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  1. I have (2) Scotty #257 rod holders for sale along with (4) Scotty Rocket Launcher rod holders. These are brand new, never used. Asking $90 for everything plus buyer pays shipping.
  2. For sale (2) brand new 12 lb pancake DR weights. One of the weights has a damaged eye that was done when shipped to me. I straighten it out and it should work just fine. Asking $50 for the pair plus shipping
  3. Ok. Wish me luck! Going to work on it this weekend. Will post along the way. again, thanks so much for all your advice!
  4. I definitely appreciate all your help with this. So here is a pic of inside wall of the boat. There is about 10" or so from the top of the storage locker to the gunnel. So, if I am understanding the posts, you would remove the leather portion and cut out the metal backing. Then just replace the backing with sheet screws. Is this correct? Thanks again!
  5. Thanks again for all the responses. I am thinking this is a job for a professional to do. I don’t think this is a DIY project for me.
  6. This is the only pic i have right now. It appears there are nuts in the bottom of these rubber bushings. I will take more pics later on to show the entire side walls. This is how the old dowriggers were mounted to the gunnel ( previous owner mounted them). It appears there is a hollow spot ( 6") from the top of the gunnel to the foam layer. There is probably another 4" or so from the foam to the storage locker. There is no access to hollow portion between top of the gunnel and the foam. I don't want to be that guy that loses everything overboard! That's i am asking the pros on here on what to do. Thanks again for the responses.
  7. That is the problem I am having is it is full of foam. I guess I would have to drill a small hole to see if the foam occupies the entire space. NymphO - Where are you suggesting putting the fender washers? Thanks for all the responses.
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