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  1. nice job out there all envolved.
  2. i did this in reverse put new extendable booms on my old mag 10As and they fit fine.
  3. sorry guys misspoke in post they are still available just not where i was looking. would still be interested in some used ones if anyone has any. pm is good. thanks jim
  4. sounds like a smokin deal. would you like fresh line on it also sir?
  5. nobodys had them in stock i can find for almost a year. 200's yes but not the 100's
  6. looking for a few in good order seems they stopped making the 100's. thanks jim
  7. just received one of their swivel bases for track mounting big jon riggger and seems to be very well made. havent run yet but seems like there will be very little play in it. well made product
  8. i run 500's with 25 lb and havent wanted for more. that said we only get up that way occasionally.
  9. trolling plates take a lot of your steering away also. a pair of trolling bags may help alot.
  10. running garmin and fishhawk also my two transducers are about 4' apart and when i get over about 50' deep cant run finder on 77 or loose the fishhawk. run on 200 no prob any depth.my setup looks similar to yours
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