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  1. Mortigan

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Really windy Sunday am in 8M and no movement. 5pm and a pair of doe came through with a six point trailing closely behind, hot for the larger of the two. They passed eighty yards out but the smaller came my way and gave me a shot, tracking right to left in my blind. Looks like she stopped about five feet too far to the left...
  2. Mortigan

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Set a blind yesterday afternoon. Had a few doe coming in but got chased off by a buck, then two hours later got to watch a small 4 point for 45 minutes. Too small to shoot but got some crappy video at 30 yards. I'd like a crack at this old warrior...
  3. Mortigan

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Got used to it in New Hampshire but hasn't happened in New York yet. Looking forward to trying Deercast out this season, hadn't heard of it but I've used Huntstand for a few years now. Works great!
  4. Mortigan

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I'll be out tomorrow, last shift of the game cameras and decide where I want to try ground blinds this season. Ladders have been set for a while now. Hoping to cross paths with this guy early, before patterns shift
  5. MEGA Multi Carrier Organize your fishing tackle and have a convenient way to carry all your 3600-sized storage boxes to and from the boat or use for mounted wall storage onboard or at home. These haven't been made in years and are hard to find. I used them for trolling gear on Lake Ontario in New York - spoons, flies, stickbait, softbait, etc. I have five and they do not come with individual storage boxes but will fit most brand 3600-size. Local-only, cash, $25 each if separated or $100 for all five.
  6. Bump - two spoken for and three left. Final posting
  7. Bump - terms changed. Final price.
  8. You're good. I'll PM for Paypal and shipping info. I'll update the photo as well to reflect what's left
  9. I'm at work. One order ahead of you, I'll check tonight to see if all your choices are still available & respond Sent from my Pixel using Lake Ontario United mobile app