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  1. Dont know how your boat is set up but if you could get a hold of John Gaulke at the angling zone .com he could set you up on lakers with jigging techniques and he knows where the pike are also , I dont know who is doing charters for downrigging over there
  2. flyrod downrigging now that would be exciting !!!!!!
  3. The thing that makes jigging so much fun is your fishing one on one with the fish on light tackle and seeing there movement and how they react to the jig and the biggest thing is your not dragging the fish in with the boat in gear .
  4. Beautiful laker , did you notice if there were any fins clipped , with the colors I'm seeing its a good possibility its a wild fish not a stocked fish , all stocked fish are fin clipped in cayuga
  5. spoons , stickbaits , fly flasher dipsey rigs just to name a few
  6. Bob im surprised with your outlook on jigging , I consistently out fish the trollers in are camp with numbers and size at least with lakers , jigging cant compete with trollers when it comes to salmon rainbows and browns we arent fishing in there temp. zone long enough to catch many although in the fall we get quite a few big bonus browns and rainbows when there plentiful .Back when Owasco was stocked with a ridiculous amount of lakers we had 25 fish days and have done it on cayuga too its so much fun seeing the jig and the fish and the chase and one on one when you hook up !!! Love it !!
  7. you guys using twister tails arent you tipping them with some nighcrawler or minnow
  8. Thats sounds like alot of boat and motor for the price , unfortunately Im looking for tiller steering and a small motor for the Susquehanna river
  9. ah , didnt see it when I wrote it but now I do , I like alot of room in my boat !!!!!!
  10. I am looking for a wide 16ft jon boat not to worried what it has as far as motor and extras I can put together what I want if I can get the boat .My buddy has one I have fished out of and its real roomy and solid and drafts very little water for river use , its a Polaris Discovery 16ft and 5 1/2 ft wide at the top of the gunnels with a 4 ft wide floor .but any brand will work .
  11. I spent a hour or so the other day researching Johnson outboards the history of the company is very interesting and surprisingly was very difficult for them at times especially with the competition of other company's emerging along the way . Also with the company in trouble they had some engines built in hong kong probably trying to save money but I dont think they ever put the evinrude name on a china motor. Thanks for the tip on youtube I will check it out it would be good to know when the hong kong engines were built so you could stay way from them if buying a engine .
  12. Does anyone know how many years johnson made outboards in hong kong and what years they were and was evinrude ever made there .Are they a inferior motor and are parts the same with a motor made in the usa
  13. back quite a few years everyone had the yellow eagle claw rods , when I got four of them I was afraid they wouldn't last because they were really cheap to buy now its been 20 years and im still using them and there perfect for the finger lakes
  14. thats a far cry from 25 footers , thought maybe they would have been bigger than 5 to 7
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