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  1. new sled for shanty

    i had same prob with my frabill few years ago priced it out was 2/3 cost of a new unit. did pop rivet and patch with silicone made drag whole lot harder and broke right at edge of patch again. new house it is

    dattilos in shelburne vt had some 6" this summer dont know about the larger size but they must have acess.
  3. Headache from propane

    some people are bothered more i know my mom has tried to go a few times and complains of it all the time. we run the buddy heaters and havent had a prob. but consistent headaches are no good id try a diff one for the cost. good luck hope you can figure out
  4. Headache from propane

    what are you running for a heater? and have you tried swapping with a buddy to see if its just poor burn on yours.
  5. OK, Was It Just Me

    same for me got the same error message.
  6. oak boat launches

    thanks again
  7. oak boat launches

    thanks for the help is narbys right on the way or off near
  8. oak boat launches

    oak boat launches hear about going out of the oak alot was wondering where the launch is. going to do a drive thru tomorow to check out normally fish further up the lake and am not familiar with that area at all. thanks
  9. Aluminum Haul Hard Top boats

    cant belive that hewscraft in the classifieds hasent sold anyone pricing these boats would see that's a serious boat for short money
  10. suspension seats

    thaks guys looking like thats the answer theres others out there but they look like the best so far. were you able to maintain your original seat height in your sport angler reel time or did it raise them up.
  11. suspension seats

    suspension seats was wondering if any of you guys have had anything to do with suspension seats. my dad is having back problems from the rough runs. Pref toward a pedastal style as would be going in a lund. but any info would give me a starting point. thanks jim
  12. multiple fishfinders on same boat

    thanks guys. looking it up they do operate same khtz so much for that idea.
  13. multiple fishfinders on same boat I know a lot of guys run multiple units on the same boat front back etc. I have an existing hummingbird that was going to leave in the back for the depth mostly when running rigers. just bought a new garmin for console mounting. both transducers would be on transom does this work or do they interfear with each other. if so whats the fix . thanks
  14. new to ontario

    yea winni's about our only option close by. we started going to champain this year also about a 2hr run for us but worth it. 1st trip to Ontario was april this year and sold us on the 6 1/2 hr ride wish we could make it more than twice a year. good luck