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  1. Nice that guy is a beaut! We attempted around 3:30 but the lake was too choppy so I just went home 🥺
  2. I’ll be honest, the first time I salmon fished with my boat was only a few years ago. I had mentioned to my buddy I didn’t want to go out more than a mile. Well after trolling for hours (not sure why my stupid self didn’t do some math) I was like 9 miles offshore haha now I carry a trolling motor as backup, although my merc only has 345 hours on it. That was only with two riggers. The following year I got two boards and two dipseys. Then I just finally got a pair of wire dipseys last week lol now I can run 10 rod spreads
  3. I’ve been trying like crazy to justify a bigger boat. My offshore is 19’ with very high sides as it was the smallest aluminum built specifically for the ocean. I rebuilt the thing, transom, floors, new outboard etc. and it serves me very well.
  4. Dude yesterday was the first time I went out and got nothing. The water wasn’t as clear yesterday as it was two weeks ago. But the water temp was far better in front of Mexico point. I think it was 53* there va 44* toward the plant. 40’ is the only depth I really marked even a couple fish, they were down around 35 or so. I think I woulda been better off sticking to the river mouth. I’m still learning and trying to adapt. I don’t think your boat was in danger in any way, more that it didn’t look very enjoyable haha especially if your first mate isn’t sure how to run the motor or rods.
  5. Lol no **** haha let me rephrase *i likely wouldn’t have been out there in a boat smaller than mine. Haha apologies if we got too close, we kinda got pinched between you guys and another boat. Hey if it works it works, you did far better than me. Must be your truck was the last one in the lot? Mine was second to last. Got real choppy at the end of the night. meant no disrespect, you guys did awesome!!! I’ll see team red again soon
  6. Perhaps I was going too fast. I know the saying but my experience this year has been west winds the fish bite the least, east winds the best lol I woulda changed lures more often but it was just me my gf and her 8 yo son so that combined with the rollers restricted me a bit.
  7. Ain’t that the truth. Thought about you today because “team red” as the gf dubbed them, was out in a boat similar to yours. 16’ red Lund that was not even close to adaquate for the conditions. They got turned around and tangled I’m pretty sure. Poor guys. If they’re on this forum they’ll know it’s them I’m talking about.
  8. Well I report the good and the bad. Went out around 4 today lake flat. Started between the point and catfish creek got my 6 rods in the water and then the wind picked up. 3’ rollers in my boat kinda sucks. Trolled all the way to the bouys by the plant and not even a mark. Went from 10-60’. It’s like they disappeared. Oh well. I’ve had such good luck this year I cannot complain, plus it was a beautiful night. Lost $10 on a bet that we’d catch one fish to an 8 year old tho hahahha
  9. 😡😡😡 so upset at myself! I have to take my gf and her 8 year old son at some point. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be flat but it doesn’t look good.
  10. Wow very nice! Dang I took the bike down to Mexico point right at 11 and there were white caps so I didn’t even consider bringing my boat but now I’m upset at myself since you said it laid down!
  11. Lol. Someone’s not relaying to the rest of us wth is going on at Wright’s...
  12. Are they making repairs or what’s going on there?
  13. Regulation questions- I’m likely going to have myself (licensed), another adult (also licensed) and two kiddos aged 8 and 10 out Saturday. Do the kids need a license? The reg states I believe that they don’t, however can I legally fish 9 rods in this scenario? Or only 6? Thanks, the reg gets cloudy to me on this one
  14. I’ve wondered about this a lot. Typically I keep anything poorly hooked (that’s legal) and fish I think I can get a nice fillet off of. Basically anything over 21”. I’ve released a lot, but mainly Browns. I’ve never released a laker on my boat as I’ve only caught two (9lb and 12lb). I wish em luck and typically will not put my hands on my releasable fish.
  15. Welcome, beautiful fish and that boat is awesome. Nice work, please keep posting reports!
  16. I’ve researched this quite a bit because it made no sense to me. If you run a 450 and a 350, the first 350’ of the 450 is running deeper than the lure on your 350 which is why you run your 350 on the outside. My guess in your situation is your fish rose to the surface quickly or your lines were far enough apart. Perhaps the two lines are similar enough too. A 100 is far more shallow than the 300. I’ve read it will break and clipping copper is not a good idea. Search on google “for the love of copper Ontario” and one of the members posted everything you’d ever want to know about copper.
  17. If it were just mono, you’d be right. Since it’s copper, the 100 will stay shallower than the 300, so if a fish hit the 100 I should be able to bring him over the 300 without issue.
  18. You’re right about the launch but I don’t think people are getting that hint. Haha I can’t imagine what a nice overcast 65* calm day would mean for people launching their boat early in the morning. There’ll be about a trillion people trying to fish. It’s just a dumb idea no matter how you look at it imo
  19. Yea I’ve ran 9 before for Browns on my boat so I’m sure that won’t be an issue. I can’t run a 350 on my walleye boards I don’t think so I’m limited to 300 unless I get new boards which I don’t want/need to. I’ll give some more thought to the core. The ten gets you to what 40’? So the two color must be like 8’?
  20. Hey guys- I’m only on my fifth season or so and I’m about to expand my arsenal. My typical crew is me and one or two other licensed individuals. So we usually run six rods, two riggers, two dipseys on 2 settings and one inline board on either side, equipped with either a mini diver or tadpole with a stinger spoon. I’m going to purchase my first copper setups. From my research here, I’m going to get two 300s and two 100s. Main target for 300 is salmon, steelhead for the 100s. From outside, in- id run the 100 on inline board, 300 on an inline board, dipsey then rigger per side. My boat is 19’ and can accomadate such a setup. For salmon and steelhead, what do you think? I’m pretty sold on the 300s but are the 100s what you’d run for steelhead, or would you run a different length? I understand time of year plays a role and will make the ideal length vary, but since I don’t have the money to get every length, give me the two you’d get if you were in my shoes. Thanks
  21. Thanks LB, your time will come. Upstate NY will likely be back open before the rest of the state so make sure you’re ready!! The ramp has two lanes (which you likely knew) one is barricaded off but the other is open and anyone with a smaller boat (22’ or less) can launch two at a time side by side. There was an older couple that was in front of me with a shallow 14’ boat that were a bit slower but I didn’t have anyone behind me so I patiently waited until the gentleman got his truck parked before I launched. I felt bad enough they were about to go on the lake in 2-3’ waves with their boat. 🤢 launching side by side two at a time totally defeats the purpose of the barricades and frankly I do not have a clue which brilliant individual thought blocking one lane was necessary. Thanks for the compliment! Side note- they need to do some serious work on the ramp itself. There’s a couple huge ledges and potholes right where the pavement meets the concrete.
  22. Dang nice job. I haven’t caught an April king yet, and won’t this year ha
  23. For some reason, the pics don’t appear for me. Checked other ads and their pics are there. Double check to ensure folks are seeing the pics. I’m also interested.
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