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  1. I bought 1/2" closed cell foam in black. I cut foam in squares to fit whatever size box you use...I am using a rubbermaid box. Cut notches in top and bottom of foam and wrap leader around foam and hook stays in bottom of foam. To protect fly i bought 3/4" clear tubing from Lowes and cut pieces and now you can slide down to protect fly. This container will hold over 80 rigs and is nice and compact.
  2. Tied hundreds of flies. I use double sided permanent scotch tape...very easy...I can whip them out and never had a problem coming apart trolling. i put a couple wraps of thread and coat in hard head cement....done.
  3. Yep...ordered plenty from them...the owner is a great person and fast delivery!
  4. Fluorocarbon leader or not I am running 30lb Trilene Big Game on my rigger reels for Salmon...are you guys running a fluorocarbon leader or not. Thanks....
  5. Itroll hands down!! Worth the little extra money compared to other brands and the servo can be purchased and very easily replaced if that should ever fail. Going on 2 years with 0 issues. Checkout itroll.com.
  6. I have bought motors online and had to take to a dealer and no issues with repair. If so...call the manufacturer and they will resolve.
  7. Bought 9.9 pro kicker from Shorts Marine last year on e-bay as well. Good seller...free shipping and 0 tax and great prices!. Can't beat the deal and all Mercury dealers have to honor the warranty.
  8. Thanks...this gives me some options..
  9. Thanks for the reply a lot of sites list them but are sold out and reel is not made anymore. If you know who has them in stock let me know. Thanks
  10. Large level wind for 500 copper? What nobody makes a level wind that will hold 300yards 50lb power pro and 45 lb copper? Okuma soltera 50 not made anymore I do not want a conventional level wind. What is out there?
  11. Sanitary gear...hand wipes etc. May sound crazy but I carry a couple of garbage bags and t paper in case you have to go number 2 in an emergency. My boat does not have a toilet available.
  12. What do you have running on the battery to your electronics and graph? What size wire...I ran 10 gauge wire from battery with a 30 amp fuse at battery to a fuse block under my dash and electronics off of that with zero issues. Garmin 7610xsv graph...Fish hawk unit, FM Radio and marine radio. I believe the Garmin draws more amps than the Humminbird which was my previous graph with same setup.
  13. i have a 150Hp Merc 4-stroke and have a 9.9 pro kicker. I used a fuel water separator... it will have one input and 2 outputs. Use check valves on each fuel line to the motors...A good squeeze ball valve has the check valves built in. I have had zero problems with this setup and works great!
  14. Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip For sale a Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 chip. This is the Extreme Depth model with a 200/83/50 transducer. This unit was used as a backup and is less than a year old in excellent almost brand new condition. I am asking $575.00 to include shipping...will entertain serious offers only! Shipping to US only. I have 100% + feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud. Description: With its wide 8" HD display and stunning resolution, the Humminbird 900 Series has become a favorite among anglers and seafarers around the globe. With a screen optimized for increased sunlight readability and 16:9 aspect ratio for easy split screen views, the 900 Series is a great choice for numerous fishing and boating applications. HD 8-inch display: 480V x 800H, 16:9 Color DualBeam PLUS™ w/SwitchFire™ Sonar coverage: 20°, 60° & 74° @ -10dB Sonar frequencies: 200/83/50kHz Depth: 3,000' 8,000W (PTP), 1,000W (RMS) Internal GPS Receiver 10Hz GPS Speed Included Dual SD Card Slots Upgradable Software Ethernet Networking 360° Imaging Comes standard with XHS-9-DB-74-T transducer Options: Lakemaster, Navionics® Gold/HotMaps; Navionics® Platinum+™; 360° Imaging®; QuadraBeam Plus™; 5-Port Expansion Module; Minn Kota i-Pilot® Link™; Radar; NMEA 2000® and AIS compatibility