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  1. Yankee , I see there are at least 6 models of the helix 7 , with my description of my fishing which model would you suggest I go with .
  2. Thanks for the help yankee troller , the list of lakes is impressive with lakemaster , now how do decide where to mount it , it would be nice to have it on the dash for finding spots that I want to fish and mapping a shoal first and then to have it on the trolling motor while im up in the bow targeting bass .
  3. I fish the finger lakes alot mostly jigging lakers and my old X135 does a good job I can see my jig in 80 ft of water no problem and i can see the fish moving in and chasing , What im looking for is better detail when smallmouth fishing the finger lakes or lake ontario or the St Lawrence river finding shoals and drop offs , using my old lowrance doesnt give me the real picture you have to read alot into what its showing you.Mapping of some kind when you go to a new lake to help find the shoals and cover in the first place .I do have downriggers and a wire dipsey rig and leadcore onboard so salmon are in the picture too but probably not as much .
  4. Its time for new electronics trying to find a easy use unit thats capable of navionics or lakevue something that would shoals with decent detail dont do to much trolling but alot of jigging and dropshotting for bass , would the helix 7 be a good unit
  5. EKoselny thanks for the info on the maps , is that version available on my cell phone and and what does it cost , now i feel like I've been hiding under a rock all this time , my lowrance depth finders are pretty out dated and dont except chips so now i know what iv'e been missing out on !!! Thanks again
  6. Ive seen this app I have it on my phone under boat HD navionics do you have to buy a plan or can you use it in a restricted mode to check it out ,
  7. Has anyone stayed here or go there for the fishing on a regular basis ,I would like to get more info before I commit the few days of vacation I have to a place i haven't seen , thanks .
  8. Does anyone know of a good map of Henderson harbor that would include the area around association island and the shoals
  9. Ekoselny thanks for the info , sounds like it is a good spot is middle of September a good time to be up there for smallies
  10. Hey guys the association island area has always looked interesting to me for bass never been there though , trying to figure out if it would be a good place to try mid September for smallmouth , dont want to get blown off the water the whole trip but looks like there is some protected areas if you run towards Henderson harbor . Anybody familiar with the area know if it would it be a good place to stay for a few days bass fishing or are there better places back near the harbor or does the association island put you out closer to better fishing , thanks for any help .
  11. I thought there was a issue where NY didnt go along with coast guard approval on the electronic flare and wouldnt accept it
  12. I went with heavier tires and the price was really good , went from a imported kenda 6 ply to a Cooper 8 ply and they were 75.00 each, i wasnt having any trouble with old tires but they were weather checking on the sidewall
  13. Well its time for new flares again and bass pro and cabelas want 45.00 !!! I didnt check walmart yet , I couldn't find any updated info in a search , is new york accepting the electronic sos lite or do we have to have flares
  14. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemic-governor-cuomo-governor-murphy-governor-lamont-announce
  15. I just learned that are PA fish comm. ramps are open but not sure about dcnr , but how is trailering your boat life sustaining
  16. Does N.Y. have a stay at home order are you allowed to trailer boats , I'd like to trailer the boat up to the finger lakes but we have a stay at home order here in Pa. , wonder if PA or NY officials would pull me over .Looks like alot of you guys are still fishing any problems .
  17. I used to have a hard time enjoying lakers but we use to freeze them for an extended time and man does that make them strong , we found if you cut most of the dark meat out and eat them fresh there as good as many other fish . If your really laker shy cut them in 2 '' squares and deep fry or pan fry with a good seasoned coating !! Now I'm wanting a laker for supper !!!
  18. Hope this doesn't get to be a problem up there , we stay at the old super 8 in Auburn and last time at a shady looking area in lansing called the trip motel , all went good but I was wondering what I would have left in the boat in the morning , so far never had a problem but its always on my mind !!!!
  19. chugbug


    Man your killing me !!! Im stuck down here in Northeast Pa its a hike to Dunkirk for me
  20. chugbug


    Man there nice looking fat eyes!!! way to go !!
  21. chugbug


    I was hoping there was some land or bays offering some protection its at least a 5 hr. trip for me one way hate to get stuck on shore all day , is there alot of good fishing close to shore for eyes
  22. chugbug


    sorry was talking about dunkirk
  23. chugbug


    is any of the water near selkirk protected or does it get just as ruff as ontario , most pictures i see seem to show the shore in the back ground pretty close so maybe your not fishing to far off land and get some protection from the wind , would love to get out there and try it sometime .
  24. yeah south of sheldrake was a mess all of my prop wash was green but then it cleared up sunday morning but the fish were kind of negative for us , we fished the Aurora area to south of sheldarke got two nice 27 to 28 inch lakers and a few smaller ones not what I would call real good fishing for us , there were fish everywhere we checked just not responding to the jig very well
  25. Hey copperliner good to hear that your getting out after the lakers !!! Thanks for the info , and take care maybe i will see you on the water
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