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  1. What port are you fishing out of? Congrats on your success!
  2. I fish alone quite a bit and wear my co2 life jacket always! As an extra precaution, I am tethered to my kill switch by a coiled telephone cord. It expands easily to set lines and fight fish, and contracts back when I’m driving the boat.If I go overboard, my boat is going to wait for me.
  3. 110’ on riggers and 325-350 on dipsies over 150-180 fow. All flasher meat or fly. No takers on spoons today.
  4. Got out around noon. 1 steelhead 85/340 on flasher meat fishing solo. Will report any king action ( if it happens)
  5. Higher in the column and further away due to blowback. Mine does the same
  6. Olcott. Best summer fishing imo. Short run to 150-200. Great steelhead fishing too.
  7. Is anyone else starting to notice just a little change to the fall spawning bodies of some of the pictures of kings lately🧐🧐?
  8. That second one has got some shoulders!! Very nice.!!!!
  9. Got it! Thank you for taking the time to show and explain that. That’s what makes this site THE BEST! I really like the concept. Are those available at any of the local tackle shops that you are aware of?I imagine the are very helpful if you are running flasher flies (or meat) off your riggers .
  10. I’ve never seen them before. Who makes them?Im still a little confused on how they work. Do you attach them to your downrigger cable?Thanks in advance for any more info. I have fished the lake a long time, and learning never gets old.
  11. Those are great numbers. Good to see the old and the young generations doing great for the reasons we all know. Har d Knox, what do you mean by wingers , if you don’t mind me asking?Im guessing it’s like a hockey reference to the outside riggers but not sure. Thanks and good going for sure.
  12. Taking those solo pics was just as impressive as the fish.congrats!!
  13. Took the advice to go farther west and glad we did. Restaurants may be closed but the BAR is open for business.Hooked over 50 kings in two days.A bunch of doubles and a couple of triples kept us pretty busy. Morning bite was definitely better, with a nice class of 3 year olds and some 2s. Great to be back!
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