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  1. If you had not signed up by now you probably were not going to fish it anyway. Lots of drama which could have been dealt with privately and this isn't helping. It's a fun tournament to start the year. We'll be there regardless of sponsors.
  2. I just bought the 1895 in 45/70. Haven't hunted with it but shot it a few times. I first shot with the iron sights out to 50 yards and it shoots well. I went with the hornady 325 grain. It pulls up really nice and does kick a little but not as bad as a 3 1/2 Turkey or goose load in my 12 gauge. I put a scope on it after that and sighted in at 100 yards and it groups really well.
  3. They were medium heavy. I'm not familiar with the torpedo tip but the new okuma wire tip worked well last year.
  4. I like these in 8'6". I bought a pair of 10 footers and they were way to stiff. The ones I had were with the wire tip installed. Legacy - do the ones you bought come with their new wire tip?
  5. Big John manual planer mast I have a dual reel mast in looking to move. Great shape and only used a few times over the last couple seasons. Looking to get $175 for it. I would prefer not to ship. Located in Wheatfield, NY. Pm with any questions.
  6. No supercharger on the 150 - not sure if that had anything to do with the problems on the verado.
  7. I put two 150 4 strokes on my proline 2 years ago and they've been great! I would definitely recommend them.
  8. Thx - was leaning that way. Only 145 more after a 10% show discount.
  9. Big John electric planer reels vs cisco I'm looking to convert my current manual big john planer mast to electric. The electric big john price is quite a bit less than the Cisco. Anyone have any experience with either?
  10. Wanted

    Saw one on boat trader in Maryland with new Motors for 38k.
  11. I bought a 10000 ft spool through Anglers Avenue. It was blood run and their price was cheaper than blood run. I liked the American Fishing Wire better than blood run but couldn't find it in a bulk spools.
  12. 2 Traxtech rod holders for a vertical tree Listing for a friend 2 traxtech rod holders that attach to a vertical tree. These are brand new never used. $70 each PM with questions
  13. Sold / Closed

    I had an 84 - great hull. Surprised no one has jumped on this.