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  1. I need to add a 2nd battery due to elec riggers..autopilot etc. The question I have is should I purchase a ACR Auto Charge Relay kit by Blue Seas or just purchase a dual battery Perko switch and run it off of that without auto charge relay? Any thoughts?
  2. pjprod

    Where to buy gear

    Fish USA has 10% off coupon good through tonight
  3. pjprod

    Hummingbird Helix High Voltage Warning

    Be safe and take a voltage reading with a volt meter. Better safe than sorry. I believe anything above 14 volts could be high for the unit...not 100% sure...
  4. pjprod


    Same here...stringers were bad ruined my u-joint/coupler...motor starts to sag and comes out of alignment with lower unit etc. Good luck...Bust Out Another Thousand... BOAT. Sucks big time...been there...
  5. I have a raymarine ev150 looking to have auto pilot hydraulic pump installed. I do not want to deal with hydraulic hoses,fittings and bleeding of the system. I will install rest of components. Any shops in Central, Western N.Y. that does this?
  6. pjprod

    Transducer mount plate

    I mounted a stern saver exactly as instructions stated and mine started to come unglued had to drill and mount screws. Not a big fan of stern saver. Drill holes...screw in...glue and mount.. only way to go.
  7. I currently own a X4D I was looking to maybe purchase the smart troll basic kit mainly for copper and dipsey depths. Do they work together or interference issues. Does the smartroll pickup dipsey if set back like 350 ft? I do own a Fishhawk TD but i always seem to get erroneous readings. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am selling a Fish Hawk X4...used one season in excellent condition. Comes ready to fish. Includes head unit, rain cover, mount, probe, transducer and power cable. This unit is retailing for $649.99 on every site I have seen. Here is your chance to save money on practically a new unit! Price is $520.00 firm...price will include shipping to USA only...If shipped to Canada will have to adjust pricing a bit. I will not ship or sell overseas! I will accept paypal or cash only! I have 100% + feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud. Product Description Wireless digital-data transmission reaches to 300 ft. underwater Fully sealed, leakproof probe electronics Magnum-digit LCD Displays surface and probe temperatures and speeds With the Fish Hawk X4 Trolling System, you can easily maintain optimum lure speed and pinpoint desired water temperatures when trolling. The probe attaches to your downrigger and wirelessly transmits data from up to 300 ft. underwater to drastically increase your chances of catching fish. Displays both surface and probe temperatures and speeds. Fully sealed, leakproof probe electronics. Magnum-digit LCD. Water-sensitive auto on/off. Easy to use with any downrigger. Uses four AA batteries (not included). Includes power cable, transducer, mount and breakaway cannonball safety cable. Made in USA.
  9. pjprod

    Wanted Fish hawk

    I maybe selling my X4. I will post pictures and come up with a price. Unit is one year old and in excellent shape.
  10. I just dropped 49 G's on a 2018 Fishmaster 210 bare bones. Thank god i have all of my equipment off of my old boat. If your boat was available in the fall...I would have considered your price. I can't wait to get it.....a truly awesome Lake Ontario boat.
  11. pjprod

    4 stroke kickers winterizing

    I also run RV antifreeze thru the ear muffs. I bought a very large storage bin, a cheap 110V submersible pump and I put a 5 gallon pail in the bin...fill the 5 gallon pail with Non-Alcohol RV antifreeze and put pump in 5 gallon pail...turn on engine...turn on pump and now the RV antifreeze flows thru engine and recycles in large bin. Filter out bin and you can reuse RV antifreeze. I have tried the Camco DIY motor winterizer kit and it does not work as good as this set-up.
  12. pjprod

    Best 110v spool winder?

    I own the same line winder with line counter by South Chatam Tackle. I believe e-bay has them listed. This unit is awesome especially for level winds and my copper reels. I can spool copper and can even break your copper down by the foot and add some shrink tube at 100' marks. My best investment for lake fishing so far!
  13. pjprod

    Anybody own a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220?

    Hewescraft and Alumaweld are the cats ass in aluminum boats. But the problem is I live in Central NY and the closest dealer is in Ohio as far as Hewescraft goes...and alumaweld dealer is even farther I believe. Please quote me if I am wrong. Kind of a deal breaker if you have to travel quite a distance for service.
  14. I have heard nothing but good from raymarine ev100 and now 150 owners.. they have been saying very reliable at salmon trolling speeds and in rough seas... has nmea2000 capabilities so can talk to many units out there for waypoint locations and tracks. This is the unit I will be buying.
  15. pjprod

    Chirp Transducer and Fish Hawk ???

    Fish Hawk Contact (218) 454-4760