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  1. Thanks for all the advise. Now if the weather will just cooperate! We will be up there from Thursday to Monday. I will try to post daily on how it’s going.
  2. We are headed up to lake O Thursday and going to be staying on North Sandy Pond. This is our first time fishing this area an would like to reach out to the LOC for any advise for newbies to this part of the lake. We have fished out of Oswego in the past, so we are not newbies to the lake. Any advice that you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Do u recommend 7 strand or 19 strand for dipsey? I am running Magda 30 reels. Backing?
  4. Looking to upgrade my old Lowrance unit and was looking at the Garmin echo map chirp 73cv with gt22 transducer. I mostly bass fish, but do get up to lake O 4 to 6 times a year. Does any one have and knowledge of this unit? My budget is $700. If there is another unit that might be better I am all ears.
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