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  1. 518-681-7451 Text me Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. ISO Hardtop w/ Outboard Looking for a Hardtop Boat with a decent size area for setting Riggers and fighting fish, would like something with a decent Beam width also! Powered by an Outboard !Whats out there
  3. I looked at Armstrong, They are nice but Pricy!
  4. Any information on this would be great! Want to start a project Boat and do this
  5. Outboard Conversion I'm considering doing a Conversion on a 25' Baha, from Inboard single screw to an Outboard! Need a Outboard motor Bracket if anyone has an idea where I can get one. Or if someone has a Used one I could buy from them. Any information on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  6. ISO Outboard motor Bracket Looking for an Outboard Motor Bracket to convert an Inboard to an Outboard ! Looking for one that will handle a 200-250 HP Outboard ! If anyone has any information on where I can find one or if you have a Old Boat with one that your stripping , please let me no!
  7. 25' Baha Hard Top,1990, W/ Roller Trailer, Needs a Transmission, I have located one for $1000, My Marine mechanic will replace Stringers install Motor and Tranny for $2700 that is buying the tranny from him also. I will sell Boat 350 Volvo, and Trailer for $2500. Need it out of my yard.518-681-7451
  8. for sale : usa

    Sid, I'm in Hudson Falls NY 12839,
  9. 25' Baha Hard Top, 1990 I have a 25' Baha , Hard Top ! This is a Beautiful Fishing Rig, Big Platform to Fight fish , Cuddy will sleep 3 without a problem, Inboard volvo penta 350, needs a Transmission and Motor put back in,my Marine Mechanic has a Transmission for $1000, If your interested in a Great Lake Ontario Rig , and can do some mechanical work yourself , this will make someone a great Boat. If your not mechanical but would still love a great deal and have my mechanic do the work, he will replace some stringers that are soft and put the motor and the new transmission in it for $2700 I will sell it for $2800. as it is ! With Trailer. Interested in pics text me 518-681-7451 thanks Paul
  10. Wanted

    Pap and Blind Squirrel , Send me a Text to my cell 518-681-7451 Give me an Idea how much you would want !
  11. ISO Boat Trailer Need a Roller Trailer , to support a 25' Bayliner !
  12. Sold / Closed

    So was this Boat a I/O , then converted to an Outboard ?
  13. Stearing Tight I have a 93 Starcraft with 3.0 I/O, It has the Rack and Pinion Stearing, so just cable staering. It is very difficult to stear seems real tight. I've been told its normal for that kind of stearing but seems too tight. Is there anything I can do? I've greased the shaft bar by back !
  14. That stuff looks real good! Is it Expensive?