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  1. Singles are now sold. Still have the doubles with track, and base plate.
  2. Yes I still have the doubles with the track and base. The two singles are pending
  3. 3 of the 4 are new. $30shipped. Swivel base was never mounted, $60 shipped.
  4. Used on Lake Erie for walleye. One set comes with track, base, and mount, other 2 are singles. $175shipped for the pair with base, $80 shipped a piece for the singles. These are NOT the multi-set holders. They are the heavy duty’s that require you to pull the pin in order to adjust them. There was confusion with the prior sale, so I just want clarify. With that being said, they are back for sale.
  5. I bought this used from someone on the sight and never used it. Excellent condition. $75 shipped.
  6. 10-4 on northwoods, that's where I bought the unit, and they have cheapest price for the probe also. Knew it was a long shot but figured its worth a try.
  7. Cracked mine last year, looking for nice replacement if anyone has one. Thanks
  8. https://erie.craigslist.org/bpo/d/union-city-johnson-outboard/6824576067.html Dont seem like a bad deal
  9. Shimano talora is a nice rod but pricey, okuma has the blue diamond, and white diamond thats a little more affordable at about 100 bucks a piece.
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