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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the insight to your successes!!
  2. Nice boat! Good sign that you caught a fish right away!
  3. Glad everyone is safe. Thanks for sharing to remind us to be prepared at all times.
  4. Cool story. Makes it sound too easy! I am looking forward to trying the gambler rigs. I just bought some recently.
  5. I just saw your private message. Thanks for the kind gesture. I did reply to your message. Thanks.
  6. DirtyHooker, Thanks for the response. Greatly appreciated. Perhaps you have given me a good reason to come up to your beautiful neck of the woods. Currently just a little too far based on my schedule the next few weeks. Here are A few questions If you have a moment: Are you very happy with boat? Is there anything you found as a surprise both positive? or negative? How many People comfortable fish with? How many People comfortable cruise with? My biggest Initial concern is whether to it will be a problem trolling and running back and forth from pilot house to deck. Do you have secondary helm? Remote steer? Or autopilot? Thanks again.
  7. Good evening. Does anyone own a Parker 2120 SC in western NY, central NY, finger lakes area? Would it be possible to see the layout firsthand? Thank you for your consideration.
  8. Good to hear positive reports on Seneca! John-hope all is well!
  9. Sorry to hear! Best wishes on getting boat fixed quickly. Some people have no brains! Hope they are caught.
  10. Thanks for the post. Great to see some good news on Seneca.
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