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  1. I have put the Assult stick to use for a few weeks now and I really like it. I planned to use it just for bigger lures mostly at Waneta and use my St. Croix Premire as my go to Otisco rod. I have found that for what ever reason with the same line/reel that the Assault stick which is rated for 3 to 10 oz. Will throw small lighter baits farther and with much less backlash. Not sure why? It is 6 inches longer but it'shard to believe that would make as much difference as it does.
  2. I have a friend who would catch massive Browns all night at Miliken in the spring. Several to many over 10 pounds a night. That was about 15 years ago at this point.
  3. Out casting for Tigers today saw a flash under my lure so I started a figure of 8 and this 24inch Walleye hammered my glide bait just under the surface!
  4. Looking at the picture again just the tail looks thin compared to the front half. Really nice fish I thought it looked over 30.
  5. Wow! Did you measure that fish? It doesn't look thick but it definitely looks long.
  6. I went out in my Kayak from the wells dock. The fishing was excellent though. For 4 trolling in 20 feet of water. Went 2 for 6 in 120.
  7. I took it out to cast a few times when I got it. But I haven't actually fished with it yet. I might take it with me Saturday for fun, but I doubt I will be throwing anything big.
  8. I have been considering getting the .22 long whiskey walleye for a few weeks. I really like that color.
  9. I have been eyeing the X-Rap Peto and Otus. Since last year. Those jointed Rapalas have caught me a lot of my bigger fish including the one in my profile pic. Also had follows from some in Waneta that were bigger than any I have caught there so far.
  10. Looking forward to using it soon!
  11. Homemade bucktails and spinner baits and some of my Pike/Musky flies
  12. Anyone interested in sharing pictures of baits you are excited to throw for the 2020 season? I just got 2 Custom painted Narcan glide baits from My Addiction. I sent some pictures in and got exactly what I wanted back. A few months a ago I ordered some show colors from Musky Innovations. I also bought a 2020 Assault Stick and Tranx 400hg.
  13. The first time I talked to you on Otisco I caught a Walleye on a fly right after you left. Still the only one I have ever caught after three years of fishing the lake 1 to 4 days a week. That being said I am never trying to Catch them. My goal this year is to build more confidence fishing deeper water.
  14. I dont know who "drinks the kool Aid" but some of you definitely have Orange lips!
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