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  1. fish 307 has them can either be boom mounted or they sell a spud that goes in the rear holder to attach the duals too.
  2. when you run do you leave the ball on the hook or take off also do you leave them on the rail when trailering. no judging just curious why some are failing. the other guy that posted his base broke got me wondering the same. glad you were able to save it easier to send back for warranty. sucks about the rod though.
  3. we get interference if running garmin fishfinder at 77 khz and fishhawk at i think there 55 khz. normally its the fishhawk that looses signal though. switch to 200 on the garmin everything works. just another thought.
  4. big consideration also is if you want to network units together. the garmin 73 and 93 aren't net workable. belive the same with the helix series. they all make them that are just next jump up in price. .
  5. was getting ready to order one of those myself. now not so much.
  6. this is a good example of what makes this site great. heres a member asks a ? that alot find obvious and everyone answered him seriously without heckling him. kudos to all.
  7. prob swivel not spinning and line twist till it pops.
  8. nice video as always. thanks for posting
  9. would you ship to nh and if so do you have the base for it. thanks jim
  10. the key on my starcraft was lower left corner of the console always worried about it with my knee. finally pulled it and there was enough wire to move it up the dash about 10". glad you were able to get it going to make it in.
  11. i jb welded the lock nuts to the underside of the mounting plates also so could just hold the whole thing in there without worrying about dropping the nuts. they didnt like the shock of cordless impact driver but stayed put when tightening with hand tools.
  12. when i mounted tracks on my starcraft it has rod lockers similar to yours. the inside of mine were just a real thin plastic. i carefully cut some hand size rectangles out of the top in 3 places. that gave me access to put the backing plates and nuts on my Cisco tracks.when done was able to just tape the cutouts back in with typar house wrap tape.unless laying on the floor looking up in its unnoticeable and tracks are on there to stay.
  13. good video from traxtech on youtube about riveting them on. would think just depends how thick your gunnel material is.
  14. thanks offshore we were going to come up for browns but will put it off for now. good luck to all
  15. maybe im missing it but just looked it up and cant find anywhere a travel ban on out of stater's coming into NY. please correct me if im wrong.
  16. wondering how these are with blowback. have run both round balls and shark style how do the torpedos compare. thanks jim
  17. 10a rated at 10 lbs but do hear alot people pulling 12's no prob
  18. ran them today. zeroed at waterline one is hitting bottom 7' too soon at 24' on the counter. I know there not dead accurate even at there best but time to fix issue before put the probe into the rockpiles. thanks for response though.
  19. anyone know how much rigger cable is supposed to be on the old cannon mag 10A riggers. looks like 150 or 300' spools are common. bought mine used and have lost some over the past few years. noticing counters are off by alot would like to respool them. Thanks jim
  20. we buy the ones on Michigan anglers website. seem to have been consistently good for the 2 seasons we've been using them and says there biodegradable.
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