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  1. We will be out tomorrow. Might try toward Wilson or the bar.
  2. Been out all day today 100-300 fow. Got a few steels and kings most around 10 pounds or less. Hoping tomorrow is better.
  3. Got one 18 pounder this morning by red barn. Got another small one. Dead since then down by Wilson now.
  4. Can you post a pic of what a clip fin looks like? I come from out of state and usually fish Wilson but didn't know they do studies like this. I will start saving my heads and drop them off in Olcott to help out.
  5. Hi just looking for some info. We usually come up to Wilson or Olcott in August. Doesn't look like we can make it this August but can around the weekend of September 12. Are there still Salmon out on the lake in that area or are they starting to run the rivers? I don't really need specifics just wondering what time of year they start to run. Thanks
  6. I have a used 840 and probe for sale. The 840 comes with bracket and power cord. The display works fine. The probe does light up with a battery and there has never been water inside but I never did get a good reading with it. I upgraded to an x4. No transducer. $100
  7. Ok sounds good. Not sure I can troll that close to shore I would be scared to hit the bottom! Thanks for the info! Heading up there this weekend so hope we can find something to bite.
  8. What do u guys normally use for Browns? Would just small reef runner type sticks work? I assume in 6-10 fow you are just flat lining or using planer boards? Thanks
  9. Ok I will give that a shot!
  10. Can anyone make a bracket for me? I will pay for it. I'm having a hard time finding someone with a brake to bend it. Thanks
  11. Ok I see what you are talking about now. Great Idea! Thanks
  12. Yeah I was wondering that myself. How did you guys do this? Let me see some pics? Thanks
  13. Yeah it was a great boat for me. I hope I made the right decision! Sent from my XT907 using Lake Ontario United mobile app