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  1. 2 stainless steel props: 15.5 X 14 and a 15 X 16 for $100 each. In Oswego, can ship at your cost.
  2. never thought of the braid and mono. Have to give it a try. I have the older 600's for wire and loved them. Thinking of upgrade for rigger rods.
  3. Anybody using the TEKOTA 600HGLC 's , like the speed ratio but was wondering if they would hold enough 30# line for salmon.
  4. I have the switch mounted on the motor and the trim/tilt assembly is still on the motor.
  5. Many newer parts: Coils, electronics, etc from previous rebuild. Let me know what you need and I'll give you a great price. $600 for complete motor. Lower unit for $350. 2 stainless steel props: 15.5 X 14 and a 15 X 16 for $100 each. Snagged a ring in left bank.
  6. Lost fishing buddy. Retired Oswego fisherman (with boat & tackle) looking to hook up with a new partner. Go to my info page and see if you're interested.
  7. Ya, I'm kinda leaning that way. Thanks for your input.
  8. Doing a repower on a fiberglass boat. Removed the lower nuts with an impact gun with no bolt spin. Seems to be nicely sealed in with a white calk. The inside bolt heads will be a pain to get to. Was wondering if I should just leave well enough alone or if I should try and bust them loose and reseal?
  9. Thanks, two more questions: Where are you located? Ever been in salt water? Thanks
  10. I'm in the market for a mercury 150XL repower but I'm really curious as to why you would be with such a fine running motor? Any compression test numbers?
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