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  1. Absolutely the easiest way to load your boat centered on its trailer. As the boat travels forward, it is shifted towards the center. This set up is new, never installed. Works awesome if you have a keel roller. Says it fits roller trailers but would not adjust low enough to use on mine or it would be on it. My buddy uses one and it is awesome! Had to buy roller, shaft, and bracket to try this so you really save. $40 for what's in pic. Pick up in Oswego, Shipping on you.
  2. EZ steer system. Extra large 33in. unextended and extends to 38in. I had it connected between a 200 HP Johnson and 9.9 yamaha. Works as it should. Pick up in Oswego for $100 shipping on you.
  3. I have 2 SS props for OMC for $100 each if you're interested.
  4. It's all about amp hours. Buy the highest rated amp hour batteries available. I use 31's and found 105 AH batteries at Sam's club and saved a ton.
  5. Ya, I've been running the tail section too but never see them on the store bought packages.
  6. Just curious if you guys like to keep the tail section on when you cut the alewife plug?
  7. oops, sorry, I picked up a couple of the new high speed 600's on sale at Christmas time. They did have some then so you may want to check back.
  8. Check out Bottomdwellers.com Great prices, combines shipping, and no added tax.
  9. Was wondering if you are still selling. I would like a crank box sent to Oswego, NY 13126 Thanks, Mark
  10. Getting ready to respool. Was looking at the Ya-zuri hybrid. Has a hard slick outer covering of floro and inner nylon. Sounds perfect for fleas. Also no water absorbtion and low stretch. Anyone try this great sounding line????
  11. If you like to hike in and get away from the hunting crowd this is for you. A back pack pop up ground blind in like new condition. Easy up and easy store. $80. A back pack foldable deer cart in like new condition. $90. Buy them both for $150. Willing to trade for Tekota 600 HGLCA
  12. Picked this new downrigger for a spare but never used it . Everything in the box is original packaging. Comes complete with spooled cable, boom and parts, swivel base, 3 rod holders (2 in front and 1 on rear), cable terminator, and cannon pinch pad. Original Dicks sale price sticker says $379.97. Selling for $250 shipping on you. Send me a PM if you're interested. I'm in Oswego, NY
  13. Sent money order on the 6th, any ETA ? Thanks, Mark
  14. I fish alone and love the challenge of catching and netting my own fish. Two things: Where are you going to go and catch bigger salmon than Lake O. Alaska maybe, good luck with that. Second, I know quite a few people that would get into the derby if they could because they fish alone. Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated fishing partner. A launch ticket or seasonal pass should suffice as proof that you fished Lake O. Just my two cents
  15. Yes, still interested. Will send money order tomorrow.
  16. Like to order 2 12# torpedoes and ship to Oswego. Please give total and ETA Thanks
  17. Thanks empty hook but I think I located one from another member.
  18. Anyone in the Oswego area have a non-working big body cannon downrigger with a good frame body they are willing to part with? If it has a square hole at the bottom, it's what I'm looking for. Thanks, Mark
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