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  1. Great deer so far! Congrats! On stand for the first all day sit this year in 9k. Been quiet so far except for the walk in.
  2. Congratulations! Lots of big deer hitting the ground.
  3. Same deer? Can't seem to get any day time pics.
  4. That ghost blind looks pretty good there! Good luck
  5. My buddy rolls them up and puts them in a six inch PVC pipe with slid on end caps. Seems to work well
  6. I bought the 200 ft/min and I'm happy with them. They're definitely well built. Call them up and they'll answer any question you have.
  7. I've been running the magnum metalz the past two years and they've been great. I would highly recommend https://www.magnum-metalz.com
  8. I replaced 2 - 97 merc 150 2 strokes with 2015 150 4 strokes. You won't be disappointed. Didnt lose any speed and they're a lot better on fuel consumption. Easy to maintain if you decide to do it yourself.
  9. 5 - slide divers with with weighted rings - sold 2 - traxstech rod holders $60 for the pair McGard propeller lock - $35 Raymarine HS5 Seatalk Network Switch brand new never used - $150 Kicker connecting rod - $10 Located in North Tonawanda - PM if interested
  10. What grain bullet are you using for the 7mm? I'm going to pick up a set of dies for mine. I hand loaded for my 45-70 with 300 grain tsx and hand excellent results. Hoping the same with the 7mm
  11. I have 2-2015 merc 4 stroke 150s. I'm very happy with them and would definitely recommend. They're quiet, fuel efficient, easy to change oil, fuel filters and gear lubes. PM if you have any questions on the mercs.
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