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  1. caught alot of lakers on that same spoon in there , seems to work a bit deeper
  2. Nice report!! wow lake gets cold going down is that 48degrees at 50s ? probably why I always had better luck trolling higher from my kayak with a dipsey rig. also jigged it but only had luck with bass minnows in 40-50 fow just a slow drag. it can be really tough in summer Hemlock is a little more forgiving . great info here thanks
  3. Go to Dean's on Cayuga and catch fish alot of reports here. we kayaked Canandaigua this weekend a total zoo stay away and fishing will never match Cayuga
  4. try the shoreline along Canadice alot of spots to cast the weeds are here and there but manageable. sunnies everywhere
  5. 🤣🤣🤣 thanks everyone very appreciated
  6. hey great videos you got the program down!! tough landing from the yak ! nice fish
  7. Hello is there any place to get live minnows for fishing in the finger lakes area? any baitshops that have bass minnows? thanks
  8. jeez I suddenly moved onto another topic😦
  9. biggest Bow I ever saw come outta there was a 12lbs male a guy had in a cooler at the north end about 10 years ago. caught on a streamer he told me the guy was in a small Whaler. It was a sight to behold
  10. tell you what that is a stellar day on Hemlock!! nice report thanks 😊
  11. I soloed alot from a 16 foot Smokercraft out of Golden Hills. Alot of Kings from 100 on in in late summer did really well early am there miss it alot ! I pulled 1 dipsey rod and 1 rigger all I needed . Brown action was good too. Just always looked for S -SW winds less than 1 foot and keep an eye on the radar !!! Good luck be careful a radio is a good idea too.
  12. Hello SK8 are you fishing under slip bobbers like 40 ft down? wondering i tried this on Hemlock and caught big largemouth and smallies suspended years ago
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