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  1. nice pics fins and glen Glen, was wondering if our road was plowed....and did my camper and porch look ok/
  2. Weather Underground offshore forecast had increased wave height to 37 feet occasionally !
  3. Love this picture Shane...stunning...magazine quality, great shot. I was just reading yesterday about some solar storm , geomagnetic something or other tonight (March 14/15) to create some intense northern lights. I don't think they will be seen from NYS, but they did mention Maine, Michigan , Wisconsin Minnesota..can't remember the other states. But there is a website that said they will be viewing the display live online . Nice lightning picture too.
  4. I have checked with the DEC. Albany and Stamford NY . They suggest discarding any fish with tumors , warts , lesions or abnormal conditions of the fish's skin, meat or internal organs. Also on page 70 of the 2017/2018 NYS Freshwater Fishing Regulations.
  5. Those lamprey give me the creeps...we have giant lampreys that come up and lay eggs here on the Delaware...nasty. I have caught quite a few walleyes on Oneida that have warts and tumors on them...2 in one day once. I put them in a bag on my boat, regardless of their size, and they go in the dumpster when I get home. At least DEC does not count those legal size fish with tumors and warts as part of your daily limit.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted anywhere here... I just got a flier mailed to me about a lecture by Dr. John Farrell , Professor of Aquatic and Fisheries Science at ESF, and Director of the College of Science and Forestry's Thousand Island Biological Station. (TIBS ) Wed. March 21 Gateway Center , ESF 7:30 p.m. Lecture titled "Big Fish in the Balance: Research and Conservation in a changing Environment " Check out the TIBS website , and click on photo gallery to see awesome Musky photos www.esf.edu/tibs
  7. " I don't think you are MAN enough to go 40 hours without a Musky" or....."I don't know if I am man enough to go 40 hours without a Musky" "Beautiful Fish"
  8. ."It can happen at any time , then it will all be worth it" "If Musky Fishing was easy, then everybody would do it"
  9. The NYS DEC suggests that you DISCARD any diseased fish "marked by tumors,,lesions,or other abnormal conditions of the skin, meat, or internal organs"..because the health implications of eating deformed or abnormal fish are unknown.. Do not release the fish, or eat the fish , is what they recommend.
  10. Saw a turkey vulture here in Delaware county yesterday
  11. Hi Sk8man.... My neighbors and I have had robins winter here in Delaware County, NY . I read where other parts of new York are seeing more and more robins spend the winter too. They eat berries and dried up fruit when they can't get worms.....if they have enough berries and worms to eat some will stay, if not they head south to where they can find enough food.
  12. Some red winged blackbirds showed up here the other day....saw 2 large flocks of high flying northbound migrating geese...and the resident Canada geese here have been squawking and fighting over prime nest spots.
  13. Thanks Kevin...You should have heard him tell the story of our hunt to his mom , dad and big sister when we got home. The excitement in his voice as he described the pounding of his heart as he tried to steady the gun was priceless. The ""rush" he got watching that big tom strut and hearing it gobble at us up close, will be with him for a long, long time. A special memorable day for both of us.
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