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  1. Fished 2pm-8pm. Best depth 95-115. 48F at 65ft. UV Stud fly & UV white paddle caught 50% of the fish. Mix of spoons got the rest. (1) 25lb (4) 15-20lb, (5) 10-15lb. (2) Steelhead and my 1st Atlantic. All flasher fly bite 2-6pm then the spoons took over at 6pm. 75% of fish on junk lines 350&300 copper. Downriggers 65 and 75.
  2. Slow day. Fished 5:30-11:00. 3 for 6. 2 kings, 10lb & 5lb & a 7lb steel head. Started in 350ft and trolled to 450ft and then from 450ft back to 100ft. Saw very few fish. All caught on spoons. Rougher than the forecasted 2ft or less. Water was 60 deg 75 ft down everywhere but 450ft where it was 48.
  3. DMV in Genesee County Batavia is open by appt. Get it registered and your 20 minites from Point Breeze.
  4. Garrymny you are absolutely correct. Alot of times info on this site is the only intel available to most of us. Any info is always appreciated, good or bad. Helps us make decisions with the limited fishing time we have.
  5. They have not moved much from Sunday. 4 kings in 3 hours is a Great Day!!! Hopefully the good bite continues.
  6. Spoons with green & black seemed to work best. Most of the steelhead were really fat, they looked more like salmon. Water temp 60ft down was 51. We we seeing some good marks all day, of course screens were blank every time we hooked up. Had several doubles in that magic 270ft depth. We never counted more than 3 boats within our sights. We were the 3rd trailer in the lot at 6:00am. Most of the Charter boats were in their slips.
  7. Did'nt have high hopes with the forecasted East winds but figured give it a shot with the 2ft or less from NOAA. Spotted fish 150ft and dropped lures. Trolled North to 400ft. Best depth was 270ft. Ended up having a great day. 7 salmom, (3, 20 lbs+), 7 nice fat steelhead, 1 laker. Spoon bite, only 1 on flasher fly. Downriggers , Dipseys and Copper/Lead all caught fish. Most fish in the 50-65 ft range. Lake got nasty at noon, long ride in, 5ft+ waves.
  8. I have confirmation that the Conesus Lake State Park boat launches are being blocked with concrete barriers. Safe to assume the other State boat launches will do the same.
  9. Tried combat fishing 40-100ft with everybody else with FF, J-Plugs and spoons from 7:30-9:00 and got nothing. Headed out to 450ft and trolled to 600ft. Best area was 500ft. 10 for 14. Landed (8) steelhead, (2) 2 year old salmon. Best action on 7 color leadcore/250 copper. Riggers and dipsey got a few. All spoon bite.
  10. Fished for 1 hour Sunday morning 6-7am got scared of by the lightning. Got 15lb and 20lb females in 550ft 60ft down. Both on downriggers. One on two face spoon other a black/green glow spoon.
  11. Fished 6:00-8:00am. Started in 3ft waves and they kept getting bigger, so we quit. Marking alot of fish in 120-150ft east of harbor. 46 deg water 70ft down. Picked up a 5lb Salmon on a glow wonderbread spoon 100 ft down on rigger and a 20lb on a chrome wonderbread spoon on 10 color. Probably would have had a good day if it wasn't so rough.
  12. I installed frame connectors plus I think the 4th gen F body convertibles were fairly strong from GM. 350 stock horsepower is fairly stout for a stock vehicle. I made 600+HP and 850 ft/lbs of torque on a Dynojet. It ran a 10.8 @139mph at Leister on drag radials. Everything is still straight. If I were to put on slicks and launch on 15lbs of boost there may be an issue. My wife drives it more than me, very tame to drive around town but a monster at 15lbs of boost.
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