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  1. used circuit board yikes! fish 307 has them new reasonable.
  2. yes alot of good info in it.
  3. wow is it giveaway day? deal of the year there.
  4. all good choices cant go wrong with any of them. pick one once you shoot a few with it it will be your favorite caliber.
  5. got myself some cisco track and rod holders. merry christmas to me
  6. glad im not the only. my wife shakes her head and calls me nuts but we already knew that!
  7. cisco 15% off orders over $250.00. easy to hit that on there site
  8. would depend on what your trying to do with it. any of them will give you lat long # if looking for that to use in conj with a radio for emergency. if you get one with a track feature which i belive most all have now you could use it to follow if looking to repeat a troll. there does seem to be a conspiracy about handhelds and not having compatable lake mapping software.one with topo maps in it will show you on a lake but they dont make one that has any depth charts. i looked around alot last year as i wanted something for ice fishing as were driving around on the wheeler. hope this helps.
  9. still never heard anything back from paypal about them either. odd you think they would be right on it.
  10. i would not do the vinyl under creating a water trap. seal bottom with epoxy.
  11. have not heard anything back from paypal on them yet
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