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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. We put water in the boat and found 1 rivet up front with a very slow leak and a couple areas on the transom and the motor mount bolts. Believe the mount bolts are due to the transom on its final year cause it is getting soft and didn't have a transom saver on for 2 years. The motor bouncing going down the road didn't do it any favors. We will keep looking Sent from my HD1907 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks. Gonna double check the livewell lines and then fill her up, well at least to the floor
  3. We have a 1985 16 foot Grumman and certain it is taking on water from somewhere. It pumps water out the bilge even though it hasn't rained or no other way of getting water inside. It is an aluminum hull with rivets. It seems to take it on slowly. We got 2 pictures of an area under the boat and I cannot tell if these 2 "holes" could be a culprit or if I need to keep looking. Has anybody else had any similar issues or offer any other places to look?
  4. I think it shut off today. Still around Tuesday , I hope to find something. Sent from my HD1907 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Are the tackle shops open to get more spoons and tackle? I assume they are but trying to decide on buying online or buying local. Would rather support local if we make it up. Thanks
  6. Any word on what the brown trout bite has been like between Wilson and Olcott? Or have they been skipped for kings...
  7. Did you every use this on the lake? I was wondering your opinion on it. I need an upgrade until I can afford the upgrade that i really want. Then I could keep something like this up front for trolling.
  8. So all you do is half hitch 1 of these small hair bands onto your line and then loop a shower curtain ring through it? Essentially you will go through at least 1 per hit as they break, and you won't need any clothes pins as pictured in other releases??
  9. Does anybody know where to get dry ice near Buffalo over the weekend? I have tried internet searching but cannot find anywhere other than M-F, 9-4. I thought maybe some locals might know more. Thanks!
  10. If we could get this motorcycle sold, then we would have the money for this boat. It looks like a great fishing rig Sent from my VK810 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I would love to prepare for a future tournament. Is the big thing just to know the rules well?
  12. Are any of the rod holder's adjustable? Hard to see in the pics Sent from my VS840 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I am glad you asked this because I have been wondering the same thing. Sent from my VS840 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Hi Steve. Good to see someone else local. I'm from State College, right over the mountain. Have only fished out of Olcott and don't have a boat ready to go yet. This is a great site and glad you get some good info.
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