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  1. anyone know any good thunder stick jr. colors for spring brown trout ?
  2. Hey Guys I'am new to trolling with planer boards. I made my own mast and boards. I'am using a old penn reel do you think i'll have any trouble with it as far as line over lay. being its dacron and that its on there pretty thick. WHAT SAY YOU FISHING GODS !
  3. Thanks Guys. sounds very simple can't wait is it spring yet !
  4. I just made a pair of sweet planer boards and a mast for my 16 ft.boat.I count the days to my spring trip. Its all down hill now. MY WIFE IS SO SICK OF ME TALKING ABOUT FISHING ! ! ! Hang In There Guys and Gals.
  5. Thats The Ticket. Thanks SK8man thats the way I am going to fish it. maybe I'll see you out their. I launch out of little sodus look for a 16' boat with home made planer board mast and one guy. My all your trips be SAFE ones.
  6. That Rubber Band stays nice on the reel. and do you use the same rubber band the next time you let your line out. Thanks for the tip thats pretty slick with the clothes pins.
  7. Thank You So Much. I just did it and it took a try or two but I think I got it. Now I can eat Dinner one more night on my trip in spring. Thanks that Helps Me Alot !
  8. Hello Fishing Gods. I am new to the amish boards. I used the CHURCH boards and would like to get away from those planer board rods and anything on my line. I am a fisherman on a tight budget and the Rubber Band clips are right up my alley. I am hoping you can tell me to GET them or DUMP them. I THANK YOU for your help !
  9. Hay Chas0218 Do you add lead to each board on each side. and how much. I am trying to make my own. Thanks.
  10. Thank You ! Thats great advice. I wouldn't have thought of it. I Live on Long Island and there are so many people here in such a small place I typically look forward to fishing alone. Its my only peace. .
  11. Thank You Miss em. that was a great article it really help fine tune things. now i just have to find them? maybe you know a nice place to stay on the south shore of L/O? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks all for the information! I'll be heading there in April, going alone, and welcome any advice. I think I'll try the Little Sodus area to begin with.
  13. I am looking to fish the eastern shore.And I do not live in the area. I fished little sodus bay mid may with not much luck.It was my first brown trout trip.I am planning a trip for april 19 and a little lost on were to go. I was thinking about heading up to henderson harbor area . CAN SOMEONE HELPPPP ME !!!!!! thank you . your friend from Long Island.
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