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  1. I could do $75, shipped to 12839
  2. Thanks LakerTaker
  3. Garmin Does Garmin have anything to run multiple (2 or 3), Garmin fishfinders off the same Transducer? I presently have the Garmin Ecomap 93sv Chirp , and would like to add another or two.
  4. Wanted

    Looking for some used!
  5. Front & Side curtains Looking for some side and front curtains for a 2006 Bayliner Trophy, 2002WA
  6. Line Counters that work Want everyone opinion on the best line counter Reels for $100 and Less !
  7. Line counter reels Why do Cabelas Depthmaster Linecounters stop working? Stick? I no they are Cheap compared to alot of Other Line counters , But is there something to do to fix this? Other than buying more expensive Reels?
  8. Not a Bad Idea !
  9. Plexiglass to a walk around Has anyone added Plexiglass to a walk around, to keep weather out , rather than curtains? Pics would be great and how does everyone fasten it to the Pipes?
  10. I would like to see how you Rigged up that Cooling Fan for the cabin !
  11. Has anyone sprayed yard guard around back of Boat ? Just wondering if this would help
  12. Remedy for Biting Flys Whats everyone's Best Remedy for the Biting Flys on the Boat ?
  13. Thanks Jay and Eye Spy for the kind words! No one wants to get screwed on a Boat ! Here's a pic of my new Ride !