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  1. That’s great lol I grew up on the river and caught a bunch since they stock it. Used to hit them with the fly rod pretty hard, couldn’t keep em off. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks! The rows of teeth gave it away too. What’s the smallest Atlantic folks have caught? I’d like to know!
  3. Went 5/7 off catfish creek. 41* water was highest we found. Nothing huge. All legal fish. I initially thought the fish below was an Atlantic but I’m not 100% sure. What do you guys think? I know it’s a hot topic... tail perfectly square tells me it’s a brown.
  4. 46 is high compared to what I witnessed Wednesday at catfish creek. We saw 41 at the highest temp, nice catch and glad you guys missed each other!
  5. This is what I use, I run an 19’ aluminum boat so I can’t go out every time. https://polar.ncep.noaa.gov/waves/viewer.shtml?-glwu-latest-hs-ontario-
  6. Nice catch Legacy! Looks like a ton of fun! Can you elaborate on how the rod/reel was lost? Could be a great lesson learned for us new guys!
  7. Saw you out there- nice boat! I was the older black Starcraft with a red stripe, 90 merc. We went 0/2 lol beautiful browns! See you around
  8. Sorry man, they did seem picky. We had a double header at about 10 otherwise not much action!
  9. We ended up going 1/4, couple line breaks. It’s beautiful out there, good luck!!!
  10. Lake has 1’ chop to it. Reading 66* on surface, we are 0/1. All boats at mouth of the river. Minimal marks
  11. What is your process for catching/releasing staging kings? Reason I ask is because most times once the king reaches the boat it is almost dead. I'm talking about the mature kings specifically.
  12. LB- Last friday we caught our 22" brown in 80 FOW 45' down. No idea what he was doing there. Off a rigger with FF, green setup. I know things change rapidly but if that's any information that is useful to you or anyone else, go for it. Accidentally caught him when fishing for kings. I am a little less traditional with my six rod setup- my planer board rods are actually set up for shallow kings, i use a size 2 tadpole with FF or Flasher spoon combo. I can usually get them down 25-30', so i figure it would be good for rainbow or browns. I haven't caught anything on them since July though. I feel wrong not having 6 rods out lol Next year they will be copper setups i think. Good luck!
  13. I was surprised we caught a couple chrome Kings, but a couple in full dark staging color. Why is that? Does it mean the chrome fish are freshly in shallow?
  14. Limited out today with 4 kings, a brown and a coho. Most down 60’, FF on riggers and dipseys. Seemed like everyone was catching fish!
  15. Thanks! We are doing better than average for sure. So you know, on that track you can see my two rod pods. The one closest to the boat is a planer board rod (which i use a tadpole diver in conjunction with, getting me down ~30', the middle pod holds a dipsey rod on setting 2, then my riggers. I've not had any tangle problems. Good luck to you.
  16. My boat is very similar to yours and last year i had my riggers of the back, straight out. I hated it because it crowded the back of the boat when netting a fish. This year i moved them toward the front about 2', and have them angled at a 45 from directly back. Here is my setup. You can see the old marine plywood where they used to be. Now they are on a track. Good luck!
  17. Welcome Fishon, i'm around the river all the time if you need any news! Good luck!
  18. Beautiful boat Walt, like many have said, thank you for your service. Your boat is about perfect size and i can see why you'd buy that brand new. Good luck to you!
  19. Welcome- you've caught some beauties! Good luck to you. Decoy - your boat name is absurd lol Both boats are beautiful!
  20. Opal- welcome! Your boat is very nice! However, i do have you beat in the Year department- mine is a 1969 lol the nymph and the Offshore were not that different. Good luck to you.
  21. some more pics of my boat and I, plus my buddy below.
  22. Ah, ok. So by law you don’t have to have one of your vessel is under 20m, but if you do have a radio, you need to be monitoring 16 when not communicating?
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