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  1. trouthunter24

    Predator 2018-2019

    Sweet!! Nice looking dog too !!
  2. trouthunter24

    Winter adventures of Reel Doc and Chowder

    You guys are bad ass!!
  3. trouthunter24

    Predator 2018-2019

    Whoa nice!!! who wants to sit all night and wait anyway!!
  4. trouthunter24

    Predator 2018-2019

    Didn't get any dogs to come in but we have a ton of raccoons this year. I have a browning trail cam of 9 moving past one of my deer sets. Well one less now!
  5. trouthunter24

    Predator 2018-2019

    Beautiful!! Can't wait to hit it next weekend!!
  6. trouthunter24

    2018 trapping season

    Hey nice coyote!!! looks like a darker phase ? What kind of trap is that , what size?
  7. trouthunter24

    2018 trapping season

    Me too absolutely love it!! My Dad and I trapped alot around the Roc.airport in the 80s when you could get 30 bucks for an average size raccoon. I put out a few coon sets during archery and realized how much i miss it really connects almost in a spiritual way to the natural world just like archery. We are absolutely polluted with Coyote so time to invest in some seriuos gear maybe score a few every year on our Allegany property. Yes great pics my Dad and I took tons of trapping pics years ago i still have them man what a great way to unwind its a major stress reliever!!
  8. trouthunter24

    Fisher tracks?

    Yeah all looks to be a Fisher what i thought we do see Marten and Mink tracks the paw is much smaller stride shorter. I am camming it up in there I'll get a pic up i hope by the end of January. Right now the coyote tracks are everywhere i dont know how any deer survive in my woods.
  9. trouthunter24

    Fisher tracks?

    Hey guys check these out a fisher? This is Allegany County Almond area.
  10. trouthunter24

    Predator 2018-2019

  11. trouthunter24

    Hemlock 2018 Hemlock netting survey

    True that where are the longer fish... seen plenty of pics of them on here
  12. trouthunter24

    Hemlock 2018 Hemlock netting survey

    I was lucky enough to have a couple anglers communicate a common location walleyes are caught it is more to do with depth for sure walleyes are much shallower than expected but i never cared . I take great pride in knowing i was a vocal regular there that insisted it stay a stable trout fishery.
  13. trouthunter24

    Hemlock 2018 Hemlock netting survey

    Or they simply did not report on them. Wondering if any walleyes are left ? All giants in there no reproduction..
  14. trouthunter24


    Nice!! Casting?