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  1. Limitman

    Safe Boat for Lake Ontario

    I have a 23' Proline. Paid $18k us for it. I take it out in swells and pretty much anything 6' under. Now typically I won't go out it 6' but if it comes up I feel ok about it. The main thing is make sure your engine is well maintained and have backup to the backup Saftey gear and u should be fine. I have fished Lake Erie most of my life with a 20' boat and if u take it easy and don't drive like a manic u can do most days. I always try to plan where I'm fishing. If it's let say a good east or north east wind I will typically run east out of port so I can tell back with the waves in case I get in a pickle. That's just me though.
  2. Bump $1200 obo. Road ready just add your boat!
  3. The trailer I bought from Texas a few years ago and I have a title for it from there and a bill of sale to me. In Ohio we don't need a title for a trailer so basically I would just give u a bill of sale probably notarized and then u should be able to get one from your state. Best to call your motor vehicle place see what u would need. I have bought stuff from out of my state and that's the process I used.
  4. I have a 2001 magic tilt aluminum trailer for sale. It has new bearings as of last year, vortex hubs on the non brake axle, disc brakes, new leaf springs last year, newer winch, 2 spare tires, 2 new axles last year and led lights. I basically replaced the suspension last summer and also used all stainless hardware on the stuff I replaced. It's has a 6000 pound gvwr. $1800 obo. It's located in Cleveland Ohio but I can also meet halfway as long as it's reasonable. The tires have good tread left.
  5. We were out of Wilson this morning now in front of olcott 350'. Got one laker in 70 fow by Wilson and one King and one steel 325' olcott. Still out trying.
  6. We will be out tomorrow. Might try toward Wilson or the bar.
  7. Been out all day today 100-300 fow. Got a few steels and kings most around 10 pounds or less. Hoping tomorrow is better.
  8. Got one 18 pounder this morning by red barn. Got another small one. Dead since then down by Wilson now.
  9. Limitman

    SAVE clipped salmon heads

    Can you post a pic of what a clip fin looks like? I come from out of state and usually fish Wilson but didn't know they do studies like this. I will start saving my heads and drop them off in Olcott to help out.
  10. Limitman

    Weekend of Sept 12

    Hi just looking for some info. We usually come up to Wilson or Olcott in August. Doesn't look like we can make it this August but can around the weekend of September 12. Are there still Salmon out on the lake in that area or are they starting to run the rivers? I don't really need specifics just wondering what time of year they start to run. Thanks