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  1. I’m going out this afternoon; I’ll post what I find!
  2. The state workers told me they are being told to do whatever it takes to keep this launch open. Of course, it’s likely only a matter of time before it can’t be used. I launched and recovered my 19’ boat no issue. Bring knee high boots or crocks. My Tacoma was in 6” of water in the front.
  3. You should be fine Monday depending on what happens today and tomorrow. It’s definitely high but the floating dock is still available as of last night. 1000’ no wake though.
  4. Floating dock only at Mexico point guys.
  5. I’m going to check it tonight to see if they barricade it. State workers yesterday said they’re considering doing so this weekend.
  6. Did you have to move their barricade in order to recover your boat???
  7. I’m not sure it’s normal rainfall, average rainfall in may is 3.25”. Currently we are sitting at 4.15” and only halfway through the month.
  8. As of 3 pm today. Another few inches and it’ll be under water.
  9. So sorry to hear Charlie. Being one of the more younger posters here, your post reminds me of what my grandfather used to say all the time which is that time flies by and before you know it you're physically declining. I've been blessed with good health and I pray that you find the proper treatment, and that it is not serious, to get you back on track, or should I say, the lake!
  10. I'm more of a weekend warrior- scottys manual riggers have worked well for me. Someday i'll get the fancy electric ones. At least i get a good arm workout... In any event, i have a few things from Cannon and like their designs most times, so when i do upgrade, i will probably go Cannon. But i would also like to hear what some of the charter capts have to say as they use them far more than i do.
  11. Nice job hachimo! We went out last night in front of catfish creek and went zero for zero. The fish moved outta the area. Fished 10’ to 40’. Can’t win em all!
  12. Hm interesting. I personally don’t think there’s a population issue though. Most of the other reports here are of people being successful (perhaps some have too much pride to post when they don’t get any ). Plus I’m marking enough to make me think there’s plenty there. Totally open to others’ opinions though. I hope it’s not a population issue!
  13. All the browns i've cleaned are the same way. We caught a rainbow too that was about as anorexic as i have ever seen. The browns looked healthy though.
  14. Wow nice job! is that a weedless hook on the larger spoon? lol
  15. If you've had success in years past, I think it is right to assume you know what you are doing. I think the factors you can control (speed, lures, presentation) we can also assume you're using proper technique. How was the boat traffic? That could play a part. Also consider weather. I've noticed out of Mexico point we either do really well or really poorly. This year has been far more of the former than the latter for me. I know what it's like though, to see some reports of catching 30 in one day; whereas on that same day, I can barely land a single fish. Frustrating. I do not think there is a population problem in the Lake, if that is what is on your mind, and i think most would agree.
  16. This is how I feel too, except with lakers. I must have lake trout repellant on my lures. Can’t seem to catch one and never have out of Lake O.
  17. I’ve had excellent luck in Mexico bay. I think a huge key is boat traffic. Obviously, water color/temp, trolling speed, lure choice all play a role too. Let the forum know what you’re using for bait, presentation, days you go and your trolling speed and we can try to help you out!
  18. Thanks! Launch looks great as of last week. You shouldn’t have any issues. I saw guys with anywhere from driftboats to 26’+ charter boats. They put the docks in two weeks ago. Although it is is pouring here now (I live 5 miles from Mexico point).
  19. Hm. When i got stopped in PG by an ENCON officer, we just had our six fish (1 brown, 5 salmon) laying in the boat at the front in a pile lol he didn't give me grief, only that the fish belonged in a cooler, not out in the sun. I think the law is that if you fish with three guys, limit out with 9 fish, then drop the other two guys off and are caught with 9 fish aboard with only the one licensed person on the boat, you're illegal. It's a good lesson but doesn't apply to me as I am with the guys i fish with from the time i leave my house to the time i come back home.
  20. The reg says that a live fish in the livewell does not count toward the limit. I read that on the DEC statewide regulations. I'm sure someone with more experience can chime in. I'm glad the discussion is happening though because I would hate to see someone get a ticket with no ill-intent. Which, let's be honest, there are a ton of laws so the more education the better. Edit- this is for bass only apparently. page 50 in the NYS fishing guide.
  21. Wow, thank you. That is pretty clear I suppose.
  22. We had the pleasure of catching our 4-man limit of browns last week and one of my crew brought up an interesting point. I should point out that I strictly follow the laws and have no intention of changing that behavior. His question: If we filleted these 12 fish right now, how would a DEC officer know we did not over catch our limit? I've only been stopped once on the lake, at pine grove during the run in Sept.. But let's just say you had a cooler full of fillet's with no proof of only having your legal limit. Could they ticket you or do you think they would judge by the amount of fillets you have? I know if you cross the canadian border you have to have some skin/scales on your fillets to identify the species of the fish. Not sure if the same would apply here. Be curious to know what you all think or have experienced.
  23. I wonder if beavers bite on Michigan Stingers and Stickbaits?
  24. How big? I have a 90hp, think one of these would work?
  25. I actually ended up with a 90 merc 4 stroke for various reasons, and i love the engine for sure. zero problems, designed really well and with a DIY maintainer in mind. I'm sure the Yami engine would be superb as well. Not to get off the topic of the post. I see very few opti's on the lake. Most run yamaha's. I was under the impression they were made more for bass boats..
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