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  1. Eagle took my fish, up close shot
  2. Lamprey: Not an invasive species in Manitoba where I mostly fish there are 3 native species here but are very rare. Only feed on a host the last year of their lifeDo not kill the host fishThe question should be why wouldn't I throw it back ?? and filmed in Manitoba and we can use salamanders but idk if you can call that a salamander more of a blog of meat lol
  3. fish with a lamprey attached to it New video, caught my first fish with a lamprey on it and also got a 35 inch pike on a salamander.
  4. Big pike on tip ups got 3 big pike over 38 inches
  5. My 4 year old brothers first fish (26 inch Walleye) I took my brother fishing this weekend and he caught a beautiful 26 inch walleye. Then I do some more sight fishing for Tiger trout. here's the video :
  6. TIGER TROUT such beautiful fish with amazing patterns
  7. live minnows for Winter Walleyes
  8. They move all the way up to the northern part of lake winnipeg in the summer but yeah trolling for them there by Grand rapids is crazy good
  9. Fishing in Thailand for river monsters.
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