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  1. Any Reports ? Water Temps? Hows the Bight guys?
  2. Just ordered a Standard spoon holder, Sent $35 threw Paypal Thanks Paul
  3. cedarswamp

    Best Stick Bait Boxes

    Looking for Ideas on storing Stick Baits ! Whats everyone like?
  4. cedarswamp

    WTB spoons lot

    I have a lot of spoons I will sell! Text me 518-681-7451 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. cedarswamp

    Oneida camping

    How much a night, are the cabins with a dock at Charleys
  6. cedarswamp

    Hydraulic steering Lines

    Ya its in Back right at motor ! Easy to get too ! Have to get a price!
  7. cedarswamp

    Panoptix for Trolling

    I wish there were a few more videos on this Application for the Panoptix !
  8. cedarswamp

    Hydraulic steering Lines

    Noticed some cracking on outsides of my Hydraulic steering lines , Is this anything to be concerned about right away ?
  9. cedarswamp

    Panoptix for Trolling

    Any info on Panoptix for Trolling ?
  10. Set of Riviera clamp on Planer Reels with line. $150 plus shipping
  11. Has anyone tried the Panoptix transducer with your Garmin unit for Trolling? Trying to get some info on this! The proper Panoptix transducer for trolling and seeing behind boat. Any first hand information would be appreciated.
  12. Looking for a Lowrance compatable , with Lowrance Auto pilot , I believe I need either the Gen 2 or Gen 3 , whats out there?