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  1. I'm trying to sell my guys on entering this year and this gives us a few more things to think about. I'm good either way on # of rods. No observer would definitely help having a smaller boat. I do like the idea of an observer in this type of a tournament. I agree with Vince on the kings and coho. Adding lake trout really doesn't interest me. I like the idea of opening up Canadian waters. Just my 2 cents, I'll be interested to follow along. Thx!
  2. Congrats! It's a rush watching the kids harvest their first deer!
  3. Good luck - we had a great time down there this past year!
  4. This guy was behind my office in Tonawanda this morning.
  5. Brought my daughter to Southern Ohio Outfitters for a youth hunt. She was able to score first thing this morning on a nice 10pt!
  6. Great deer so far! Congrats! On stand for the first all day sit this year in 9k. Been quiet so far except for the walk in.
  7. Congratulations! Lots of big deer hitting the ground.
  8. Same deer? Can't seem to get any day time pics.
  9. That ghost blind looks pretty good there! Good luck
  10. My buddy rolls them up and puts them in a six inch PVC pipe with slid on end caps. Seems to work well
  11. I bought the 200 ft/min and I'm happy with them. They're definitely well built. Call them up and they'll answer any question you have.
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