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  1. ws6rufus

    Oak 9/25

    TONS of weeds in 400ft-450ft. Lots of flies stuck to line also but must be a different variety than in mid-summer because the came off real easy.
  2. ws6rufus

    Oak 9/25

    Fish the Oak 9/26 7am till 11am, landed 2 25lb'ers. Lost 3 screamers. One pig snapped 30lb line. 90-110ft east of port had best screen. Green J plugs got the action with 1 on meat rig. Went out to 400-450ft 11:30- 1:30and got 1 teenager and 2 steelhead on spoons.
  3. Thanks for the report. Heading there this afternoon. Good info for a starting point.
  4. ws6rufus

    Niagara Bar?

    Just the North 2 ramps at Ft. Niagara are open due to construction. Water is high but you can still launch. Caught 4 teenage kings, 2 lake trout and 1 steelhead last Saturday. 95-115ft. 40-60ft down.
  5. Tried trolling close to shore with stickbaits 7:00am till 9:00 am for brown trout. Switches to flasher/flies & J plugs 9:00am till 11:00am. Only one huge Sheephead for the effort.
  6. Fished the bar sunday. 7-11am. Marked lots of fish in 110-130ft. No takers. Quite a few boats. Did'nt see anyone fighting a fish.
  7. Started trolling about 5:00PM in 100ft headed east. Zig zagged between 90-150ft. 400 copper with meat rig took a hit at about 6:00PM. Netted a 20lb male king. Made the turn and headed back west. Screen blank till about 7:30pm right in front of olcott in 100ft. No takers. NOAA <1ft started as 3ft but did subside to about 1ft at 7:00pm. Had 3 meat rigs and 3 FF from 50-90 ft only 1 taker.
  8. 400ft sold. hookmeup, 350ft is yours if you are still interested.
  9. They may be sold, but they are new this year in May.
  10. The drags are as they came from Okuma.
  11. (1) 400ft 45lb Bloodrun Copper, 60ft Bloodrun monofilament backer, 450ft Spiderwire 50lb braid. (1) 350ft 45lb Bloodrun Copper, 225ft Bloodrun monofilament backer, 450ft Spiderwire 50lb braid. Copper connections are haywire twist with SPRO #8 swivels and shrink wrap. $160 each Located in Akron NY 14001 I will be at Oak Orchard this Sun and usually get to Olcott & Oak Orchard once a week.
  12. Fleas were non existant this evening out of Olcott. Went out of Oak Orchard last thurs and they were terrible.
  13. Also went out this evening 5:00-8:30. Waves were 3ft out of NE, not 1ft or less forecast by NOAA. Water was all stirred up, 45 deg at 25ft and 43 deg at 35ft. Got a big hit on a 7 color rod that snapped the 15lb leader. Trip got saved with a feisty steelhead on a NBK on a 30ft rigger. Also got a couple king skippers. Worst trip this year. Apparently fishing was good this morning before NE winds picked up.
  14. The E/W location looks spot on, but I was in about 90-100ft of water not 200ft
  15. Was trolling Saturday in about 100ft of water when the in-line planer boards on both my 250 copper and 300 copper disappeared under water. Didn't feel like fish fighting so we pulled up other rods and headed backwards. Broke both 25lb flouro leaders at the Copper connection. I'm pretty sure we were stuck on something. Any thoughts?