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  1. Quick video to get you pumped up for the 2021 season.. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United Lake Ontario 2020.mp4
  2. Here’s a look back at the 2019 fishing season. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jX1nioEB08A
  3. A small clip of some diver shots form last week. Enjoy!
  4. I am helping a friend( Pat) getting his GRC trolling flies out in the fishing community. These flies were at the GCBA flea market on Sunday. Leader length is 30" of 50# Flouro He is holding the same sale price of 5.00 each. See attached photos of some of the flies available. I placed paper labels on the pkgs so you can identify them. The Live series flies have silicone rubber. If you have an interest in any other colors, feel free to contact me. He also offers flies in 6" as well.
  5. Get The Net

    for sale : usa 2008 Trophy Pro

    Joe, I am sad to see you selling the boat. You know you are welcome to fish with me anytime. For those interested, this boat fishes very well. A good choice for Lake O Fishing.
  6. Hummingbird. I have the Helix 10G2N and very happy with this unit. It has a lot of features for the money.
  7. Some action this past summer from aboard "Get The Net"
  8. Fishing was stellar last night. We touched down in 100 on a north troll. 6 rod spread: Riggers were parked 60 and 70 ft with Spoons. Divers were set at 210 with meat/fly. 400 Copper and 10 color leadcore. We worked 110-130 most of the night and boated 15 fish. Kings, a steelhead and a laker. Most of our fish came out of temp. Black and green were our best colors. Warrior Green Spoiler was by far the MVP of the night. As the sun was setting I witnessed one of the most amazing sight I have ever seen on the lake. We are truly blessed to have this massive body of water so close and all it has to offer. Here is a short time lapse of the sun setting. Enjoy
  9. For the Sake of the Closed Sandy Creek Marina. Please consider opening it up again. At least to the Bald Eagle Guys!
  10. Awesome Video, Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Mercury Laser II Propeller Stainless steel. 23 Pitch. The prop is in mint condition. $125.00 Lou
  12. The Evinrude came with the boat in 2010. Overall I am very happy. When trolling I burn approx .2 gallons an hour. The only issue is it does load up over time. So I need to run it wide open as much as I can.
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