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  1. Labguy32

    Lake Oneida

    Heading up Wednesday for 5 days and going to try my hand at walleye fishing. Any tips for a first timer? I will be staying in Brewerton. Thanks in advance!
  2. Anyone out there now? How are the waves? Thinking of heading out in about an hour with a 19 footer.
  3. Heading out in the morning. Send me a PM if u want to work together.
  4. We will be up there this weekend as well. Staying at North Sandy. Will update as we go.
  5. Last day for us.. Fished 6-12:30. Went 4/4 all rainbows. Went out to 165 FOW first thing. Mark nothing. First steelhead was in 147 FOW 75’ down. Bit a Mag DW killer bee on a 10 color. 2nd and third came in 112 FOW 65’ down. Both bit mag big fin tuna spoon. One on a 7 color and one on a rigged. Last one hit a black alewife 98Fow 75’ down. We saw temps from 43 at 90’ to 53 around 75’. We marked a good amount of bait in 108 FOW north of the pond. Saw good marks at 95 on way in today. We were hoping for a king or 2 this week, but any day fishing is better than being at work. it was a decent first trip for us. We learned a few things, but the main thing we learned is we need to learn a lot more. We will be back! Tight Lines!!!!!
  6. Were you marking a lot of fish in 155? Spoon bite?
  7. Day 4..... fished 6 -12. 2/2. One small Atlantic at 90’ over 110 FOW. Marked a little bait and not many fish. Slid out to 150 FOW and found no marks and water temp was mid 40’s down 110. Headed into the shallows around 11 and picked up a brown. Couple days left and still looking for a good fish. Thinking of heading south tomorrow and try that way.
  8. Fished from 9-2 today. 1/1 8 lb laker. Hit a Rasta goose mag spoon down 90 over 110. Marked a few bait pods around 100 fow. We had temps in low 50’s at 90’. We will be out tomorrow again. Channel 71 if you want to work together.
  9. Fish again this morning from 6 - 1130. Did not move a rod again. Fished most of the morning in 200 - 250. Temp was 46.5 about 150’ down. Went out to 330 as well and marked nothing.
  10. Set up by 630 in 115 FOW water. Fish until noon with limited marks. What we did mark were most likely Lakers on the bottom. There were some bait on the bottom. We trIed everything and did not move a rod. Water temp was 61 degrees down 100’. Try again tomorrow!
  11. Up here for the week. Hopefully the fish turn on. Will post how we do as we go. Anyone else up in this area this week?
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