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  1. 10-4 on northwoods, that's where I bought the unit, and they have cheapest price for the probe also. Knew it was a long shot but figured its worth a try.
  2. Cracked mine last year, looking for nice replacement if anyone has one. Thanks
  3. https://erie.craigslist.org/bpo/d/union-city-johnson-outboard/6824576067.html Dont seem like a bad deal
  4. Shimano talora is a nice rod but pricey, okuma has the blue diamond, and white diamond thats a little more affordable at about 100 bucks a piece.
  5. Yeah unless its equipped with electric start it will not have a charging system. But as mentioned you can add them relatively cheap.
  6. Steering bar much easier too to take on and off while on the water. Ez steer you can leave hooked up while transporting, but I lost some ease of steering. So i switched to the bar. Works well
  7. Nice 16 and 17. Just picked up a 19rr last week.
  8. Have two scotty downrigger plugs and outlets, were hooked to big jons so should work on anything, 45 shipped for both. (SOLD) Two scotty ball retrievers, 20 shipped for both. Four big jon bases for rigger, or rod holder, 10 a piece shipped. Trollmaster hardware kit for yamaha 6hp-8hp, and 2008 present 9.9hp. 25 bucks shipped.
  9. https://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/threads/big-jon-brute-es-downriggers.617894/
  10. Looking to see if anyone has fit 4 big jon style rod holders in roughly 14.5 inches of track. I'm looking at buying a set of triples that come with that length of track and adding a 4th to each one because I have some spares laying around, instead of buying the quads for more money. Thanks in advance.
  11. Came on the boat I purchased. Have original receipt showing it was bought in 2012. Comes with xducer, power cable, quick mount, manual, and sun cover. $150 plus the ride.
  12. Picked this up for my 8hp and ended up buying a 9.9 that requires a slightly different mounting bracket. No big deal, but I really don't have the need for the steering aspect of this. Would honestly prefer the pro 2. This is brand new and I'm looking to get what I paid for it which is $250. Only trade I would take is a new pro 2. Model number is TM206
  13. I looked at these before and love the design and length, but not the price. I have a buddy who fabricates and we are going to try doing one ourselves. I will post a pic once we get it done. I was just leary of the kicker smacking around being tilted up while running in and out. Had to strap the hell out of my last set up that had adjustable mount and was a pain doing so in 4ft waves that erie often blesses us with
  14. Be using 10 and 12lb balls and probably fishing a little shallower being on erie. Anywhere from 45fow at beginning of season out to 100fow at end.
  15. Anyone with expierence using this, will it pick your downrigger ball?
  16. I have a bracket for my main motor, and the kicker will be mounted about 30in back like the main. I was thinking I might have to rachet strap it, but was hoping I didnt have to. Reaching that far back past the transom is going to be a pain in the arse.
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