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  1. I should have mentioned the Minn Kota does have the IPilot Link.
  2. I bought a new to me Lund 2100 Fisherman with a Helix 9 and Navionics. I think I already know the answer to my question. I am installing a Minn Kota Ultera with Ipilot and would like to use the follow contour feature. Am I correct that I will need a Lakemaster mapping chip for this to work?
  3. There are several FB pages for Lund boats including one for Tyee owners. Many questions like yours are asked and answered. Just search in the search box of a FB page.
  4. Yes. Kicker positive to Perko common and kicker negative to battery negative is where I'm headed. Just looking for confirmation.
  5. Main motor wired in to a Perko switch on dual batteries. Now do the kicker plus and minus piggyback at the same terminals as the main motor?
  6. Thanks. Now let me offer this. This new to me boat does not have a fuel/water separator. If I added a fuel/water separator with dual outflows and went to each engine from there I should end up in the same place. Yes or no?
  7. I want to plumb my kicker (9.9 Merc Pro Kicker 4 stroke) to the main tank. What hardware would I need. Would a check valve/primer bulb be needed to prevent the kicker from pulling fuel and air from the main motor (150 Mariner EFI 2 stroke)
  8. I would like to control trolling speed of a Merc 9.9 Pro Kicker by wire at the helm of the big boat. Does anybody have a good conversion/kit that they like?
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