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  1. Here are some of our highlights from the Amazon River and Jungle. Piranhas, Sloths, tucans, pink dolphins and much more .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMkFswLU95E
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xK5NqE_OMg Highlights from our boys trip to Rio Indio Lodge. We only got 2 tarpon this trip but man do they ever fight hard and jump like crazy. April 08th to the 14th.
  3. A collection of some brook trout I caught this summer on God's River. Amazing views, rapids and big brook trout highlight the gorgeous God's River located in Northern Manitoba. We mostly use shallow divers such as a X-raps or small spoons such as little cleos. We cast into the fast rapids and work around each boulder and eddy. I included some bonus scenes at the end. Thank you for watching.
  4. Can't believe I got this on video. The walleyes on God's River have a really nice and deep gold colour and fight hard since they are in the fast currents all the time. In this video, a walleye is free swimming in the river and hits my small 2-inch brook trout spoon very close to shore. in the second part of the video, I am fishing 3-mile rapids and trying to get some big brookies while this walleye had other plans and took me in the fast currents and broke my rod. Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe.
  5. This is what it looks like when the walleyes bite. This video shows how walleyes react to slow trolling and fast trolling. We were trolling for walleyes using an X-Rap (Rapala). We were fishing in shallow water where the water was not the clearest. This was all shot at Elk Island Lodge on Gods Lake, Manitoba, Canada in less than 2 hours of fishing. Fishing for Walleye on Gods Lake can be incredible. Trolling and jigging work equally well but I prefer trolling. Thank you for watching !! Make sure you subscribe.
  6. Were back!! After a long summer up north here is a video of my big pike. It bit during the middle of July on a yellow bucktail spinner. We were fishing a thick weed bed on Edmund lake, an outpost operated by Elk Island lodge.
  7. had a great weekend. On Saturday I got my brother on some really big pike. Using herring as bait. Here is the video of our day out.
  8. I haven't made many videos the past few months but I did manage to get this amazing tiger trout
  9. Lake Trout Underwater strikes Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when lake trout bite your bait and how they fight underwater. It shows how a lake trout reacts to different speeds. We were trolling for lake trout using a variety of baits including bondy baits, spoons, divers and plugs.
  10. Casting spoons for pike (strike cam) Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when pike bite your spoon. It shows how a pike reacts to a spoon and to different speeds. We were casting for pike using a 2.5 inch lucky strike bait works half wave spoon.
  11. Trophy brook trout Amazing views, rapids and big trophy brook trout highlight the gorgeous river 23.5 inch, 22,5, 22, 20.5 and 20 inch brook trout are the highlights of this video. We mostly use shallow divers such as a xraps or small spoons such as little cleos. We cast into the fast rapids and work around each boulder and eddy. A scenic flight on the beaver makes the day at the river that much more of an experience. Thank you for watching.
  12. I dont know , works when I click it on my laptop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbNM4x9e0MY here is just a plain link of it, might work better
  13. Underwater Walleye strikes video A video showing how walleyes bite and attack crank baits.
  14. Eagle took my fish, up close shot
  15. Lamprey: Not an invasive species in Manitoba where I mostly fish there are 3 native species here but are very rare. Only feed on a host the last year of their lifeDo not kill the host fishThe question should be why wouldn't I throw it back ?? and filmed in Manitoba and we can use salamanders but idk if you can call that a salamander more of a blog of meat lol
  16. fish with a lamprey attached to it New video, caught my first fish with a lamprey on it and also got a 35 inch pike on a salamander.
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