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  1. Thanks Guys a lot of Great ideas to work with here!
  2. Justin, Id love to see a pic of that! I have a new mast going on in a couple weeks so that might work well! Thanks Paul
  3. Lights for evening Fishing Looking for some ideas on different lights used for night fishing walleyes, Post some pics up if you can! I'm setting up a 19' Starcraft with I/O, Looking for some different Ideas!
  4. I'll be selling my 25' Baha, Hard Top, has a 350 Volvo inboard, Great Fishing Rig, lots of back deck room! I'll be looking to get around $6500, Text me if interested 518-681-7451
  5. Guffin Bay Ice How is the Bite on Guffin? Ice thickness also?
  6. Guffin Bay Ice How is the Bite on Guffin? Ice thickness also?
  7. If anyone hears of a Lease becoming available Please let me no, Text me 518-681-7451 Thanks Paul Im looking to find some property in Southern Tier, to Bow Hunt! Or even a Club taking on Members
  8. Looking for a southern zone Club taking members or a piece of Land to Lease !
  9. Mine did interfere when it was mounted close to my Lawrence Transducer ! Moved it towards the center of Boat !
  10. You are gonna need a Motor Bracket , Panther makes a good one! A 20" shaft (long) shaft is more than long enough, with that boat and a Panther mount a short 15" shaft outboard would work fine! As far as motor size , a 5-8 HP is plenty , and this will keep the weight down on transom also. As far as a fish finder for $400, there is quite a bit to choose from, I would recommend a side scan imaging as well as something with a GPS built in. Shop around , talk with others on their diffrent units.
  11. I also have a TR-1 Gold Autopilot, have switched it from Boat to Boat like 4 times, Note the Brackets are Motor specific, so make sure you buy the right one for your motor. Would not be without one now that i've used it ! Works great!
  12. In search of a Planer Mast, to set up my Starcraft Super Fisherman, Looking for something Reasonably Priced! Text me 518-681-7451
  13. I have Two, Cannon Electrics Excellent condition! I got them with a Recent Boat purchase. $575 for the Pair, 518-681-7451 Text