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  1. Anyone have or know where to get a 115-150 hp outboard for lund 1800?
  2. jjfishes

    I-bay smallmouth?

    I bay launch is on the website for the empire pass fyi.
  3. jjfishes

    River Fishing

    One thing to be concerned about is rocks, humps and submerged islands if not in the main channels. Idle speed would be recommended.
  4. jjfishes

    Water temps

    Honeoye was 39 on Monday at the end of the day.
  5. Where can i see this l. VERY INTERESTED I dont want to miss out or be second in line again!!
  6. Where are you located. Would love to come see it!!! Jay
  7. I emailed you a day or two ago. What type of braid is it? Shipping included or are you in rochester area?
  8. Tunaman, Wondering if you still have the 30# available? Tried emailing you several time but wont go through. Thanks, Jay
  9. What are the sizes, colors and quantities of your x raps?
  10. I would like to see some more pics also.
  11. exactly what i am looking for, just puts it out of reach price wise with a new motor even with a trade in on the 25 hp. And it is in Mass. Sweet looking ride for sure.
  12. How many seats in the main part of the boat? Bimini? Where is it located?
  13. Some were in the 5-6" range. At least the ones I saw. The were recording data on them then tossing them in. Don't know any more details. Apparently there was an article in the D&C on Friday maybe.
  14. What a difference a day makes. Fished yesterday and the river temp was 67. Not a single fish all morning. I did see the stocking of the sturgeon at the launch though when we came in. That was pretty cool.
  15. jjfishes

    Cayuga sturgeon

    Don't get your knickers twisted? Seriously? So perch is our personal resident expert on the sturgeon. Are you really stating that you know more than the experts about populations and survival rates? Maybe i misinterpreted your statement but I don't think so. The self serving imposed right by a few lawbreakers to fish for an endangered species really bugs me. There are reasons they are NOT to be targeted, period. Abide by it or don't. It's quite simple. Believe me, my knickers are twisted and if I can do anything to prevent it I will. Now that the Moose population is exploding in the ADK's according to some joe schmo I will choose to hunt them instead of target sturgeon.