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  1. mpdgonefishin

    for sale : usa Penn Yan 26'

    Is trailer included
  2. mpdgonefishin

    for sale : usa Shoes and corkers

    I can meet you on the 16th...Call me that day or the day before to set something up..thanks Mike 518-488-1076
  3. mpdgonefishin

    for sale : usa Shoes and corkers

    I'll be in Mexico tomorrow afternoon,,I'd like to buy them..518-488-1076..Thanks Mike
  4. mpdgonefishin

    for sale : usa panther T-4

    Do you still have the steering unit?How much?
  5. mpdgonefishin

    Some old, some new rods and combos

    $125 for both leadcore combos??where are you located?
  6. I'll take it Chris,,if not sold
  7. mpdgonefishin

    Wanted First Mate Position

    Sounds like a guy like you might be able to hire yourself out to guys new to fishing and teach some techniques.Id be up for some tips.Good luck in your job search.
  8. If perchlife is interested ,sell it!...I dont want to hold up your sale
  9. I'm riding with someone to the class,dont want to ask them to go 45 mile out of there way,so Ill have to pass, did not realize how far away you were..staying in Ontario Friday night,thanks anyway
  10. firemans field pavilion,3666 latta rd. rochester ny.. the seminar is at 8am this sat..you can call me if you want..5184881076,,,Mike ''Great lakes angler super salmon school''
  11. whats your address ,I will get a check out to you,are you going to seminar or how far from firemans field pavilion are you
  12. will be in Rochester for salmon seminar this month if you still have,,can send money to secure the deal if you want
  13. Next in line after Britty,.can pick up live near Albany..Text me 518-488-1076,,Mike