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  1. nhjim

    Splash down

    youll love it there after you come down drygulch rd that hasent seen a grade job for the past 5 years youll arive at the camp the first word that came to mind was deliverance. if you arrive in the am the owner will be out on a charter which means his wife will give you the run around about which dock you may use the one with 2, 3, or 4 pc of rebar sticking out the side. if your lucky youll get to tie up next to the gut boat. you can turn around in front of the launch of course anywhere else is easier because the kids can push off the bank front and back at the same time to help. ideling in and out is def a good idea so you dont fill the water jacket full of silt big rock pile on the right as you exit mouth of river and be very careful coming in with a following sea because tend to hit bottom when its only 3' deep and you have 3 footers. ow yea and would def clean your fish on the lake and not at there "fish cleaning station" if you plan on eating them. that being said we were smart enough to stay there 3 times before we found another rental and its hard to beat the location to the fishing if targeting the plant.
  2. nhjim

    Wanted Looking for a Fish Hawk X4

    have the garmin 7" on my boat happy starting into season 2. there transducer is 77 or 200 to run on 77 with fishhawk will need them on oposite sides of boat.
  3. nhjim

    Hummingbird guys

    looks like a fish hawk in the middle they run at 70 khz what little i know about it if they operate within about 20 khz of each other they need better seperation. would just check what your others are running at. i had a hummingbird that ran at 77 khz that i cant mount because of this. the garmin i have now is selectable 77 or 200 so just run on 200. hope this helps.
  4. wondering what max depth on this is and what khz transducer is. looking for 1 for depth to mount back at riggers but couldnt find info online on this one. thanks
  5. nhjim

    Massena area fishing

    used to bowfish carp up that way. put in massena intake dam launch and fished around croil island. saw quite a few big muskies at night under the lights. but has been 3 yrs
  6. reel only or talora come with
  7. received today in as new condition thanks newmike 3 color leads they will be.
  8. nhjim

    new sled for shanty

    i had same prob with my frabill few years ago priced it out was 2/3 cost of a new unit. did pop rivet and patch with silicone made drag whole lot harder and broke right at edge of patch again. new house it is
  9. nhjim


    dattilos in shelburne vt had some 6" this summer dont know about the larger size but they must have acess.
  10. nhjim

    Headache from propane

    some people are bothered more i know my mom has tried to go a few times and complains of it all the time. we run the buddy heaters and havent had a prob. but consistent headaches are no good id try a diff one for the cost. good luck hope you can figure out
  11. nhjim

    Headache from propane

    what are you running for a heater? and have you tried swapping with a buddy to see if its just poor burn on yours.
  12. nhjim

    OK, Was It Just Me

    same for me got the same error message.
  13. nhjim

    oak boat launches

    thanks again
  14. nhjim

    oak boat launches

    thanks for the help is narbys right on the way or off near