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  1. Give me a good deal on the dipsy, flashers, and spoons. PM me the price please! Thank you!
  2. I will take them! Call or txt me 716-474-4778 will meet in Buffalo.
  3. I will take them both! Can meet up in buffalo. Let me know. Patrick 716-474-4778

  4. Me and my friends been catching(off shore) Walleyes at the foot of West Ferry and going out to the break wall.
  5. Hello everyone! I just started picking up fishing as an out door hobby just started this Summer. I've been fishing at the lower and upper Niagara river. Lots of fun and relaxing un the early morning. I mostly used lures, jigs, and soft bait. I join the forum to learn more ideas and techniques about fishing. Hope to read and learn alots from the forum and get to know more anglers around the area.
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