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  1. Nice catch of walleyes there !! So the bass fishery did take a pretty good hit back a few years , would you suggest the bay area or the lake for smallmouth if I make it up .Thanks
  2. Henderson Harbor bass How is henderson harbor going to be this season , are the smallies there are they coming back how bad is it ,
  3. One article I read from the fish comm. stated that alewives are at there most northern climate at which they can survive . They were talking about Lake Ontario at the time and the lack of alewives and that the younger ones are vulnerable depending on the winter .But haven't they been surviving for a real long time there !! Seems like there has to be more to it or a combination of things including all of the invasive species we now have .
  4. Sk yeah we come up from Rickets Glenn on 487 and turn onto 220 in Dushore then its a straight shot north to Cayuga lake . Chugbugs for pike !!! , don't usually think of topwater plugs for pike will have to remember that , I know the bass love them !!! What part of Canada did you fish , did you ever try Hay Bay for walleye !!
  5. SK8 very good report on the diary program it is very important that more people get active and fill out a diary they base quite a bit of there stocking on it . Doesn't matter if you only fish once or twice a year also doesn't matter if you don't catch any fish still fill out the report , its still useful info . But be accurate as possible especially with fin clips they do regenerate and it might look like a good fin but if you look real close you can see its not exactly right size wise .We copy pages from the book to take out on the water with us so as not to ruin the book which is pretty easy to do in a years time of fishing then when you get back from fishing fill out the book , don't forget the small adipose fin on the back rear of the fish . If you ask they will send you a key to the fish clips and you will be able figure out the age of the fish you catch and when they were stocked .
  6. JK , what part of Pa are you from , I use to run up almost every weekend from the Dushore area , not as much now .
  7. The area right out from the keuka village ramp can be good in the fall not sure about this time of year though, I would would try Branchport first depending where your launching from.Good luck !!!
  8. so parking to north and south is allowed ? They dont have a specific parking lot for this ramp .
  9. Thanks for the info , was thinking more in the fall when we use to get that good fall bite , it was a cold run down the lake from penn yan .
  10. What about the launch in Keuka is it residents only , sure would better than running down from the penn yan arm , I realize the pennyan launch might have ice now .
  11. Thanks guys , ill give it a try .
  12. Hey guys , its been a long time , I'm still fishing but haven't had the riggers out for a real long time . How bad is the flea on Cayuga ,was thinking about doing some downrigging near Taughannock Falls this weekend but I still have all the reels loaded with regular 25 pd mono which might be a flea magnet .
  13. Thanks for the heads up Hermit , is there anything going on at Meyers that you know of .
  14. Is the lakeside trading gas station in Union Springs open or still closed .
  15. The one I've been seeing is the real big green # 51 buoy Levanna east side just below Farleys point .