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  1. Yes tomorrow looks ok, just east winds unfortunately.
  2. I think maybe these two are not a positive at all, you may find. When end I first started, I ran braid dipseys. I now run wire dipseys and mono/flouro on everything else. I use braid as backing for my copper setups tho.
  3. I can think of one- the braid will not degrade in the sunlight. The strength is a plus.
  4. You can use that. Not really sure why you’d use a 100’ leader. The braid will not stretch so although it is strong, it will not be very forgiving at all. If a salmon takes a rip and your drag is not set properly, it’s going to snap the line rather than stretch at all. Keep that in mind. I do not think you’ll find many guys use braid on riggers. Plus the fleas will be bad with braid.
  5. How did you lose your board? Perhaps some of the newer members can learn what not to do lol
  6. Educate me guys- a bowfin and a gobie are different right? As I understand the bowfin seems to be a mud fish, do they pose any threat to alewives or any baitfish that would impact salmon/steelhead/brown population? Or are they just kinda doing their own thing, minding their own business?
  7. I haven’t caught one of these things yet. They remind me of the Ling we used to catch up in Canada. Very eel like
  8. I’ve had the fleas be just bad enough to be noticeable but not bad enough to clog lines from Mexico to Oswego.
  9. Thanks for the report! Very nice job. Were you entered in the tourney?
  10. Had the same thing last night. Same thing. Couldn’t get a bite if I offered em money.
  11. Nice sorry you can’t get on them. I went on oneida this morning and caught a limit of walleyes!
  12. I have hit 70 with 250 out in my wire rod. Actually got hung up. I do not know how much further I could go. Surface speed was 2.7, but I don’t know the down speed. If it was under 2 down there, I think it could. Ive never heard of someone hooking a FH to their dipsey, that’s creative. for my spread, the mags are overkill but I see the appeal. My riggers are the deep runners, my dispseys are usually for 65 and 55. So for me particularly, I don’t need anything more.
  13. Thanks. Needless to say we did not let the lamprey go quite as alive as he was when he came aboard 🤷‍♂️👍
  14. I get confused when people say “sandy” and Braddocks together when there’s sandy pond too
  15. Then that’s what my money is on. In the event that I don’t have eyes on my riggers 100% of the time, I’ll actually turn down the drag stiffness to sacrifice a large rod load up in the rigger for exactly this reason.
  16. One more thing- when filleting that salmon, his fillets looked like a mid September fillet. Very deteriorated I thought. To note, he did have a large lamprey on him. What would cause this? Here’s my list of possibilities: 1.) he’s been in very shallow and warm water 2.) it’s the way they are this time of year 3.) he’s old as hell 4.) he prematurely wanted to spawn
  17. Nice laker! How was the drag set on your rigger? If it was stiff, a screaming salmon could very easily wipe your whole set. What line broke? Mono, flouro? Another possibility is it crossed another taught line. When two lines under pressure cross, they will break extremely easy. Lake O claimed another set, sorry buddy ha been there and will again it happens
  18. We only caught one more, 15” king lol but we slid in a bit on the troll back home and started hitting good marks at 80FOW down ~75
  19. I haven’t used mags in a while. They’re very much so overkill to me. I use the regular ones with my wire rods
  20. Thank you. I don’t know where the wave forecasters get their info, but there’s been 2-3’ waves all night. I’m waiting for it to settle down
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