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  1. Back in the 80s if you had Van Halen cranked up on a boom box it was a party!!!!
  2. hello , anybody know what area surrounding the lake had fires break out or what caused this? its been very dry but had to be a careless hiker or campfire not sure . thanks for any info
  3. hey so nice and Yes!! get yer Dad out i wish I did more of that too👍
  4. be really cool to see a pic of a 6lbs + pickerel out of Hemlock
  5. oh wow that is sweet!! good luck out there only 44 days or so !!!
  6. didn't see this sorry late reply 4lbs is an absolute giant in either lake. anyone caught anything over 2lbs ? biggest chains on live minnow off deep water close to weed lines i mean close . mid lake on Hemlock is best....good luck
  7. nice shirt though
  8. caught alot of lakers on that same spoon in there , seems to work a bit deeper
  9. Nice report!! wow lake gets cold going down is that 48degrees at 50s ? probably why I always had better luck trolling higher from my kayak with a dipsey rig. also jigged it but only had luck with bass minnows in 40-50 fow just a slow drag. it can be really tough in summer Hemlock is a little more forgiving . great info here thanks
  10. Go to Dean's on Cayuga and catch fish alot of reports here. we kayaked Canandaigua this weekend a total zoo stay away and fishing will never match Cayuga
  11. try the shoreline along Canadice alot of spots to cast the weeds are here and there but manageable. sunnies everywhere
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 thanks everyone very appreciated
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