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  1. Gator: This must be amazing experience fishing for the big ones off the cliff. I read further into this topic about their version of "Land Based Game Fishing". Imagine catching a big marlin off the gorge by the genny river!!!
  2. Black Marlin Fishing, Cairns, Australia This is a follow up with photos of my trip to AU. Please enjoy!
  3. Black Marlin Fishing, Cairns, Australia In a nutshell, this is a trip of a lifetime for all fishermen as Australia is home to one of the best of Black Marlin fishing on the planet. Last October, I went with five guys for two weeks of fishing for the black marlin along the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island. The GBR is about 1,300 miles long. We stayed on a live board ship, Beluga http://www.beluga-x.com.au/ and fished on one of the two charters boats with captains Corey Hard http://www.hardcoregamefishing.com.au/ & Sharky Miles http://www.marlin4miles.com.au/ In a period of two weeks, we have caught and released 28 black marlins which comes to an average of one marlin per day per boat! The biggest was about 900 lbs. I was lucky to fight a fish with 750 lbs of meat. The holy grail for marlin fisherman is landing a 1,000 lbs plus black marlin. The blokes called a one thousand lbs plus fish a "Grander". One of my buddies have caught six granders over 15 years of fishing among the group. These boys have fished the same waters for a very long time as I was very fortunate to join them. They do everything different down there. Fishing for live baits in the morning and troll for the marlins after 12 pm. Unlike in our lake, the early morning bites does not apply to Australian at all. Trolling for the black marlins begin after 12 pm and ends at six pm. Some days, one boat did not catch fish while the other landed multiple bites. Word to wise, if you are going to travel on a non stop trip for 14 hours from LAX to Sydney with connecting flight for 4 hours to Cairns, it is good idea to spend at least a week of chartering on a boat with your best friends. I will post pictures in the fishing pictures section. Please feel free to send me pm for tips in case you make the long journey to the land of the down under. I have added links for your convenience and I am not financially associated with these links. IMG_0286.mov
  4. : 750 lbs Black Marlin off Lizard Island, Australia
  5. Excellent advice!! Thanks for sharing!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Good luck. The Browns are out there if not kings Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Thank you for organizing this event. I am definitely in. I like to support American Cancer Society for so many people are suffering from cancer today. Tight lines.
  8. What a great weather we ve had during the Fall LOC derby! I was fortunate to go out fishing everyday the past two weeks. It has been slow fishing during the last weekend of August. After three days of zero catches, we have finally dialed in with the kings and Browns around the water off Rochester. The Kings were found in 40 to 85 fow. Browns are plenty everywhere easy and west of ibay. We have went as far as 450' however I can verify that there are not enough fish to be found. The fish were always right in front of us!!! Fishing has picked up for the last part of the labor day weekend. Not as fast as furious however we worked very hard in the area where bait balls are crowded with hooks in 40 to 80 fow. Most of the Kings are under 25# whole the biggest brown we took reached 12.11#. Dipsey and riggers with atomik flies took most hits from the kings. It was all spoon bites for browns with evil eyes and bright colored lures. A big 12# brown took the cut bait - go figure Even the dipsey 35' out took hit with 22# king. Slow troll was the key with landing the mature kings. It is amazing out there. I want to thank my fellow buddies for fishing with me: Chris Momot, Captain Larry Hammond and Barry Haywood. Tight lines! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Way to go Chad! You have proven that fishing makes for a better father and daughter bonding! Congratulations on the awesome feat. Anthony
  10. Way to go guys! Got to respect the lady for overcoming the king!
  11. Hey Chris, not to worry as I have always said to you that family comes first every time. Look forward to fishing with you next weekend! Thanks to LOU, I am all set with finding a new fishing buddy to fish with during the week. Tight lines everyone! Safe fishing!
  12. I'm looking for a reliable derby partner to fish with me off irondequoit bay. I hope to fill in the slots everyday from now to end of Labor Day. Please send me PM. Good luck to all. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Congratulations! You got to treasure this memory of the catch of a lifetime@ Tight lines.
  14. Back to your post with quick update. With stronger southwest wind than expected, we headed out to the East of Ibay - we did two fish this morning with 14 lbs king and a skipper. King took NK carmel dophin spoon with gold plated off rigger 90' down off 225 FOW. We did not find any bait after marking fish in 120 to 130 FOW. Screen was mostly blank everywhere until we hit a pod of kings in 225 fow. It was a lucky find when we came across them once however they disappeared from the screen afterwards. Tight lines.