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  1. i have a 150Hp Merc 4-stroke and have a 9.9 pro kicker. I used a fuel water separator... it will have one input and 2 outputs. Use check valves on each fuel line to the motors...A good squeeze ball valve has the check valves built in. I have had zero problems with this setup and works great!
  2. Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip For sale a Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 chip. This is the Extreme Depth model with a 200/83/50 transducer. This unit was used as a backup and is less than a year old in excellent almost brand new condition. I am asking $575.00 to include shipping...will entertain serious offers only! Shipping to US only. I have 100% + feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud. Description: With its wide 8" HD display and stunning resolution, the Humminbird 900 Series has become a favorite among anglers and seafarers around the globe. With a screen optimized for increased sunlight readability and 16:9 aspect ratio for easy split screen views, the 900 Series is a great choice for numerous fishing and boating applications. HD 8-inch display: 480V x 800H, 16:9 Color DualBeam PLUS™ w/SwitchFire™ Sonar coverage: 20°, 60° & 74° @ -10dB Sonar frequencies: 200/83/50kHz Depth: 3,000' 8,000W (PTP), 1,000W (RMS) Internal GPS Receiver 10Hz GPS Speed Included Dual SD Card Slots Upgradable Software Ethernet Networking 360° Imaging Comes standard with XHS-9-DB-74-T transducer Options: Lakemaster, Navionics® Gold/HotMaps; Navionics® Platinum+™; 360° Imaging®; QuadraBeam Plus™; 5-Port Expansion Module; Minn Kota i-Pilot® Link™; Radar; NMEA 2000® and AIS compatibility
  3. Very easy solution to the problem. All of you folks that have placed an order and have not received product,refund or a returned phone call....You need to file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's Office...they will look into the business practices of this individual and possibly take the necessary steps to resolve...I have had success this way. Good Luck....
  4. Thanks for the reply., I was wondering about chirp... no chirp...is there a big difference? Also, I wanted to upgrade so I can have wifi for a tablet at the stern as well.
  5. Fish locater ideas Question. I am possibly looking to upgrade to the "latest greatest". For you trolling gurus/charter captains what are you guys running for a brand. I have a humminbird 959 but was looking to upgrade to a wifi...bluetooth chirp model. I was looking at the new Simrad models...any thoughts?
  6. Agree...you can use breakers or fuses..whatever works for you....The riggers have protection on the rigger with a breaker... but what about the circuit from the battery to the rigger...that must be fault protected. Fuses are about 4 bucks for 5 fuses versus the cost of DC breakers. The point i am making is...I have seen to many boat set-ups with no fault protection and now the boat is up in flames.
  7. I can add a tip. When wiring...10 gauge wire minimum for 30amps and do not skimp on the wire. Have leads as short as possible from rigger to battery as voltage will drop with length. FUSE FUSE FUSE...I have a fuse block on battery with downrigger leads off of fuse block with 30 amp fuses.
  8. I have a Starweld 20 with a 9.9 pro kicker...port side. Plenty of power and I have it paired with an Itroll troll control. Love my setup.
  9. This coat was used about 3 times and is in flawless like new condition...no blemishes or tears. I am a non smoker as well. Color Black.. Size is 3XL.. will fit 52-56". This coat is listed for over $320.00. I am asking $210.00 firm as this is a great deal and will include shipping! If I have to ship outside US, shipping will be more. I live near Utica, NY and will meet within reason and will take $200.00. I accept PayPal. Also, I have 100% feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud. Mustang’s Catalyst Coat (and Jacket) with the M-Tech Comfort System. The coat is cut straight up and down and is longer than the jacket, providing extra protection. The coat also features additional front flap pockets. Coast Guard Approved Type 3 When worn together, the Catalyst Flotation Coat and Catalyst Flotation Pant provide an immersed Clo Value of 0.17. See Related Products, below. • M-Tech Comfort System provides unparalleled range of motion and mobility • Waterproof, breathable, tri-laminate outer shell • Outer shell is waterproof to 10,000mm with vapor transmission rate of 5,000 g/m² per 24 hr • Protection from rain and spray without the clammy feeling of traditional flotation coats • Field tested by Coast Guard training crews, fishing lodges and Mustang PRO-staff • Zippered chest pocket and front slash hand-warmer pockets • Underarm ventilation zippers • Front cargo pockets • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility • Integrated hood with reflective trim ComfortCuff™ technology • D-ring • USCG - UL1123 - Marine Buoyant Devices 160.064 - Type III
  10. Any size to them?...I have given up on Chaumont...you catch 100 dinks to a few good ones. When I go, can never seem to find the good ones. I am looking for 9-12 inchers...otherwise not worth filleting in my book.
  11. I used green grease that is the brand name...it is a good synthetic grease. I bought it at autozone
  12. These riggers are very easy to service yourself. I had the same problem with my Mag 10 H/S's. Go to fish 307.com download the schematics for you rigger and get part numbers and order from them...cheapest around for cannon parts. I replaced my board....installed a new switch...Just remember what wires have been removed and then "plug-n-play" I also changed the rigger power cords and battery cords to new style. While I had the rigger open...I replaced clutch pad and totally re-greased the gear box. Then I changed the thrust bearing and washers and re-greased...very simple to do yourself...unit is back to new condition.
  13. I have the Penn squall 30 and it holds 150 yards 50lb power pro and 500' of copper no problem.
  14. It should be mounted on the opposite side as your locator. What I did so I didn't have to drill in to my aluminum boat is purchase the stern saver it cost's 50.00 and it is glued on to the boat and let me tell you it is rock solid. The company makes a great product and will last the life of my boat and very easy to mount. Check out there web site. Bass pro sells them in white or black.
  15. With all the cannon downrigger users here...nobody has ever re-greased the gearbox and thrust bearing?