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  1. rubber bumper stays on to protect the prongs that stick out the front. remove at end of day otherwise water held inside will keep probe on and flatten your battery's.
  2. new company? something your making yourself? parts warranty on these in future.looking for downrigger swivel base. how many locking positions. thanks
  3. seemed to be yes i went toward the wider side of the range for my boat because the top got wider if that makes sense. meaning could have gone one range narrower with my boat width.
  4. being universal some fitting required but pretty minor.
  5. just bought a cheep one from oceans south online 6' 3 bow with rear support poles $115 shipped had it in 3 days. not nearly a custom but all told well made for the money. cheep shade.
  6. fish 307 has them can either be boom mounted or they sell a spud that goes in the rear holder to attach the duals too.
  7. when you run do you leave the ball on the hook or take off also do you leave them on the rail when trailering. no judging just curious why some are failing. the other guy that posted his base broke got me wondering the same. glad you were able to save it easier to send back for warranty. sucks about the rod though.
  8. we get interference if running garmin fishfinder at 77 khz and fishhawk at i think there 55 khz. normally its the fishhawk that looses signal though. switch to 200 on the garmin everything works. just another thought.
  9. big consideration also is if you want to network units together. the garmin 73 and 93 aren't net workable. belive the same with the helix series. they all make them that are just next jump up in price. .
  10. was getting ready to order one of those myself. now not so much.
  11. this is a good example of what makes this site great. heres a member asks a ? that alot find obvious and everyone answered him seriously without heckling him. kudos to all.
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