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  1. Blambam88

    Down rigger weights

    I'm interested if you send me a message I keep my boat at Arneys and can meet you there
  2. Blambam88


    Do u have a number to call
  3. Blambam88


    Thanks I'll have to give the black on black a try I think I have both in my box
  4. Blambam88


    Yea I plan to try cut bait next time out. Just have to remember to get some first haha
  5. Sodus We fished Thursday morning out of the sodus channel till about noon. We had 2 kings on first one was a ripper could barely get pole out of the holder, fought it for about 15 min before coming to the surface and shook off. He hit a NBK spoon on wire, Chinook diver 275 feet out probably around 60 to 70 feet down. Other king fought for about 5 min and broke free on a big run. Smashed a blood orange NK spoon on a black dipsey diver mag lip straight down set at 150 feet. Probably about 60 feet or so down. Marked a ton of nice hooks between 140 and 180 fow and thats where we got our hits. Didn't see to much action on the back of boats for all the marked fish. Kings seemed to have no interest in ff combos which was strange. Might be a spoon game this summer or could be just that day never know lol
  6. Blambam88

    Alewives populations > Forage base.

    If fish are also feeding hard on a school of bait, they charge through the school smacking them around tail slaps or whatever they do stunning and killing them.
  7. Blambam88

    Alewives populations > Forage base.

    I seen the same thing out of sodus bay this past Thursday when the south wind came.
  8. Blambam88

    Lake O Newbie

    I just run 30 pound main line in the summer/fall with a 8ft 20 or 25 pound flourocarbon leader
  9. Blambam88

    trolling and the current?

    What if the surface current is different than the current 40 feet down and different again 70 feet down . I've ran into that problem a lot. Very hard to make everything work when you are running different depths even with the fish hawks.
  10. Blambam88

    Lake O Newbie

    The fleas this past year seem to fall off alot easier than the past like they are not bonded as well. Don't k ow if anyone else noticed that. I also seem to have better luck with just a prism dodger than spin doctors or flashers. Can't seem to get them to hit with those. I've tried all different leader lengths too. But dodger fly combo always got the bite for me.
  11. Blambam88

    Genesee River Salmon Massacre

    They should stop stocking the Genny with salmon since they snag out of it so much. Scratch that then all the snaggers will scatter to the little streams even more. Nobody thinks about the future. Just take take take
  12. Blambam88

    Russian snaggers

    I troll spring to fall and would also like to see the salmon steelhead have and chance to naturally spawn with the stocking cut down
  13. Blambam88

    Russian snaggers

    Every Russian I see is a snagger. Sorry for stereotyping. They have no consideration for anyone else trying to fish. I catch and release everything in the streams/creeks and I'm scared to put it back because I know they will snag it when it's tired and resting.
  14. Blambam88

    Russian snaggers

    They are the worst... they actually try and snag fish I'm hooked up with