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  1. Thank You for all the advise as i will be sure to use it for the next time. Great info.
  2. That would be gps speed. I run without the trolling plate. Thanks guys. This was my 3rd season and have caught 3 to be exact. It's just that the speed and control is fight in its self.
  3. I have a 20 foot Trophy with a 125hp mercury. Also has a trolling plate on it. My problem is i have a very hard time controlling the speed and the boat itself. I fought kepping it straight all morning till i said forget it. Only run 2 downriggers and lines got tangled once. I try to run 2 2.5mph but watch it fluctuate up to 3.5mph. Is this normal or is it i don't know what im doing yet. Thank You for any opinions or ideas.
  4. Hello new to the site Will be fishing out of osewgo this week and would like to know where to get the fish filleted. There was a guy at Wrights Landing last year, don't know if he is still there. Any info is appriciated. Thank you AJ
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