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  1. I fish alone and love the challenge of catching and netting my own fish. Two things: Where are you going to go and catch bigger salmon than Lake O. Alaska maybe, good luck with that. Second, I know quite a few people that would get into the derby if they could because they fish alone. Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated fishing partner. A launch ticket or seasonal pass should suffice as proof that you fished Lake O. Just my two cents
  2. Like to order 2 12# torpedoes and ship to Oswego. Please give total and ETA Thanks
  3. Thanks empty hook but I think I located one from another member.
  4. Anyone in the Oswego area have a non-working big body cannon downrigger with a good frame body they are willing to part with? If it has a square hole at the bottom, it's what I'm looking for. Thanks, Mark
  5. Finally, a response with some common sense. Senator Patty Ritchie who represents the Eastern counties along Lake Ontario reached out to Gov. Cuomo yesterday to help open the marinas. 4-17-20_letter_to_governor_cuomo_re_reopening.pdf
  6. I've got a sweet Cabela's 45 cal. flintlock with all supplies I'd give ya a sweet deal on if you're interested.
  7. 2 stainless steel props: 15.5 X 14 and a 15 X 16 for $100 each. In Oswego, can ship at your cost.
  8. never thought of the braid and mono. Have to give it a try. I have the older 600's for wire and loved them. Thinking of upgrade for rigger rods.
  9. Anybody using the TEKOTA 600HGLC 's , like the speed ratio but was wondering if they would hold enough 30# line for salmon.
  10. I have the switch mounted on the motor and the trim/tilt assembly is still on the motor.
  11. Many newer parts: Coils, electronics, etc from previous rebuild. Let me know what you need and I'll give you a great price. $600 for complete motor. Lower unit for $350. 2 stainless steel props: 15.5 X 14 and a 15 X 16 for $100 each. Snagged a ring in left bank.
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