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  1. I have a 2018 Fishmaster 210 and love this boat. If anybody is looking for a big water boat..this is it. Should be an easy sell!.
  2. Just buy a Ranger Heavy-Duty Hook-Free Treated Replacement Net at Fish USA for less than 20.00? Already coated.
  3. I have a 9.9 pro kicker electric start with alternator and my transducer for fish hawk is near motor and no issues. Is transducer in prop wash...could be problem?. You can try a ferrite ring. Did probe work same location before kicker? Wire temporarily probe/head unit to a separate battery not tied into charging system and see if that works and you can narrow down issue.
  4. Great Job! I love my Starcraft Fishmaster and you will love your Mariner.... great boat for Big Water!
  5. I own a Starcraft Fishmaster 210. Great boat for Lake Ontario. Great warranty and tows very easy. Check em out...
  6. Amen on the Itroll...going on 3years and works flawless!
  7. I would look at itroll system. I looked at several and this is the one i purchased...works flawlessly for 3 years now and very easy to install.
  8. I have EV-150 installed on my Fishmaster 210 with a 150 HP and a 9.9 kicker. Kicker is attached to main motor by a threaded steering rod. System works great for trolling and using autopilot on kicker.
  9. I am looking to purchase a new net. What net are you guys using for salmon on the boat? Need something somewhat tangle free.....long handle and large enough basket. Thanks.
  10. Garmin 7610xsv. Take a look at this picture of kings working bait on lake Ontario. Doesn't get much better than this.
  11. You need to buy a rubber switch boot to go over switch to keep water out... buy from fish307...authorized cannon parts dealer. This is what i use..it is black...made by GE.. door and window sealant 100 % silicone.. available at Lowes/Depot and does not have acetic acid for curing agent.
  12. Pap...here is my set-up. It works flawlessly with my Raymarine autopilot. Autopilot controls hydraulics and turns both motors at same time with rod in place. Both motors raise independent of each other with rod and heim joints. Buy 1/2 heim joints on e-bay and 1/2 threaded rod stainless. Cut to fit... attach heim joints and you are all set. Very inexpensive to make and simple. Will need kicker bracket as seen in picture....I bought directly from merc and will need HP6083 SeaStar Tie Bar Hardware Kit .
  13. Pap i will take a picture of my set-up....give me a bit...
  14. Pap...do you have Seastar hydraulic steering?...if you do, they sell Sierra HP6083 SeaStar Tie Bar Hardware Kit...then buy 1/2" heim joints on e-bay for about 10 bucks a piece...buy 1/2 stainless threaded rod. You will have to buy or fabricate a bracket for kicker...mine is a Mercury and I bought bracket from them. Mount bar with heim joints to main motor and kicker motor with hitch pins and you are done. You are mounting inside boat..not outside boat like the crappy EZ steer rod. Motor will raise and lower independently of each other and will work with autopilot. You can remove rod in about 30 seconds or less. I keep mine together at all times. Works great and was very reasonable in price. Any questions give me a shout...
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