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  1. Yes it is a four stroke. No smoke and no mixing oil and gas.
  2. The guys that picked my sorry a$$ up we’re about as chill as could be. Once they learned I am military they got even more laid back. Their boat is insanity, twin diesels and build like a literal tank. My knee learned that real quick haha still got the scar!
  3. That coast guard boat brings back bad memories. glad everyone was ok
  4. A good rule of thumb is 1# per 10’ down. I rarely go lower than 90’ so 10# suffices for one rigger and the other is typically parked at 65’, 8# ball. I prefer using two different weights to offset blowback according to the depths. FWIW, I use 4# balls for browns, since it’s only down 10’ to 20’. I also have had my 10# down to 130, like was said above, I can see the ball on my graph.
  5. I can get you a pic of the stamp tomorrow. Long shaft, does not have charging.
  6. The merc needed a new carb. Installed and runs great. Cold start is 4 pulls, as noted in the below video. Warm start is 1 pull. New price $1500 as it runs exactly how it should. In no rush to sell because I could very well just keep it as my backup. I have the old carb as well and the receipt for the work done by Ralph at salmon country. 315 506 8185 text ben IMG_0172.MOV
  7. Mexico. Engine is in salmon country for full repair until further notice. Likely just a jets cleaning according to Ralph. Will have receipts to show.
  8. For sale is a kicker I got with my new boat and was told it hasn’t been run since 2017. Put new plugs in it, changed oil and gear lube, turns over but I cannot get it to run. Likely needs a carb clean. Does not have charging, manual start. Looking to get $1000 for it. It’s clean. Selling due to buying an efi version. I’m not a carb guy. 87 pounds. Comes with fuel line with adaptor.
  9. Man ya know I think I might. I’m not sure I’ll put her back on Lake Ontario but we do a Canada weeklong trip up to lake Bryson and the offshore is perfect for that. I’m thinking the 15hp kicker I buy for the Grady would be fine for that week. Not gonna win any races but that lake doesn’t get rough and speed is not an issue. changed the lower unit oil in the kicker so stopped up to salmon country. The tech told me he thinks mercury will lend a generous hand in the repair of the 90. I’ll keep you all posted. In the past, when I had troll control problems on the lake, Mercury jumped through hoops to get me on track and actually assisted me on the phone while I was on the water fishing. Turns out the smart gauge needed a reboot. 😂💯
  10. I agree. 8” white echip atomic white meat rig is my best. I don’t even use any other size, and spin doctors catch zero for me. 🤷‍♂️ Though I know they work for other people
  11. Interesting revelation. With all the rain we’ve had, the boat has retained water up to the floor. I never removed the plug since the accident. No water came in through unwanted holes or cracks.
  12. Yep I jumped on it because I knew someone would if I didn’t. The seller took me for a spin and while I dislike two strokes, the 175 runs good and it has a kicker. The boat is in great shape too. He told me he had a line of guys waiting but still gave me twenty four hours of immunity to decide because I wanted to think it through.
  13. Thanks guys. I’m glad there’s positivity out of it! here’s the new Grady! Terrible pic but it’s what I’ve got so far. I feel like that guy who’s trying to sell a boat and posts terrible or no pics lol
  14. Hi all- again, I appreciate all the kind words and what not. I’ve stepped away from the reports here for a minute and took some time to get right. I came to the conclusion that I’d rather not live my life on my knees, and debated on taking the dozen or so of you up on a tag along ride. Thank you all who offered. It’s a nice reminder that there is decent Americans left in 2020. By happen chance, I had the opportunity to jump on a 20’ Grady white in prestine condition from a gentleman on Oneida lake. So I will be picking her up tonight! that said, I don’t think I can keep my boat for multiple reasons. I likely will be selling my depth finder, and anything else I can pull off it that I know works. I will be keeping the 90 with the intention to put it on the Grady, tho it will be under powered. I care not. The Grady has a pull start 2012 merc kicker, no charging and I’d consider selling that if anyone has interest. It has less than ten hours on it and hasn’t been run in three years other than winterizing and spring startup. I’ll be selling the boat trailer, which is a 2017 single axle, weighs 583 and has a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. I paid $2400 for it brand new. However, if you want the trailer, you’re getting the boat. I cannot separate unless I sell the boat and tow it out to the new owner. The boat can definitely be repaired by the right metal worker. It has a 17 gallon fuel tank that was $350 new. I managed to save my fishawk, batteries, switch, tracks, riggers and three rod holders. Lost every single one of my rods/reels tho. I will be posting pictures of everything when I can pull it off and confirm it all works. If you’re interested in anything, pm me. I have a couple guys who have already informed me they’d be interested in stuff. what I’ll do is post the link to anything I’m selling here as well as in the classifieds so you all will be notified. Similarly, I’ll be in the market for electric riggers and poles/reels. I saved my spoon holder and tackle box with flies/flashers/rigs. I’m not in much hurry to buy anything as the season is winding down and now I have to build a barn lol thanks to all again. It’s been a tough exact month. I managed to get on an Adirondack lake in a 14’ boat to get my legs back from under me.
  15. Thanks guys. I’ve got her back on the trailer with the help of the winch, a tractor and a car jack. I don’t have time to get it anywhere this year tho. I’m always looking for another project. I’m glad there’s a few positives out of the whole thing.
  16. Pretty much no matter what I’d be parking a white meat rig with white flasher at 90’. id start at 100’ and troll out leaning toward the plant from Mexico point. Go to about 250-300 and see what marks you get and adjust to the best depth. I run two high spoons (typically wonder bread and green emerald) about 20’ down on boards. Then dipsey rods flasher flies and meat rigs on riggers. again, white MR with white flasher out fishes every other bait I have 3:1.
  17. If the floor is all that needs to be replaced, why sell as a parts boat? Are the stringers shot too?
  18. Thanks LB. the engine is like new, and I don’t think it’ll take much for her to be back on the water. I think the boat is 100% totaled tho. Breaks my heart.
  19. Thank you for your story. I hope everyone recovered from your accident. Here’s some pics of the boat as it stands. Plus a pic of the jacket worn by the 9 year old
  20. Plug was in the whole time. Let me reiterate- my boat is not a normal size aluminum. It’s very much so big water ready. It’s the smallest aluminum made specifically for the ocean. I’ve been getting a lot of guys telling me the boat wasn’t ready for big water. It was, and has been for the past few years. Well. Now it’s scrap but lol
  21. I was part of the iboats forum during the build and there were a few guys with the same boat that had no issues with the same motor. That said I almost got the 70 yami because it was a full 100# lighter. I don’t have a kicker and actually just recently moved the battery to the front so both batteries and gas tank (20 gal) were in the front.
  22. The article is incorrect in saying the boat ran aground at 30’. The 30’ is where I swam the boat to. That’s what was reported by the coast guard. Tho the damage to the prop and the skag could have occurred upon the recovery I suppose.
  23. You’re welcome. It was about 75 that night and I completely lost my voice within 20 minutes and I was only yelling to the other three every five minutes or so. You lose your voice much quicker than you think.
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