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  1. Thanks for the inquiry but the boat was sold back in August. I marked it as sold so I’m not sure why it’s still up on their page. To answer your question it had a little over 600 hours on the engine and it operated flawlessly. The new owner loves the boat. Good luck with your search
  2. They are definitely well-built. No complaints here. The five years I have been running her I’ve never had an issue
  3. Eventually the right person will find this boat. Good things come to those who wait so I am in no hurry. The boat will sell itself at some point
  4. Thanks Al. I traded a 196 on this 210. Starcraft boats are well built and nice looking
  5. I am 1-1/2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean. Just not the right boat for the saltwater. Cut my trips to Erie to one per season. Can’t justify keeping it to do just one trip a year. I want her to be used for what she was built for. I will miss her when she’s gone!
  6. This boat was always my dream boat but now it’s time to make it yours. She was always meticulously cared for both inside and out. There are way too many extras to list so please inquire for any and all details. $47,500
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