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  1. Good to hear positive reports on Seneca! John-hope all is well!
  2. Sorry to hear! Best wishes on getting boat fixed quickly. Some people have no brains! Hope they are caught.
  3. Thanks for the post. Great to see some good news on Seneca.
  4. Thx for your inquiry. I will give you a call late morning /early afternoon. Dave
  5. Used once, Rochester area, local transactions, PM me with cell phone, qty = 1 thanks. $65
  6. I owned a1720cc. In fact I think the same exact boat Irish 1-3 owned. Good boat!
  7. Nice John. I haven't even gotten my boat wet yet this year. Hope all is well!
  8. Pink line-on-made or limonade
  9. I really enjoyed your post about your boats. I am looking forward to your posts about fishing. I don't get out fishing as often as I'd like so I'll enjoy my passion for boats and fishing through others.
  10. Nick I am all for helping Sampson marina. It is very disappointing to hear the state wants to close the marina down. Perhaps a separate thread focusing on this topic would make sense. I believe you started a petition thread in the past. I don't get out to fish that often but would really like to contribute to the Sampson marina cause.
  11. Nice response lakebound! it is very disappointing to hear how uninformed and / or biased the media can be.
  12. Just a thought. Take a look at the new robalos. Very dry ride. Very high gunnels. Front entry through center console for portapotti. Awesome boat. I have the 180. Rides and looks like a 20 footer.
  13. Thanks again. The setup using 50#mono is awesome. Much nicer to deal with. No pigtails and less chance of break offs.
  14. Nice report. I fished north end. Not much luck . Solid hit first 10 minutes. I should have stuck to east side . Not much on screen on west side . I think I was a running lures a bit too deep. I used fishhawk td after the fact. Was to eager to fish and put lines in first. Laziness never pays off!
  15. We are renting a house starting 8/1 thru 8/8 about 3 miles north of Sampson. I guess I'll see firsthand if the northenders have a slight advantage over the southenders and middlers!!! I'm always up for a mulligan. I am hoping to fish most early mornings before the family gets up and going. I will use the 'hot spots' map for areas to try. If anyone has other suggestions on starting points or thoughts in the north end it would be kindly appreciated. Thanks and see you on the water. Stay safe! Dave
  16. Thanks for the feedback. Copy and paste is a wonderful thing and then just update. Not trying to make anybody look bad. I wish my reels were always wound as tight as as I am!!! Thanks again!
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