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  1. Tube rod holders are sold pending payment Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. The cradles are sold pending payment Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. For sale are 6 Cisco Rod Holders. 4 black tube style rod holders and 2 blue short cradle (dispey) style rod holders. The tube rod holders are in excellent condition. The cradle rod holders are in very good condition with a few nicks on top of the cradle that are cosmetic only. The tube rod holders are: $70 each The cradle rod holders are: $65 each $400 for all six Prefer local pickup West Seneca area and will meet reasonable distance. PM me if interested, Mike
  4. I run big boards for everything now. I will probably keep running the big boards for browns but want to switch to inlines for salmon. I have a smaller boat so I only run 1 copper or core off each side on the big boards. Would the Sam's Pro release work well with the TX44's and a 300 copper?
  5. Harbor was very dingy didn't see any at all Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Braved the north wind today and pulled out of the harbor around 730 directly into a stiff north wind. Worst place was between the pier heads with legit 4 footers bouncing off the piers. Once clear of the harbor we headed east as the wind soon turned northeast. Only had 4 rods out when we doubled up on 2 small browns, one 3lbs. the other 6lbs. One on a silver and blue Rapala the other on a perch Rapla. Unfortunately while working the double both on the starboard side of the boat we didn't notice the dog leash attached to the planer line to stack the releases had wrapped around one of the rods on the port side. With the waves the planers were bouncing pretty good and when we finished netting the double we turned around and the rod and reel were gone. Donated to the fish Gods!!!! If anyone snags a nice green Daiiwa rod with a Convector20LC towing a fire tiger Rapala Enjoy!!! The wind picked up and we decided to pull lines and make a run back to harbor. After a slow boat ride back to the mouth the wind settled a little so we decided to set up and give it another troll with the wind. Picked up three more on perch and black and gold. Not a bad day considering the wind and it's always nice to get bonus time on the water in February. All except the rod and reel donation. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. A set of 2 - 30 degree flush mount rod holders in very good condition. I don't recall the manufacturer but they are heavy duty with the plastic liner, gimbal pin, drains and caps. $35 I prefer cash and pick up or we can meet. I live in West Seneca. We can discuss shipping with payment of USPS money order. Thank you for looking. PM me with any questions or offers. Mike
  8. Avoided an almost catastrophe leaving the dock. Just as I got the boat turned around my B in L declares time for breakfast and starts peeling a banana. I reached over, ripped it out of his hand and launches it as far as I could throw it. Crisis averted. Got on the water about 630 am and set up in 120' of water. First time out with the new Fish Hawk probe. Well not exactly, went out last week and forgot batteries for the probe so spent the morning staring at my $700 surface temp screen!! Worked great with batteries in it. Got the probe rigger down 55' where we hit 44 degree temp. Set the speed at 2.8 down speed ( thank you to all those that have posted in the past probe speeds really made things simple). As soon as I started rigging the second rigger nailed a small king on the probe rigger. A lot of boats in the 100 to 200' range so only put out riggers and Dipseys left the big boards and coppers in the boat until it cleared out some. Trolled north to south and had steady action the whole morning. Only took one shot on the wire Dipseys but dropped it. The rest was a spoon bite off riggers with cheaters hitting a few steel. After the first hour rigger was down 65 and that's where it stayed. FLT magnum Black Meat Pounding Deep was the superstar and accounted for the majority of our catch. Took on steel off a 300 copper and FLT alewife spoon. Everything else came off the riggers. Worked 150-300' N to S until 11 am. Ended up 12 for 24 mix of kings and steel. Biggest was 18 lbs. just couldn't find the big boys. Love those new FLT spoons Bob Fuller does a great job with them and they're worthy the wait. Can't believe I fished all these years without a temp/speed probe. Almost every fish was caught at 2.8 FH down speed. Made me realize how unproductive I was all those years just using SOG. Tight lines! Mike
  9. It's not about the exact distance it's about the repeatability. Distance will be close but being able to get the lure back to the same place every time is key. Sort of like a Fishawk probe reads slightly faster than a Subtroll its not about the exact speed but consistency.
  10. Not sure what size boat you have but I took my 18' Crestliner to Olson Bros in Derby and they had someone from Rochester come in and make me a convertible Bimini with zip off windshield, zip off side curtains and a skirt for the opening under the windshield. Quality is great and comes in handy for sun, wind in March - April and rain. Dropped it off in the morning and it was done by dinner time.
  11. I run Cisco track and rod holders. Workmanship and quality are outstanding. Come with set screws on the end so no need to buy an end cap. All corners and edges radiused and their customer service is excellent. One friend runs Bert's tracks and another runs Traxstech and they are both very good too. Can't go wrong with any of them. As far as dipsey rod holders I have the Cisco cradle style Dipsey rod holders and they can be a pain with the butt sticking into the boat. I will be updating to the Canon ratcheting rid holders for my Dipseys. A buddy has them and I like the you can grab them and ratchet them up with one hand to make it easier to get the rod out. Hope this helps good luck.
  12. Wow must be ESP they were in the mailbox when I got home. Look great can't wait to try them.
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