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  1. Do they do LLs in either? I think they did LLs in Hemlock at 1 time and I heard they got pretty big too.
  2. wow the racks are holding on , healthy deer 💯
  3. how can this be a weasel? this is Allegany County hunting land near Almond by my shed , don't they go white in winter? so small mink? sorry kinda blurry
  4. where do you live i may be interested
  5. I thank the pms i got on some tips , newbie here. Made it out 2 times and called in a few mallards had an amazing time I love this !! gets me out with my son more , he is at the Capital now with his Army NG Unit. can't wait to hit it hard next fall!!!
  6. wow its a ball too !! hey anybody eat these I never tried
  7. Hello all ! My son and I are exploring waterfowl hunting he has decoys we have been out a couple times no luck finding alot around Livingston County area , any areas we should try that might increase the odds? travel is not a problem just looking for tips tough sport to break-in as newbie thanks for any info!!
  8. Wow nice job in there , state land can be very productive !!
  9. To the compound bow guys I have 2 crossbows now a Barnett Predator and Killer Instinct...simply put they significantly extend your energy and penetration at longer distances. Much more reliable flight! 70 yards is easily attainable. get a good one and see for yourself
  10. Back in the 80s if you had Van Halen cranked up on a boom box it was a party!!!!
  11. hello , anybody know what area surrounding the lake had fires break out or what caused this? its been very dry but had to be a careless hiker or campfire not sure . thanks for any info
  12. hey so nice and Yes!! get yer Dad out i wish I did more of that too👍
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