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  1. That is a great story and thanks for sharing. Was wondering what kind of sonar you were using? Vexilar?
  2. I believe these are Yeck Zippers but cant be sure. Acquired from a massive box of spoons. Previous owner was well seasoned after probably 30 or so years of fishing Ontario. Unfortunately he has passed so obviously I was unable to ask him. Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. A really late start for me this year, and a really long time since I posted anything here. Fished solo 6-9 out of the bay towards Webster. Went 3 for 3. 2 cookie cutter browns, and 1 King about 11 lbs. Browns shallow, King in 20fow. Fish came on wonderbread challenger minnow and a challenger deep diving green minnow. A nice morning on the water. Surprised to see so few weekenders out there. Lots of charters though. They all seemed to be catching something. Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. That lake is on FIRE this year. Nice job!
  5. Fishing out of Ibay this year has been lousy. There is no other way to say it. The last couple weekends we have been fishing west. Olcott and Sandy. If you have been fishing around Rochester/Irondequoit, you would think there was a problem out there this year. We are normally spoiled. Hope they show up sometime this year. Anyways... Out of the Creek around 5:15. Not far to go out on this side of the lake. Started setting lines in 100fow. Everything from riggers to dipsies set to 75-60 down. Superbread Dreamweaver spoon took majority of fish on 75 rigger(46 degrees). Cheaters NK Gold Cup, and FLT orange spoon(can't remember name) also took 1 steelhead each. Blue Pro Troll on dipsy setting 3, back 195 took a shot. Green Crush Spin Doctor w/Atommik fly got slammed and unfortunately a swivel opened up and was lost on Chinook Diver setting 1, 150 back. Lost another on Gold Cup cheater. Not huge numbers, but quality fish. 7lb King, 17lb King, 19lb King, 21lb King, and 2 Steel under 7lbs. Ended 6 for 9 after heading in at 10:30.
  6. I bring bananas out every day. Explains the fishing for me this year out of ibay.
  7. The Smart Troll stuff is very interesting. You can never have enough information. But the thought of losing any of those sensors on 20-30# line scares me
  8. Not sure who this was directed at? There was nothing grey about our situation. We were 2 vessels meeting...Anyways, an apology was offered and I accept it. I would have let this go 10 seconds after it happened if I hadn't been yelled at. I think Missdemeanor's post was 100% correct in the way you conduct yourself out there. Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. While not terrible, the original hooks bend and/or break on salmon. I lost several fish last year before changing them. Hooks were bent every time. Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. I waited a day before posting so I gave myself time to cool off. I'm still pissed. Captain of Reel Serious out of Rochester decided to play chicken with me and won. We were the Stand-on vessel. He was the Give way vessel. It is NOT disputable. I thought he just didn't see what was happening and was going to snap out of it and start turning but DID NOT. Instead came within 20 feet of hitting my boat(port side) with his bow. Then had the nerve to start shouting at me as if I was the one in the wrong. I had to go WOT on my kicker to avoid, and don't know how we didn't have every friggin line crossed. Watch what you are doing out there and learn how to NAVIGATE. Want to add that there are some damn good charter captains out there. This isn't a knock on them. Mistakes happen too. But don't get hot with a weekend guy when YOU ARE IN THE WRONG.
  11. We boated 7 yesterday. 5 came on a single plug. Deep diving firetiger jointed Challenger. Change the hooks first or you will be sorry.
  12. Looked a bit rough out there. Nice catch! Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Of course it counts and an impressive catch. I was attempting to take a fun jab at fly fishermen. I suck at Internet humor. Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Can someone explain the significance of this to me? Fly fishing counts?!
  15. You will get all kinds of opinions on this subject. Here is mine. 2.5-2.8 downspeed is the best for spoons like warriors, dreamweaver, NK's, FLT's, and Moonshines. It's also a good speed for flasher/fly combos on my boat. When I first got my FH, I was targeting 46 degrees down temp. I noticed fish were always hitting the free sliding cheater(which was higher). Now I target 53 degrees, give or take. Those fish out there will come waaayyy up to get bait. My strategy is to target bait depths and temps. It is working for me.
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