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  1. We didn’t even launch. White caps is a good indication that it’s mot safe for my boat 😢
  2. FF34 has a good point. I would say a dipsey on a 3 setting would also be outside the cone. Remember that fish can see what’s above them far better than what’s below them. For that reason, I like to put the bait about 3’ above the marks, if I can get that accurate. I also think scent makes a huge difference
  3. Exactly this. I don’t use a fish hawk because it’s just not worth the extra few fish it would catch me for the cost. Rarely have I gone out and not marked a consistent depth they’re at. Especially end of August. What I can’t do is measure the speed of my lure at that depth. Oh well. I don’t think this to be the case with the technology we have now. I think a recent depth finder marks the fish if they’re there, especially when talking about king salmon and their size. My opinion. Over the last few years I’ve had success with minimal gear, perseverance and the help from generous people on this site. I wouldn’t over think it. Keep it simple. And keep it safe. That time of year is when people go out at all costs to catch a fish and lives are lost because of it.
  4. End of August I’d vote pine grove. Depends on where the fish are. If they’re still out reasonably deep, mexico is where to go. As stated above, pine grove at 9pm recovering your boat will take a while and likely will be a line of guys recovering. Good luck
  5. I had a meat rig, flasher and mag dipsey all snap off on me last week. There goes $50worth of gear. I felt terrible. If the fish still had the setup hooked to it’s mouth, there’s no way even a brute salmon will be able to feed or even hold up a mag dipsey. Unless it comes unhooked, he couldn’t live long. Last sept we hooked a leadcore bundle, along with a flasher fly plug and slide diver. Lol someone was not pleased with that situation. Growing up on the river, you’d see fish pass by with hooks and eggs everywhere, mainly the tail. Pretty sad.
  6. Nice thanks. I have a 18.5’ boat so I like it when it’s “not bad” lol
  7. I thought it would be calm today. How bad was it? I’m going out this afternoon.
  8. Good luck sir. Do you use those big spoons in the picture this time of year?
  9. No problem- seems as though they were out in deeper water!
  10. 0/0, fish were 100’ from 130’ to 220’. Marked them but no takers. There was a strong population at 100’ too. Hoping for better luck next time!
  11. Wow that is awesome, nice job! What are you loooking for as far as depth/temp to target browns this time of year?
  12. Thats true. I tend to forget how huge the lake is!
  13. Mexico Bay has been on fire for me. Morning and night.
  14. Nice. That’s what I’m going to do from now on.
  15. I thought about doing that. When I went to fat nancys (feels like I’m there twice each week) they only had 20#. If they had 600# flouro I woulda bought that
  16. Where do you get 30# flouro? I’ve looked everywhere. I live in Mexico.
  17. It was a beautiful night; nice fish and quality family time!
  18. Just when you think you’ve got this whole salmon fishing thing down. Ive been fortunate to catch 2-3 everytime I’ve gone out since mid June. Not tonight. We trolled from 90’ to 160’. 130’ was the depth we found to be productive. Went 0/7 with 3 break offs (!) and 4 weak hook sets. I’m running 30lb big game and 20lb seagar flouro. Been doing this for a few years and I’ve never seen anything like what happened to us last night. As funny as it is, it’s still sad that there’s some fish out there with my flasher fly setups and a meat rig set. 3 of the fishes surfaced and looked to be around 15-20lb. Flasher fly anything green “took” them. Lol. Also white flasher white meat rig has always been my hot producer took one almost immediately and is somewhere in Lake Ontario currently... speed 2.70. I don’t have a fish hawk so idk about at the ball. Hooked fish with a mag dipsey, tadpole/planer 120’ set, rest were riggers. 110’ and 60’ sets. good of luck to you guys! It was nice talking to the solo runner we met at the launch last night at 10!
  19. Lol . Funny story. I was fishing the reservoir and thought I saw a trump 2036 banner
  20. Brand new, stickers still on them. Never been on a rim. Selling because I bought the wrong size. $750 for the set.
  21. Mexico has been tough for me as well since the browns slid out. My stories are very similar to Del’s. Lots of bait pods though 60-130 feet, they’re sometimes stretching 40’ top to bottom. Good luck. If the lake lays down today or tomorrow I’ll be out there! They’ll move in at some point!!!
  22. Have you guys seen the new caddy shack fly? I bought a UV purple/silver flasher with it. Before that purchase, everything I run is green glow or UV. Aside from my white/silver flasher UV with a white meat rig. Which has consistently caught the biggest fish on my boat.
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