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  1. Went out this morning in front of Olcott for couple hours. Trolled from 60 to 280 before we left. Got one big steelhead and couple big hits. Left before the rain came. Maybe see u all again next year. Good luck.
  2. Finally got a 25 pounder! Downrigger carbon 14 spoon 85 down over 95’ fow.
  3. Yes. Closer to Olcott. We got a couple more 5-8 pound kings and some steel. Been slow for us. All our action in the last 2 hours. 300 copper with carbon 14 spoon been consistent the past hour or so.
  4. Red barn/ Olcott. We are right behind u now. U went by me when we were going north. Black and white Proline.
  5. Just went back to back. One super small king one about 8 pounds. 330-350’. Carbon spoon down 100’
  6. We went a few miles west of Wilson trolled 80-100’ back to Olcott, nothing for us. Trolling north now. Marked fish just can’t get them to move.
  7. We are out by red barn. One big hit on carbon 14 spoon but lost it. 60’ fow. Now trolling back to the east.
  8. Just got in to Olcott right by the ramp. Will post results tomorrow when we get out.
  9. Thanks! We will be up Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Prolly out of Olcott but will run to the bar if that’s where it’s at. If the forecast holds true we will be able to run anywhere. Will post results if we have any.
  10. Figure on radio silence. In my 20 years of coming up to Olcott, no one likes talking on the radio up there! They must be busy reeling in fish.
  11. Sent u a PM. We will be up Saturday and Sunday out of Olcott.
  12. Thanks! I’d be happy with a few teenagers. We are taking someone new up there and can’t wait to see the smile on their face when those kings hit!
  13. We will be up from Ohio out of Olcott this weekend. Hopefully u left a few fish for us!
  14. Looking to buy aluminum boat trailer tandem axle 10k weight rating. Let me know what u have for sale.
  15. We are still out. Really calmed down almost to nothing. Kings are biting between 100-250 right out in front. Biggest is 18 pounds. Tons steelhead and smaller Kings as well.
  16. We are out. Was 2-4 now laying down. White caps are gone 1-2 now
  17. We just got home didn’t fish today but yesterday did ok couple miles west of Wilson in 140’. Wasn’t the best action but we got a few.
  18. What about the boat doctor guy in olcott?
  19. Can anyone living up in Olcott give me an update on travel restrictions? I want to head up Memorial weekend. All I can find is follow CDC guidelines which doesn't state that travel is restricted just to plan your trip properly. We are coming from Ohio. Thanks
  20. Thanks all! Yes it was crazy how many people were there from Ohio. Seemed like not after boat on 90 west. Yes I’m lucky the wife likes going and knows what she’s doing. She’s trying to get me to go back up there in the next couple weeks!
  21. If u look close at that pic u can see it all chopped up! Had to hide to take the pic! Lol
  22. Came up from Ohio to fish Olcott this past weekend. Saturday was a little bumpy...we started off in 200’ and worked out to 450’. We got one 18 pounder in 250’ on rigger 55 down with orange spoon. Also a couple shakers and smaller steelhead on meat. Nothing on flies for us. Sunday we got 3 nice ones. A 24 an 18 and 15. They were all on spin doc and no see um fly. Dipsy 3 setting 200 back. One 10 pound steel down 100. We stayed inside this time from Olcott to the microwave. Fished 100-130’. Best was right in front of microwave. Nothing on meat. We did have a few hits that came unbuttoned. Monday we fished same spot as Sunday. Lost one out of the gate but then landed a 30 pounder good enough for 8th place in the loc. That was on meat rig down 77. We had a few hits on flys today but they came off. We got one other on the same meat rig smaller but he ran right into the kicker prop and chopped himself up. Not it bad considering the wind was every direction the past few days
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