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  1. Thanks, hoping to get out Monday,I’m not available before then!
  2. This was a difficult thread to read. Being a newer operator on Lake O I’ll say this opened my eyes and I immediately rearranged my boat to make life saving devices more reachable in the tragic event things turn bad. I’ve always been conservative with the weather though since my boat is smaller. Even though there’s money involved in tournaments, competitive fishing is not worth lives. There’s always tomorrow or next year or whatever. RIP Mr. Hazel, and though I didn’t know him, I do hope that Mr. Kelley finds the ability to fish again when he’s ready if he chooses. Be safe out there.
  3. Thanks guys. Not many pics right now, I have more on Monday. You won’t have any trouble recognizing me!
  4. Hey all, new member. Names Ben, newer to salmon fishing, two seasons. Live in Mexico, NY, typically launch from Wright’s, Mexico point, pine grove or green point depending on the season. Grew up on the salmon river. Operator of a 19’ open bow black/red Starcraft offshore V, 1969 rebuilt with a tan Bimini, 90 hp merc (2017). Largest salmon is 27lb., caught a few browns each year and enough salmon to keep me coming back. Thanks for all the reading you all provide and reports; I’ll try to do the same!
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