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  1. Yes youre right, fortunately it’s 7 miles from doorstep to launch for me so I think I’m OK.
  2. It wasn’t so busy that you had to wait. Just had a more full parking lot than I would have thought. You know when the browns are biting when the lot is full. Btw, when we came back to the launch around 6 on last Wednesday (also full lot then too) my truck was the only one in the parking lot. I think a lot of folks go from like 10am-3pm
  3. We have a camp in speculator, last year did the Indian lake tournament and had 42 tip ups out all day with no flags. Couldn’t even get a wind trip lol
  4. I eat Lakers. Growing up dad pulled copper in various Adirondack lakes and they are delicious. Out of Lake O I will only smoke them though, mainly due to the sheer size we get there. The dacks lakers we always just a bit bigger than legal.
  5. Ha! Downstate definitely has problems. Oswego county (location of Mexico and pine grove launches) has had minimal exposure to Covid-19. I can tell you yesterday the launch was very busy.
  6. I don’t think anyone will be staying off the lake due to the stay at home order. Lol could be wrong I suppose
  7. Very nice, appreciate you sharing what worked! How fast do you need to go to get those stickbaits to have action?
  8. Did you ever find water warmer than 36? That would have helped. We did well two days ago but when the water temp was less than 39.5 we didn’t have a hit.
  9. Ha it’s tough this time of year. The wave forecast is calling for sustained 5’ waves until Sunday 👎 not easy since you travel so far!
  10. Hey guys- got the boat out for the first time of 2020. Started out between Mexico point and catfish creek. Went 9-9. Largest was 9lb smallest was 6lb of the ones we kept. Released 4 all 16” fish. Caught them on purple clown, wonderbread, black widow, and some various other green dotted spoons whose names escape me. All stingers. Going 2.7-2.8 in 40F water. Riggers and planer boards. The fishing is hot! Saw some fellow boaters out there, did my best to stay clear of you all.
  11. Nice! Do you have any pics of the hardtop / canvas for your boat, or where you bought it?
  12. Nice job guys! Hate being that guy, but lifejackets are required!!!
  13. I rebuilt my entire 18’ Starcraft. What are you looking to do? Epoxy? Valspar? Fiberglass? Or just marine plywood riveted?
  14. Nice low baller, we refrained from fishing this morning as reports had serious waves yesterday. Might try tomorrow morning but I’m not sure yet. Good luck to you! Also, consider pine grove. The bigger boats are hitting bottom there so perhaps it will have less traffic in the morning, and your boat is small enough to scoot right over the shallow water 😊
  15. Nice. This thread has turned more into a swivel class lol which is great. Honestly I just get the largest ones I can find. I’m glad to learn more about a simple piece of tackle that I’ve never really paid attention to. One charter captain told me to avoid the swivel with the pointed end vs. having a round end because it lets the spoon wobble more freely as opposed to being reduced to one point at the swivel. What do you guys think?
  16. Thanks guys. I’ll keep an eye out on those swivels! Safe travels up, low baller!
  17. Also had this happen, which continues my incredibly bad luck with tackle. Salmon broken off an NBK spoon at the swivel. This is a true story and the second time it’s happened on two seperate batches of swivels.
  18. Changed it up a bit. Took off from Mexico point at 1:30, launch was packed. Headed north towards sandy pond and enjoyed the beach til about 5:30. Then took off, out directly to the plant until about 75’. Ran a spoon pattern plus one meat rig, one flasher/fly. Ended up 2/3, 14# king and 9# laker. King on nbk spoon on dipsey 180’ out in 95’, laker on glow white flasher/white meat rig on rigger 79’ down in 79’ fow. Not a glorious night but its my first laker. Growing up, that’s all we fished for so he is special to me!
  19. Yup trailer her up! What’s the alternative?
  20. Nice, that’ll save me money big time. Except now I’ll jist spend it on other gear lol
  21. I was concerned with maybe the scent of the specific herring species but I guess I’m overthinking it.
  22. Dumb question but do you guys think if you caught a bunch of shiners in the river and filleted them and put them on a meat rig much like we do with herring, you’d get the same result??
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