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  1. Hello all, any idea if near shore will still work for small boater ? like 20 -50 fow thank for any tips!!
  2. Hey guys we are seeing way way less turkeys that ever in Allegany County Almond area, any thought on Coyotes affecting the pop? Small herds of raccoons too everywhere so double down on the birds?
  3. wow nice day so cool !!
  4. Wow!! nice job in there
  5. looks like a pretty cool report to me , you don't have to call in a trip alot of info here
  6. Do they do LLs in either? I think they did LLs in Hemlock at 1 time and I heard they got pretty big too.
  7. wow the racks are holding on , healthy deer 💯
  8. how can this be a weasel? this is Allegany County hunting land near Almond by my shed , don't they go white in winter? so small mink? sorry kinda blurry
  9. where do you live i may be interested
  10. I thank the pms i got on some tips , newbie here. Made it out 2 times and called in a few mallards had an amazing time I love this !! gets me out with my son more , he is at the Capital now with his Army NG Unit. can't wait to hit it hard next fall!!!
  11. wow its a ball too !! hey anybody eat these I never tried
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