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  1. thanks regulator after your input i did a little more research and concluded that in fact the hose is for a speedometer must be factory installed if that type of speedometer is used thanks again tight lines to you
  2. thank you for your input i thought perhaps it it was for that but the boat has digital gauges abd would the speedometer hose come from the lower gear case ?
  3. hello all im hoping someone can answer a question i have about my 1989 yamaha 175 outboard today was doing some cleaning around the transom area and noticed a small tube/hose that seemed to be broken under the motor that led to the lower unit but i couldn't see where the rest of the hose went to so my question is what does it do and where does it go ? thanks in advance
  4. hey Cody nice to see we weren't the only ones struggling in the eastern basin fished yesterday from daylight until 1 had one screamer lost about 30 feet from the boat ugh then 1 tripped rigger with no fish couldn't get out of the low 40s for a temp seemed like the entire water column was the same temp down to 90 fow as high up as 40 good luck
  5. classic case of the hunter becomes the hunted thats a crazy amount of fry in its stomach judging by the level of digestion looks like they all gotten at the same time how have the weed mats been ive fished there in the past this time of year and its almost impossible to avoid them
  6. yes i can get some pictures of mine and yes it is in the splashwell its in storage at the moment as i purchased a grady white seafarer 22 so its waiting to get its chance to get back in the water lol ill be in touch
  7. good to know as i have the same boat and hopefully i wont lose my fuel cap but if i do i know what to do thanks
  8. hi bucknoard i may have a idea for a temporary fix home depot or lowes in the plumbing department carry whats called a test plug they are an expandable rubber based plug with a wing nut in the center the more you tighten the wing nut the rubber expands they also come in various sizes maybe something to check until you find a replacement
  9. hi tyrell im sorry and maybe im not 100 percent sure about what youre suggesting but that dosent sound very safe lighter spray paint gas fumes boom besides the problem with the fleas is getting the line in and dosent the flame thrower melt the the line?
  10. hey Erie buck so no recipe is perfect except for the ones that work however imo glow should be kept for morning early hours and as the sun continues to get above the horizon start to gravitate towards uv colors the nice thing about the uv is its still effective deep as the fish are able to pick out uv at deep depths hope this helps
  11. Erie buck you're intuition is correct you should run a glow fly with a glow flasher the whole purpose for the glow is either in low light conditions or deep water presentation again low light so it makes sense that the fly should stand out as well as the flasher or at least be visible
  12. what i do Erie after ive tied my lies is put a straw over the fly from the top about a quarter of the way on the fly and leave it for a couple days with option b and it will relax the tinsel in a more back swept angle hope that helps
  13. i have been wondering does anyone know or has there been any kind of study that shows how the fleas affect the fish such as do they avoid them ,do the fleas get caught in their gills like the fleas attach to our lines?i do the fish just stay below the fleas in a colder temp I .cant see how they can even occupy the the same water
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