug

    Electril drill and battery. Good deal!

    thats quite a waranty on the bosch tools !!!! , I was going say the Milwaukee tools have a good warranty at 5 years on the tool and 2 years on batteries
  11. chugbug

    Good read

    I would consider selling my copy if anyone is looking for one , like i said its signed Nov..19TH 1984 copyright 1975 second edition in excellent condition .Make a offer
  12. chugbug

    Good read

    I have a signed copy of Earl Holdrens book that he dated Nov. 19th 1984 wonder if its the real deal anyone have a signed copy don't know if he signed many or not .
  13. chugbug

    Jigging setups

    Don't count out a good stradic 2500 spinning reel I know I'm the odd man out on this but I have tried right hand and left hand casting reels for jigging and will never go back to them ,I love my shimmano curado casting reels for bass fishing but for laker jigging its a good quality spinning reel for me .
  14. Still no updated fishing report from the boys on Oneida lake !! http://www.oneidalakefishingreport.com/category/fishing-reports/
  15. chugbug

    Lake Anna Virgina Stripers

    Has anyone fished Lake Anna that could give some idea of the striper fishing , where to start , what to use , never been there but would like to give it a shot .