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  1. seeing a few biggons on the wildgames
  2. i set it southern direction over a rib cage spine left over carcass . tons of fox and Fisher tracks in there we'll see ill post pics here is me testing today🤣
  3. Hey all, i just got a Moultrie cellular the 7000i. setting it up today in Allegany County after testing it in my yard for a few days it looks pretty solid i can't wait to get it out to the sacred hunting grounds😆 my family owns. Any pros , cons i will send along some pics i get when they come in.
  4. is it legal to pick up a dead deer? i wasn't sure nothing brings yotes in faster in Allegany County than a carcass
  5. cut all your oaks and apple trees down no feeding!!🤣🤣🤣
  6. light shining into the motion detector can affect your camera. make sure there is no relection off the snow into the camera i know some spots this is impossible so you will miss pics. i was getting washed white pics on my Wildgames they are sensitive to light . angling the cam down and mounting high has really worked well for me and it gets the unnatural looking "flashing clump" off the ground they don't pic it up as easily
  7. hello i am totally confused what is this thread all about? is this course legit ?
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