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  1. Oh gotcha. Yes a west wind for Mexico tends to bring more rough waters. Which makes sense. Good luck out of your port! Nice!!! Looks beautiful out there!
  2. I’ve actually had better luck out of Mexico with an E/NE wind than west. Matter a fact my best days were E days, worst were W days. I know the saying but apparently I defy it haha
  3. I’ll go out Sunday evening. Camping on the Redfield reservoir all weekend
  4. Made it out around noon to 4. Lake was just calming before we headed in. Beautiful day. 2/3 with the 12# laker. Kiddo reeled it in until his back started hurting. Also caught a fat 15” brown, and the miss was likely a similar size brown. Laker caught on a black UV with green dots stinger, brown caught on Sodus point buckeye, miss was on a carbon 14. All mags. As others noted, at 40-50’, between the point and the plant, my screen was loaded with fish. They just didn’t like what I offered. Fished at 2.7 gps speed. Laker was caught flatlined outside board 125’. Brown caught on a mini diver on inside board 30’ back from board. Miss was on a rigged down 20. Was a blast. Launch parking lot was packed. Nice to see so many boats out too. I’m sure some of you saw me. I tried to be kind to everyone and not force anyone in or our.
  5. Frankly you haven’t missed much. Min 5’ chop for pretty much two weeks straight 😡
  6. I have not noticed any backlog, however keep in mind the most traffic time (weekends) has not been fishable (lake too rough) for the small boat guy. I anticipate Saturday to be extremely busy. People have been kind and patient 100% in my experience. I’ll be out Saturday too!
  7. Lol what the heck. I’ve got ice buildup too. I thought it was middle of May 🤷‍♂️🤔
  8. I doubt many people have been out of Mexico lately. Wave forecast is not friendly lately. If you do get out, Ray Charles can see the mudline.
  9. I have run and caught them in other lakes with a flasher spoon combo but I don’t use that for Lake O. I run 30lb big game with a barrel swivel to 30lb flouro tipped with a snap directly to the spoon. Most guys prob don’t run this heavy but can’t be too careful.
  10. I hope you have rain gear. Personally for me this time of year is tough (though I’m on the salmon river end of the lake, which is the opposite end) They could be in shallow, and they could be out deeper. They also could bite any setup- meat, flies, spoons but spoons should be your primary run, with one meat rig and one flasher fly combo. If you can run six rods, I’d run your meat on a rigger deep, your fly combo on a diver halfway down to bottom and the rest spoons. But it will change day to day. Watch your fish finder to locate em. If you want to target lakers, know that most electronics will not mark them since they’re so close to bottom. Be be safe and good luck!
  11. Not to mention the last two weeks of 25mph winds and constant 10’ waves haha
  12. What do you think the kings will do, if anything at all, with the warmup this week?
  13. Nice that guy is a beaut! We attempted around 3:30 but the lake was too choppy so I just went home 🥺
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