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  1. Took the advice to go farther west and glad we did. Restaurants may be closed but the BAR is open for business.Hooked over 50 kings in two days.A bunch of doubles and a couple of triples kept us pretty busy. Morning bite was definitely better, with a nice class of 3 year olds and some 2s. Great to be back!
  2. Fished out of olcott this morning. Put in at 5, water temp 39 degrees. 1 small laker for our efforts.Seems the kings have scattered with the East wind. Not sure where to try for them. Anybody have any suggestions?Gragh was dismal with no bait to be found. Kinda disappointing after reading the great reports recently. Oh well, that’s fishing!
  3. Put on a Red Sox hat and shirt and watch your catch rates skyrocket. Nice king!!
  4. I too lost a setup in that area a few years back. Not sure of the reel( I have convectors among others), but I am sure it was a 7’ downrigger ugly stick. I bet irg355 and I are not the only ones too. Funny stuff
  5. Green ladder back j plug if the fish are in 40ft of water or less.
  6. Always have bugg spray on the boat. Reapply every 2-3 hrs. Works great.
  7. I always read your reports as they are a good gauge of what’s going on. They are extremely informative and helpful to those of us who can’t be on the lake every day.Thank you for taking the time to post and if you ever decide to sell your fish catching fishmaster, I’d be all over it!! (Jealous!)
  8. I bet lots of guys would like to have a slow day like that.Thanks for the report.
  9. Buggspray absolutely works. Apply as often as they start biting after the last spray( about 2-3 hrs). I think tractor supply has it and I know you can order it on amazon. They have been around as long as I have been fishing LO,although way back I didn’t know you could catch them except for when they were stacking near the river in September and they were long gone by then
  10. Golden years with silver fish!! Good goin!! Mexico bay?
  11. That is an impressive looking bunch of fish . Looks like Oswego is coming alive early!Great report
  12. gamagatsu makes a nice siwash. I use the size #2 on lures . it conforms to the trib regs of the salmon river under 1/2" GAP
  13. I think the single hook is from the first buoy, not the rt 3 bridge. Check the regs to be sure.
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