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  1. we buy the ones on Michigan anglers website. seem to have been consistently good for the 2 seasons we've been using them and says there biodegradable.
  2. we did it for years with offshore pinch pad releases. over multiple years of use you do get some wear on the lead core. we went to rubber bands last year have been happy with that half hitch around the lead clip band into release. sometimes the band will break sometimes it pulls out of the release. most guys do segmented lead cores to me that's a lot of knots to have in 1 line but it works.
  3. thats the way both mine work i have 10 a's. kind of a pain but is what it is. i find coming up a little extra then dropping back down you can control easier.
  4. if your handy with machine tools dont know why you couldnt. but that being said alot of money hanging onto the tracks if you get it wrong.
  5. big weenie brand is almost identical and readily available on line in the states here. check them out and good fishing.
  6. great video thanks for posting.
  7. someone on here last year had similar prob and i believe only had 1 rod holder on the rigger which left the other side with a bolt hole open right to the inside of rigger.
  8. Dont know if i read this wrong.If your attaching a fixed slider to a cable with a rubber band that will break when a fish hits it would be attached to another rod that would count as another rod. sliders/cheaters fixed or sliding would be attached to the line of an existing rod.just dont want to see someone get jambed up on a rod count.
  9. guess i should also ask about tackle shops in the area as we always seem to frequent them.
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