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  1. Been looking at the same - Primos Gen 3 Trigger Stick, Bog Pod Deathgrip or Caldwell Deadshot. Can't decide...
  2. It as good seeing you and Mike again on Sunday. Was just looking at the photos from our Super Slam, way back when...
  3. This is the latest from the DEC. Stay home if you feel that's best, perfectly valid choice. Go fishing if you wish but don't be a dumbass about it. I'll be fishing if it can be done safely. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/administration_pdf/socialdistancefish.pdf
  4. We pulled a nice walleye out of Irondequoit Bay chasing April browns on a REALLY windy morning a couple years ago. Tossed it back since the season hadn't started yet; only one I've ever caught. Didn't think about it until just now but it figures - Rick was out in his Lund too!
  5. Victorinox 10" Cimeter knife - works great on the big ones!
  6. Correct as usual, although even the neighbors there get confused. Hunted there 20 years ago and got yelled at for hunting at all, let alone with a bow. The new DEC mapping is easier to see with : https://gisservices.dec.ny.gov/gis/dil/
  7. Well done, gentlemen. Happy to see it still gets done the right way now and then...
  8. Expensive but tasty! One of your charters pays for your Constanza's bill - not a bad trade....
  9. I did the same, in reverse order. Neck roast got turned into pulled taco meat and the blade roast (my first) came out as the perfect pot roast. Yummy...
  10. That's how I got mine - buddy asked wife for some and she bought 1000.
  11. I saw a lot of that in New Hampshire. They'd take a half-assed shot at a deer and if it didn't drop, they wouldn't try to track it. If it had a decent rack, they MIGHT call for a dog...
  12. I'm looking forward to being able to stop there for lunch again. Moving back shortly!
  13. I tried it last season. The predictions weren't accurate and the data available elsewhere. I didn't bother this season...
  14. Love following this topic daily but talk about buck envy! We're running at a 1-10 buck to doe ratio this year by the looks of things and only two mature ones, both still on the hoof. I put a doe & a spike in the freezer during crossbow and didn't see either of the decent bucks this weekend. Figured if I staked out the doe (11 on Saturday am, 9 on Sunday pm) one would show up but not yet. Good luck out there!
  15. They're bigger and heavier than expected but I've never spoken to someone that actually used a set. Let us know...
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