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  1. I am going to be staying at the South end of Lake George for a few days. I am looking for some suggestions/tips for area pike fishing. I have done a fair amount of research on The area. I plan to fish the Sacandaga for a day. Mostly looking for good launch areas to get into fish with out too much travel, I will be fishing out of a kayak.
  2. It is hard to be confident casting out into open water. But from what I have read and seem to have seen on my fish finder they are out there. Before I move on from an area I will cast out into open water I did have a good fish follow me last year doing it.
  3. I was there today in my kayak from 6:30 to 5:30. And all I caught was a Pikeral as well I went up the West side and down the East. Didnt have a visible follow. Tried over weeds along weed edges and drop off. Bucktails glide baits crank baits and a few jigs.
  4. I have a fold out bump board just disnt get the fish on it.
  5. Thanks for the replies! Generally when people ask how big they are I just say, they are that big. It was nice to catch a few today. In the last week I got skunked on Waneta Onandaga and a few times on Otisco. I can go back to work happy now either way!
  6. The first picture is right over my knees the second is held out.I know it is hard to tell from pictures. I decided to release the fish before measuring to reduce handling. I am glad I got it back in quickly but being my biggest fish I would love to have known. I caught it out of a 12 foot Kayak that has a lot of room to move and walk around. But I wasn't comfotable with laying this fish on my bump board. Being able to easily get measurements has kept me out of tournaments I would like to fish. Any suggestions would be great!
  7. Thanks! I haven't caught one since, Been out three or four times. Didn't see a thing.
  8. Thanks everyone! My next goal is to get on on a fly from Waneta. It is hard to pass up Steelhead fishing this time of year.
  9. Got my biggest tiger on the fly yedterday on a perch streamer I tied.
  10. Got this one on Otisco two weeks ago. Hoping to make it to Waneta at least one more time this year.
  11. I learned a lot by reading every post about Otisco Tigers on the message board a very large percent were from you. I plan on fishing with you this fall.
  12. I saw yoy out there Monday morning. I got this one one the fly! They have been really turned on since the rain.
  13. Thanks! I ended up getting called back into work anyways. Last time I was there I Had a Musky well into 20 pounds follow me in twice and not commit to the figure of 8 at all. It has me excited to get back when I can.
  14. I have an unexpected day off tomorrow I would love to get to Waneta but dont want to risk killing a Musky if I catch one.
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