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  1. Websites in Buffalo are reporting Canadian Ministries and law enforcement boats are shagging American boats out of Canadian water even if properly licensed. Has anybody on the St. Lawrence experienced this since Covid 19?
  2. Thanks for your replies. I'm just not seeing people in boats or on docks fishing for crappie like you see on the lakes in western New York like Chautauqua, Seneca or Honeoye. I always found that to be strange. Crappie fishing is great fun in the spring especially for kids. I'm going to spend some time looking this year.
  3. Thanks for your reply. More specifically where do guys fish for Crappie in the Clayton, French Creek, Bayfield or Cape Vincent areas.
  4. Crappie Fishing the St.Lawrence Is there anybody crappie fishing the Clayton, French Creek, Bayfeild or Cape Vincent area for spring or summer Crappie?
  5. I have recently repowered my 18ft Lund ProV with a Yamaha F90. I added the Yamaha Command Link Tach System that enables me to go to a Troll Mode. In the Troll Mode base RPM's is 850. Using a tach mounted button I can control those RPM's by 50's up or down. Lowest is 600. Engine runs smooth a silk. I use the boat for Lake Erie walleye. This engine will troll my boat down to .75mph gps speed and lower. By bumping up or down by 50's I can control the speed of this boat in all conditions. Into waves, with waves, flat water etc. Pick a trolling speed and I can tune right into it. Total control.
  6. I have two GPS/Sonar units on two different boats in two locations in New York. Both are Lowrance. Can I transfer the Navionics SD card between those units?
  7. Ah yes summer wrestling was a big part of what we were about. It became a family and families thing. Load everybody up Friday afternoon and travel to that weekends tournament. Some near some far. From North Dakota to Michigan to Pennsylvania to Ohio to New Jersey to Virginia and right here in New York. Some very dedicated people. I did this for 31 years.
  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. The Insight Pro Maps are a free item with this offer. Navionics is what I use now and it serves me well. I can change to Navioncs easy enough and not have wasted any money. I read where this unit has a tendency to freeze and must be restarted to get it back up and running.. Perhaps that was an early problem and has since been corrected. I will be going for this unit and installing it on my boat over the winter.
  9. It's time for me to upgrade my electronics for Lake Erie walleye fishing. I see a Lowrance Elite7 Chirp with Lake Insight Pro Mapping included on sale for $499.00. I have been running Lowrance GPS/Finders on two boats and I am familiar with their formats. I have however only used Navionics mapping with them. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? I'm not in a hurry to change but this caught my attention.
  10. An update on my post. The Yamaha F90 is on the boat. I did the break in procedure. Took it out of Catt. Creek for walleyes. Engine idles @ 700 RPM and that gives me 1.8-2.0 GPS speed. I can control the engine RPM at the tach in 50 RPM increments. Took it down to 500 RPM and was trolling at .1-.2 GPS speed. Engine runs smooth at those low RPMs. So I have great control in wind and current. Engine is quiet and very powerful with a lot of low end torque. Runs my boat just a touch over 40 MPH GPS speed. I'm a happy guy.
  11. Those reports sound great. I have had one other four stroke for a short time on another boat a Suzuki 70hp and it was a dream. Well boat should be ready tomorrow and the walleye reports are OK. Giving it a test soon.
  12. Off Sturgeon Point last week and my 90hp Evinrude broke a ring and took out the power head. I limped back in and made it to the launch. It was a great engine and trolled very nicely. It's a '93 boat, motor and trailer that I bought new. I am repowering with a Yamaha F90 four stroke. I am having the Automatic Trolling Switch installed that allows me to control engine RPM's in 50 rpm increments at the wheel. Since trolling is a way I use the boat a lot I am wondering if anybody else has this engine and how it trolls?
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