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  1. DWHJR

    Cayuga New FLTA box record

  2. DWHJR

    Seneca 7-14 weekend

    Good to hear positive reports on Seneca! John-hope all is well!
  3. Nice report Brett! Hope all is well with you!
  4. DWHJR

    A-Hole with fireworks

    Sorry to hear! Best wishes on getting boat fixed quickly. Some people have no brains! Hope they are caught.
  5. DWHJR


    Thanks for the post. Great to see some good news on Seneca.
  6. Thx for your inquiry. I will give you a call late morning /early afternoon. Dave
  7. Great story! Learning is half the fun.
  8. Used once, Rochester area, local transactions, PM me with cell phone, qty = 1 thanks. $65
  9. DWHJR

    Key west 1720

    I owned a1720cc. In fact I think the same exact boat Irish 1-3 owned. Good boat!
  10. Nice to see you got the boat out!
  11. DWHJR

    Seneca 7/2

    Nice John. I haven't even gotten my boat wet yet this year. Hope all is well!