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  1. Hewescraft and Alumaweld are the cats ass in aluminum boats. But the problem is I live in Central NY and the closest dealer is in Ohio as far as Hewescraft goes...and alumaweld dealer is even farther I believe. Please quote me if I am wrong. Kind of a deal breaker if you have to travel quite a distance for service.
  2. I have heard nothing but good from raymarine ev100 and now 150 owners.. they have been saying very reliable at salmon trolling speeds and in rough seas... has nmea2000 capabilities so can talk to many units out there for waypoint locations and tracks. This is the unit I will be buying.
  3. Fish Hawk Contact (218) 454-4760
  4. Call Fish Hawk...great company and great people to talk to for installation questions...they will help you with this. I am running a Garmin 7610XSV with a GT51- TM which is midband(medium chirp) and I am running in chirp mode with 0 issues. Hawk ducer on port and Garmin on starboard.
  5. Give fish307.com a call. They sell a ton of Cannon downrigger parts and the technician probably will talk to you and explain the fix...i have done that in the past with them...just be sure to order your parts from them...
  6. Slide diver makes a kit that comes with a heavier weight and a large ring...that should get down to depths desired. It is called U-Charters Slide Diver Ultimate Accessory Ring and Weight Set. Sold at many stores...Google it.
  7. 2-Cannon Mag 10HS's....Mint condition! I have 2 Cannon Mag10HS for sale. I am selling because my new boat came with 2 brand new cannon riggers. These riggers are mint and have both been totally rebuilt last year with new motors, computer boards, new motor housings and the clutch pads and thrust bearings/washers have been replaced and greased. Also, these riggers have been upgraded to the new power wires! These riggers are fast! With positive ion and auto stop at the surface. No cracks as well. Comes ready to fish with 2 swivel bases and mounts, power wires to battery, nuts and bolts and I even have 2 locks for these riggers which are very hard to find these days. I am asking $560.00 for both riggers. I live in Utica, NY. I can meet near Pulaski,Oswego area or in Utica area. Shipping will be extra and I will not ship overseas! When wiring these riggers make sure you use the right gauge wire. I am running 10 gauge closest to battery and 6 gauge to the other rigger on opposite side of boat. I have 100% + feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud.
  8. I bought 1/2" closed cell foam in black. I cut foam in squares to fit whatever size box you use...I am using a rubbermaid box. Cut notches in top and bottom of foam and wrap leader around foam and hook stays in bottom of foam. To protect fly i bought 3/4" clear tubing from Lowes and cut pieces and now you can slide down to protect fly. This container will hold over 80 rigs and is nice and compact.
  9. Tied hundreds of flies. I use double sided permanent scotch tape...very easy...I can whip them out and never had a problem coming apart trolling. i put a couple wraps of thread and coat in hard head cement....done.
  10. Yep...ordered plenty from them...the owner is a great person and fast delivery!
  11. Fluorocarbon leader or not I am running 30lb Trilene Big Game on my rigger reels for Salmon...are you guys running a fluorocarbon leader or not. Thanks....
  12. Itroll hands down!! Worth the little extra money compared to other brands and the servo can be purchased and very easily replaced if that should ever fail. Going on 2 years with 0 issues. Checkout itroll.com.
  13. I have bought motors online and had to take to a dealer and no issues with repair. If so...call the manufacturer and they will resolve.
  14. Bought 9.9 pro kicker from Shorts Marine last year on e-bay as well. Good seller...free shipping and 0 tax and great prices!. Can't beat the deal and all Mercury dealers have to honor the warranty.