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  1. nhjim

    Trout and salmon gear

    Hey Jared, you have a text on your phone. Thanks, Matt Drynet
  2. nhjim

    New downrigger question

    you need the insulator
  3. i run 10A's with 10 lb balls and they pull them ok. a little slower than 8's but not bad 1 believe 10 lb is the max on these per cannon.
  4. nhjim

    Starting over

    sorry for the loss. as a part time fire fighter see the results first hand and is truly devastating. hope you get things replaced before winter and good luck with the stripped down version.
  5. nhjim

    10 a rigger question

    pm sent thank you on the rise.
  6. nhjim

    10 a rigger question

    one of my cannon 10a riggers recently decided to not stop when coming up. down fine auto stop works just cant stop it with switch on way up anywhere in between. changed the switch out still the same.assuming must be the board but wondering if anyone had same prob before. rather not just keep throwing parts and hopeing. thanks jim
  7. nhjim

    Tie down those boats!

    bunk trailer too
  8. thats a bad day. id say panther should get get a nice pic of that for there wall of shame.
  9. nhjim

    wire diver rod length

    thanks for the input guys.
  10. nhjim

    Shimano Talora Dipsey rods

    have one of there 8' reg guides set up with braid very happy so far.seems well built and not a $30 tree trunk.
  11. nhjim

    Do this or you may be SORRY!

    did you ask the wife for it back first? sorry. think it fell off or someone borrow it on you. never heard of that.
  12. nhjim

    wire diver rod length

    hear alot about the twili tips for wire do you prefer the roller tip.would be getting new taloras anyway so could go either way. thanks for the input everyone.
  13. currently running only 1 braid diver rod off each side of the boat. thinking of adding wire divers am wondering what length rod s everyone runs was thinking of 7' wire rod inside on a1or 2 set with the braid on a10' rod on 3 or 4 set. my main concern is clearing rigger rods on a turn we run 2 riggers 45 degrees off rear corners. thanks jim
  14. is there a shortage of carpenters up that way i should quit and move aug trip seems too far off. unreal!