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  1. Thanks! I haven't caught one since, Been out three or four times. Didn't see a thing.
  2. Thanks everyone! My next goal is to get on on a fly from Waneta. It is hard to pass up Steelhead fishing this time of year.
  3. Got my biggest tiger on the fly yedterday on a perch streamer I tied.
  4. Tyrrell

    Fall fatties ?

    Got this one on Otisco two weeks ago. Hoping to make it to Waneta at least one more time this year.
  5. I learned a lot by reading every post about Otisco Tigers on the message board a very large percent were from you. I plan on fishing with you this fall.
  6. I saw yoy out there Monday morning. I got this one one the fly! They have been really turned on since the rain.
  7. Tyrrell

    Waneta water temps?

    Thanks! I ended up getting called back into work anyways. Last time I was there I Had a Musky well into 20 pounds follow me in twice and not commit to the figure of 8 at all. It has me excited to get back when I can.
  8. I have an unexpected day off tomorrow I would love to get to Waneta but dont want to risk killing a Musky if I catch one.
  9. I was thinking about fishing Waneta tomorrow, just wondering if it will be as crazy and busy as most of the other lakes? I want to target Musky even though the conditions are not great.