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  1. totally agree !! the esterous cycle is close that date every year. you see uptick in activity based on weather , moonphase , available forage. the younger bucks feeling it for the first time are moving first during daylight is what i witness . when the does are ready the older bucks spill over into daylight . my son shot a nice 3 year old 8pt yesterday 11/16 cruising at 715 . his stomach was absolutly full of acorn matter , fuel for movement that morning . its the same every year i believe !! my opnion anyway
  2. I hunt Allegany County close to Almond the weekend of 11/2 bucks were chasing in my woods hard , this is normal around there for the younglings we see tons of . Scrapping just petered out this past weekend 11/9 so its very close and the does were scattered all over . The "rut" peaks and drops off in there from day to day odd to witness we also have huge acorn drops it fuels alot of activity early . Nothing moving during daylight older than 1.5 i believe it is a bit later for esterous cycle closer to 11/15-18 even 20 agree.
  3. wow nice pic these cams are fine with me!! and i sent one back that failed to load they replaced it!
  4. lol how my kitchen table looked back in july lol nice !!
  5. wildgame cams are under 50 seem pretty durable we have bears messing with cams they hold up well
  6. all great advice!!! back in the early 90s a buddy and me got stuck on Hemlock lake a bad tstorm swept over the hill from the west and right on us we ran to shore dragged the 14ft starcraft up on the bank and ran like hell up into a ravine and huddled scared to death while bolts blasted away over the water and tree tops above. close calls like that make you way more cautious never cut it close man its not worth it.
  7. wow nice do you think a kayaker could paddle around and fish ok it sounds like it would be good for small boats early at least. thanks
  8. Sk8 i fished from small boats for about 7 years mostly aluminum smokers a 14 and 16 i decked them out with riggers and gear. you say the finger lakes are nothing to mess with so true!!! many close calls on Canadaigua south end it would start out flat at 530am with a light variable wind and by 730 rolling 2 footers from the north . some fun times navagating back to Woodville launch so be careful in any small boat and Cayuga is whole different animal .. good advice!! i had a few close calls and white knuckle events 😟
  9. I alwaysthought that she was a smart sexy blonde with a sweet voice. i like the thought of this😉
  10. I wonder how it would go for you to tell a Statey where to go when he checks your registration and inspection stickers at a check station.
  11. Pete we did some nice rainbowns on the dipsey diver in Seneca some years back remember the spoon?? lol
  12. bb wow alot of great info here Thanks!!!
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