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  1. This is more for standing on shore looking at flooded launches and marinas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyZD7eoHZT8
  2. Anyone know what percentage the remaining pens are of the total stocking. Did you hear any mention of the Canadian pens? edit: highwater,reduced stocking, old age, wana buy a boat
  3. Watched a Nature of Things show on You Tube about the Leslie St Spit in Toronto. The biologists studying the cormorant colony determined that their diet was virtually 100% alewife. The tree huggers thought this was a good thing because the alewives were invasive. Imagine the consumption lake wide by the flying rats. I can't ever remember seeing a cormorant in the 60's or 70's.
  4. The US Army Corps of Engineers, in their Dec. 2019 predictions states: "LAKE ONTARIO Lake Ontario declined from November to December, and was 11 inches higher than it was the previous December, 19 inches above the LTA, and 8 inches below its record high. Going into January, the lake level is forecasted to begin its seasonal rise, and exceed the levels that they were last year. Over the forecast horizon, levels are expected to be 2 to 8 inches higher than they were last year for the first 4 months, and 15 to 23 inches below levels from last year in May and June." It would be nice to think they are right but with all the upper lakes at or near record levels, I think their predicted levels for May and June for Lake Ontario are overly optimistic."
  5. Even with high water, wind and waves will move sand around putting it where it's not needed. I had heard that at one north shore port larger inboards ( props and rudders under the boat ) were being towed in and out last summer.I'm sure that Wellington On. had the channel dredged last spring. So I read a forecast where the levels the first 4 months of the year would be higher than last year yet May to Aug significantly lower. Can't get my head around that yet.
  6. new pet peeve is the 15 minute commercial halfway through the 12 minute video . God please unthaw the ramp and let the water be low enough to use the marina. I hate winter and I don't care who knows it.
  7. So I've never been without my own boat ( or 2 or 3 ) for the past 60 years since building my first at age 17 a15 foot runabout with a 18 hp motor. Since then I have owned everything from 12 to 36 feet. I fished muskies almost exclusively for 35 years. Along the way I showed many a newby some of the things others had shared with me and some discoveries I had made on my own. Some were family,some co workers and some just people I would meet at the ramp who told me they were struggling to find some success, and who later became lifelong friends and fishing partners. I fully expect in the not so distant future they will be helping me into their boats and taking me fishing. I have only started salmon fishing in the last 4 or 5 years but had previously done a fair bit of lake trout fishing prior to the musky season (early spring shallow ) It was suggested by someone that i should take a charter to learn. Actually although I have never hired a charter for salmon I have a couple of friends that charter and have often jumped aboard when they had a cancelation and would throw in gas money or buy lunch. Out of necessity charter guys have a different mindset wanting to run the boat and having clients wind string .Having my own boat and wanting to do my own thing I've had some decent success never running more than 4 rods or usually having no more than one other person on board. I have my own program that either works or doesn't depending on the day but do like to bounce ideas off others. I feel the future of the sport depends on bringing young people and beginners of all ages into the fold. All I initially said was I like to see videos that contain more than reeling in fish and dumping them on the floor to a loop of music. When someone asks a question it's not necessarily because they don't know the answer but sometimes there's more than one correct answer.
  8. That's one I actually like...... it's the ones that just show fish being netted and hitting the floor with no dialogue and someones idea of music that irk me especially now that you tube is starting to proceed things with a 4 minute commercial
  9. Anyone ever try a conventional reel on a mooching rod turning it backasswards . I have a 10.5 foot mooching rod I bought years ago I sold the reel and for some reason still have the rod.I wasn't a big fan of the single action I was wondering if the rod would work as a thumper rod or would be too light.
  10. I don't care where your fishing but I wouldn't mind knowing what your reasoning is..what your set up is. If your putting it up on You Tube your wanting people to watch. Maybe just me but 15 minutes of netting and bashing fish doesn't do it.
  11. I want to see what your using, Hear why your using it , AND NOT JUST WATCH PEOPLE WINDING STRING
  12. Anyone ever try the big "00" spin n glows for lakers 50 years ago the only lure I used was the 6 inch Williams Whitefish with the white vinyl tail on the hook . That was a big chunk of hardware saved sorting through a bunch of small fish. Actually I still have a box of those replacement hooks which I was thinking of trying on some largish Spin n glows zeros and double zeros.
  13. Thanks for that I was trying to check running depth of some muskie baits and had written it off as a bad purchase. I guess when all else fails read the instructions except I bought it at a swap and received no instructions.
  14. I can't remember ever seeing a reading on mine not divisible by 5.
  15. So will the Fish hawk TD not only record every 5 feet so if your down 54 it would only read 50.
  16. When running spin n glows for lakers how long are your leaders behind dodgers, spin Drs., and cowbells and are you measuring from the front of the lure or the back of the hook?
  17. I have homemade wooden boards that pull like mules but If I stumbled across a set of the Cannon orange folding boards at the right price I would scoop them up. Really only use the boards in the fall muskie trolling. My salmon spread normally 2 riggers and 2 dipseys
  18. I was thinking more along the line of an 8 or 10 pound weight that digs. Thats more a planer than a downrigger weight.
  19. Could you design and build a weight that planes down like a dipsey to have less blow back with a lighter weight or would the planing effect be just as hard on the motor as additional weight? Would it move around too much ?
  20. So when I snell single hooks with either an upturned or downturned eye they hang perfectly straight, but trebles whether commercially snelled or my own always hang canted to one side. Maybe they straighten in the water from the pressure or maybe it doesn't matter to the fish but it bugs the hell out of me.
  21. Good fishing and video. I only have one question. Why is the water so flat where you is and so lumpy where I is?
  22. As a Canadian when I shop in the states I don't expect to pay in Loonies any more than I would in Britain or France
  23. I haven't smoked since 1992 but remember several times having a smallmouth come up and nail my cigarette but.
  24. I believe the ultra contains bleach. I've never been able to find either. The surprising thing is that all the guys not washing lures or wearing latex gloves have caught any fish at all over the past 30 years. You can probably tell by my posts that winter is getting to me
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