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  1. Curfew in Buffalo all week 8pm to 5am. Protestors not following it, were on the street last night til after 11 pm. Bail reform in NY puts just about anyone out on the street quickly thanks to our one party control of branches of government in NYS. Emotions are running high on both sides and like any other profession there are a few bad actors which is unfortunate. As long as laws aren't broken, feel free to protest however long you want. Our law enforcement community is in a tough spot right now.
  2. You should check those livewell lines, after 35 years there may be a crack or an issue at the connections
  3. Location: Dunkirk NY 14048 Blown powerhead. Good trim unit, mid section, lower unit and other parts attached to the motor. No controls. $650.00 or best offer
  4. I think you are going to want to re-think the whole idea. I have a 20 ft Pursuit so similar to the DC in terms of weight, does not have an electric on it but I have had an electric on lighter boats, like the one mentioned above. I think you will be spending a lot of money and not achieve a minimum of performance.
  5. Many if not all scammers on Craigslist have a gmail account or a phone number area code listed that isn't close to the area code of the address. Yes people can move but it is a flag. I got into it on a transaction that I ended quickly when the woman couldn't come up with a good explanation for the area code matter and kept changing a story.
  6. Effective immediately BRP is discontinuing the Evinrude line and moving in other directions in the marine industry. At this point they have no plans to sell the brand or technology. They plan on continuing the availability of parts and service. My own comments are this. I have two E-TEC's which I think are great. After the OMC bankruptcy and the bad product that was put out there, the dealer network shrunk and I am sure market sure also shrunk. BRP shutdown Johnson a number of years ago and I am sure tried to increase market share. Their statement yesterday alluded to the fact that there have been concerns for a while and have nothing to do with the COVID-19 situation.
  7. There are videos on You Tube but sounds like a relay which may be as simple as disconnecting and cleaning the connections.
  8. I agree with the above response. If you are doing it, keep an eye on the weather.
  9. Buffalo and Erie County remain in the grasp of it. I don't know how Rochester, Syracuse and Albany are faring. Outside of the Erie County issues, I would expect a significant opening of things as of May 15th in Western NY.
  10. Newspapers are dead. And have cut staff on weekends well before this virus issue. Not only was it released as a statement Saturday evening but Gov. Cuomo re-iterated it yesterday along with NJ and PA.
  11. Better yet, poll some of your friends and relatives from around the country who their US Senators are and how many per state, who their governor is(might be easier now) and when is the next election for members of Congress. The answers will be stunning. Lots of people have had a lot of downtime in the past month and they still don't know which is sad.
  12. Someone who seems reasonable trying to navigate through this uncertainty.
  13. At his press conference today, Andrew Cuomo indicated as things re-open, he and they have to take into consideration the differences between upstate and downstate in terms of where they are at with the virus. So we may be seeing some signs of consideration.
  14. And he just gave a whole bunch of other boaters and fisherman who may not like all the orders but are living by them a bad name.
  15. It came out on April 9th, I have a post under general discussion golf courses, marinas, boat launches.
  16. We have the edict from the governor or Thursday which states golf courses, marinas boat launches. We have some in the state that have been barricaded closed, we have the mayor of my home community saying the city launch is closed but everything else has been hit or miss in terms of actions taken. I think part of it was Good Friday and Easter weekend slowing the barricading process down. On the other news front it appears that the overall virus situation is improving and maybe we get some roll backs soon on things like this which are not at the cusp of life or death in terms of gathering large crowds.
  17. I do not think it is a Mckee Craft. This boat looks like one, it also looks like the 17 Boston Whaler Montauk but both those boats have more curved lines in terms of hull shape. I own a Whaler myself. It also looks like a boat that was made by MFG in the 1970s, they also made boats for Sears as well. Look up MFG Fishing Gypsy as the model. There should be a stamped ID number on the transom, outside. How long is the boat? I believe this is also a Canadian boat because they use ltd a lot in Canada, The boat business is full of splash stories over the years, where they use someone else's boat as the mold. Companies have also gone out of business very quickly over the years as well.
  18. MCF

    Sold / Closed 22' Sea Nymph GLS

    Someone got a lot of value for the money.
  19. Reported by Buffalo Business First, see below. On some business categories, there has been sparring back and forth so we can only hope this gets backed off. By Paul Lane – Data Reporter, Buffalo Business First Apr 9, 2020, 10:58am EDT Updated 32 minutes ago Revised orders from the governor's office Thursday morning have temporarily taken away one of the few quarantine respites for Western New Yorkers. Under the revised executive order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, golf courses as of Thursday are now considered nonessential businesses. Previous orders did not distinguish whether they were, so numerous courses had taken advantage of the unseasonable warmth to open while adhering to social distancing protocol. Wanakah Country Club in Hamburg was among them. General Manager Mike Karnath sent a note to members Thursday letting them know the course would now be closed until further notice. Thursday's notice was the "first we saw of anything directly related to golf courses," he told Business First. Boat launches and marinas were also deemed nonessential under this order, while parks and public spaces excluding playgrounds remain essential. Violations of this order are subject to fines of up to $10,000. Cuomo has said this order closing nonessential business will remain in effect through at least April 29. That date is subject to review based upon health guidance as the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic continues.
  20. You can use one battery for both like jimski2 stated above get a dual use battery. See how much you are actually using the boat and then decide if the plan is not working. As long as the motor has a pull start on it, you can still get in.
  21. This bill is stuffed with pork but is an example of the bloat in the federal government by both parties over the years. Change will never come because it is difficult to remove an incumbent because the cost for someone to run is in the millions. Incumbents continually are campaigning. In this bill is like $50 million for the Kennedy Center(they honor four or five artists each year among other things) some built in extra dollars for congressional costs. They wanted to tag the Green New Deal stuff with it, fortunately not much got in it. Many Americans don't vote at all, or cannot name their representatives from President on down. Don't believe me, ask some of your friends to recite the names or your kids and see what you get. It is sad and the sadder part is that there should be an incentive for buying things later this year, companies buying equipment, trucks etc to get the economy moving and I doubt that will happen. Took us years to recover from the Great Depression in 1929, the recession of 1982(interest rates at 20%) or the Great Recession of 2008. This is not like a TV episode that gets wrapped up in 60 minutes. 3.3 million jobs lost last week alone!
  22. Effectively shutting the economy just like after 9/11. Once the snowball starts hard to get the economy up again. Interest rates at record lows, last four or five years have been great for the auto makers so no backlog of old vehicles on the road like there was then. Plus the direct costs of the illness.
  23. Sea Nymphs of the 1980's were a plywood floor.
  24. 1996 was in the era of the OMC boat group, Sea Nymph, Lowe and Grumman were basically producing the same boat at that time but labeled as one of the three. So much like a Sea Nymph, which if you have been on here for any length of time is a loved boat by those who have a 19, this is obviously just smaller. Flooring and transom is the thing to look at in a boat from that era.
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