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  1. chugbug

    Keuka 6/23

    JK you should try launching out of taughkannock south end of cayuga in the fall its only a mile at the most north or south around the point to get out of the wind , seems like we do good on bonus browns and bows that time of year , you have to make sure there not in spawn mode though because they really shut down and its earlier than Keuka . Good luck !!!!
  2. Thats interesting sounds like they aren't responding the same as the lakers in the finger lakes wonder why they would be any different . It really gets me when they chase a jig from 80 to 20 and then decide not to hit it make a turn and head back down to the bottom alot of spent energy for no meal didnt even take a crack at it !!!
  3. Hey Pete neat video , do you ever jig vertically over them or drift most of the time , when fishing vertically its fun seeing them come up after the jig chasing from 80 ' all the way to 20' !!! and then hitting it .
  4. chugbug

    Which Lake to go to.

    I brought the fish cleaning problem up a while back as cleaning them on the boat can get you in trouble if there is a minimum length on the species your keeping . I'm cleaning them when I get off the water on ice while out fishing , I have cleaned them over my live well to catch any stuff that falls off or on a piece of plywood on the tailgate , putting fillets in a baggie and then in motel room freezer or on in a ice chest , carcass goes in a kitchen trash bag tied tight and in the dumpster at the motel , its not easy to be legal when they dont have cleaning stations anywhere on the finger lakes or oneida but I think I'm pretty good with this set up .
  5. chugbug

    Oneida or Erie?

    Nymph o no riggers !! all leadcore ?
  6. chugbug

    Oneida or Erie?

    Dont forget you have the south shore boat ramp , check direction of the wind in the morning go to the ramp you will be fishing near that way if the wind comes up you don't have to try and cross the lake to get back , we used godfrey one day and it made it nice as we weren't far from it and when we were ready to leave it wasn't far away but its a one lane ramp only and could be really busy on a weekend trying to get out .
  7. chugbug

    Myers on the weekends

    And its one of few parks that you can camp at on the water with a boat ramp !!
  8. chugbug

    Seneca Fish Camp

    Those browns are to strong for my taste , but beautiful fish way to go I love catching them !!! Where do you get the breading mix never heard of it , got started using panko seasoned breading mix a little while ago its real good but make sure its the seasoned one adds some nice flavor .
  9. chugbug

    Oneida lake

    Just seems odd that there not in oneida too its connected to the canal system
  10. chugbug

    Oneida lake

    Does anyone know if Oneida has spiny water flea
  11. chugbug

    Oneida lake

    Yeah I didnt see many trollers either , from what I saw it was all drifters . I was trolling mainly for eyes leadcore and downriggers didn't expect any bass that would have been a nice bonus .I noticed to the bite seems to stop pretty early !!!
  12. chugbug

    Oneida lake

    I noticed alot of drifters seemed like the go to method up there , using bow mounted trolling motor for steering , Anyone know what there using for weight to get nite crawler rigs down ,do they use bait walkers or just simple three way swivels .Also surprised at the size of the waves for very little wind , the one day current wind was posted at 6 mpg but we had 2 to 3 footers out there out of the east .10mph one day seemed like a blow out not sure if it was fishable unless you could get out of the wind behind a island or point that was around noon .
  13. chugbug

    Oneida lake

    Well finally made up to Oneida lake it had been 25- 30 years since I was there last so it was all new to me , its hard finding places to stay online before you get there and see whats going on but i got alot of tips on here which helped alot .I 'll try and point out some things that I think will help others going up for the first time . One tip I learned on here was to not use the left side of the ramp at south shore boat ramp and this was a big help as I saw guys using it and they struggled to load there boat big time but another word to the wise is to stay right of the island on the way out there are no buoys at all and it goes right to 1 foot deep in know time on the left side so go right of the island as its not marked .Godfrey point ramp north shore is only one lane and could be a nightmare on a busy day it would be crazy with only half a dozen boats trying to get in or out at the same time . Motels in Canastota all you have now is the Days inn , the other one Graziano's is closed but the days inn is fine and reasonable but your 4 miles from the lake south shore .We set up riggers and leadcore for walleye and did fairly well would had are limit if I hadn't lost 3 or 4 at the boat , next time I would like to try casting blade baits and jigs and see how it works and finding some sm bass .
  14. chugbug

    Cayuga Tackle Shops (Aurora, NY)

    Yeah bears at myers should be able to help you out , they have ice also which comes in handy but you can probably get that in Aurora too , there is a dock at the aurora inn that you can use to take a break and there is a walk way up to the street to the store right beside the inn has really good eats coffee sweets good stuff , cant leave your boat over night or anything but a nice place to get food .
  15. I use a bow mounted trolling motor with my transducer mounted on the trolling motor depth finder mounted on the bow also , my transducer picks up the jig at around 20 ft on the decent and keeps it on the screen all the way to the bottom .